When they speak it is meant to be like that. lol

A 3 year old boy with Blonde hair and Blue eyes sat alone on the swings in a school playground. He did attend this school mind you , although he wished he hadn't. He stared at the other kids his age laughing and playing around carefree and happy spirited and felt pain in his heart. He realized at an early age that, that could never be him. He wanted deep down in his very soul to experience happiness because he never has before. The lady who runs the orphanage he lives at treated him like the dirt under the dirt thats under that pile of shit you step over. He never knew knew his parents although judging from what people tell him he was glad he neve met them. You see his parents were criminals and not just any criminals mind you. They were the founders of the infamous Akatsuki gang known through out the world. He was told his parents were blood thirsty Demons that feasted on human blood and caused humanity strife. But he wasn't like that. Thats why he didn't believe it. He had a gut feeling that his parents were misunderstood. How he wished he could meet them. But they were dead now and he could not bring them back. He was all alone, even the other orphans at the orphanage were mean to him and he didn't know why. It brought tears to his eyes. We're his parents that bad that even before people got to know him, they had the right to treat him like shit? In all honesty they didn't but to him he thought maybe everybody would one day just stop thinking he had enough. In the school he was attending everybody were either mean to him or just ignored him. There was one person who stuck out in particular though. This person was the bane of his existence from the moment he set foot in this school. This boy's name was Naruto Uzumaki. The bane of Naruto's existence had a resemblance torward Naruto in the blonde hair and the blue eyes...but was of the opposite sex. Thats right Naruto's bully was a girl.

"...I wish sumbody would pway wit me." 3 year old Naruto said sadly.

It was then Naruto noticed someone was walking torard him. He looked up with hopeful eyes...but his hopes were crushed as he stared face to face with none other than his bully. She stuck her hand out at Naruto

"GIMME YUR LUNCH MONEY BWITCH!"A 3 year Ino Yamanaka commanded.

"Pwease Ino, I hafta eat today cuz I might not tomorrow. The lady that takes care of me won't feed until she feels like it and I don know when dat is." 3 year old Naruto was holding back tears as he begged Ino to let him keep his lunch money.

"Nuh-uh Nawuto you owed me and I wannit now. Don make me get my fwends to hewp me." 3 year old Ino threatened.

Naruto gasped. He then hopped out the swing and got on his knees in a very submissive manner.

"Pwease Ino Don't go get Sakuwa or Hinata!"

Yes I know what I typed. Hinata and Sakura were part of Ino's bully click.

"Den gimme ya money!"

Tears ran down Naruto's face.

"Pwease Ino..."


Ino then slapped Naruto with all the strength a three year old could muster.


Naruto fell to his right side wimpering and cradling his cheek.

Ino went into his shorts pockets and took every bit of 98 cent.

"Next time don fight back!" Ino yelled kicking dirt on Naruto's face. She then turned around and skippedmerrily back to play with the other group of kids.

Naruto lay there crying his eyes out at what just happened. At one point in time he thought Ino was really pretty. When he voiced his opinion the class laughed at Ino and him making Ino embarrassed thus causing Ino to bully him.

Maybe luck will be on his side next chapter.

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