A/N: I don't own "Some Like It Hot." I just own this story. I got the inspiration when I was watching the movie, and I saw this scene. Couldn't get the idea out of my head! Also, there aren't a lot of "Some Like It Hot" fanfics. I'll stop blabbering now.

Oh God Jerry! I'm so sorry! I never meant to get you into this! If I had known that we would witness another mob murder, I would have told you to call Oswald. I know you like him, it's obvious. I know the reason why you don't want to marry him is that you're a man. Screw the laws, do it anyway.

We barely got under the table in time. I look down and see the shoes of Spats. I show you, you try to crawl away, but I pull you back, or else you would've been killed. A guy, I'm guessing the leader, started talking. I'm paying attention, because I'm trying to figure a way out of there without being seen. He said something about retirement, and he and Spats start talking. They mention "the two witnesses who got away." We look at each other, knowing who they were talking about. The leader got annoyed when he found out we got away twice. There was something about Spats' birthday and it not being for another four months and "what's difference between friends?" The leader told the group something about being all together. Then they start singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." While the group was singing, the lights dim and some guys bring in a cake. After the singing finished, there was a pause, then gunfire. I grab and hold on to you while that was going on, because, for one, I didn't want you running out and getting shot. Second, I want to know you're there and alive. Stupid, I know, but at that moment, you were all that I cared about. I didn't care about Sugar, or getting rich or anything like that. Just you. After it was all over, I hear Spats say "Big joke." Or at least, I think I did. Can't be to sure because of all the adrenaline that was rushing. Then I hear more gunfire. I whisper to you for us to get out of there. We both notice that all of gangsters were looking at us and the leader told some guys to get us. I have a passing thought, which is how you manage to run in high heels. We barely mange to get into our room and into our drag and back down in the elevator.

Sorry I keep sort of switching styles, from thoughts to semi-narration. It just came out that way. I might do one from the perspective of Jerry. But I don't know. I'll put in complete, just in case. Review please!