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Chapter 1

Sweet Dreams

Bella's point of view

We were laying in our meadow and Edward was hovering over me, my hands were entangled in his hair and I was moaning into his mouth as one of his hands roamed over my body. God it felt so good, I was wishing it would never end, but knowing Edward he would be pulling always in just a few seconds. Then I felt his hand brush over my heated center automatically I felt moisture puddle between my legs and I bucked my hips wanting more friction. Edward's breath hitched, when he opened his eyes they were hooded with lust. I let one hand roam down his cold, hard body until I found what I was looking for, and he was fully aroused. He unbuttoned my pants and I lifted my hips do allow him to take them off. His hand returned to the apex of my legs. I continued to rub his rock hard cock as he rocked his hips into my palm. He let out the most erotic sound, half way between a moan and a growl. A new wave of heat and wetness escaped me while he rubbed my clit. When the smell of my arousal hit him he lifted himself and slid down between my legs and placed a single kiss over my panties, he looked up at me, asking for permission and I nodded. That's all it took. He ripped my panties and he ran his tongue down my slit and back up to circle my bundle of nerves I could feel a tightening in my abdomen then ...... I awoke with a jerk, I sat up and looked around.

Damn it! I was in my room, and Edward sat at the top of my bed leaning against my headboard with a dazzling crooked smile. He knew what I was dreaming about, he had to. To be looking at me like that, I knew he could at least smell how excited I was from my dream.

I slowly crawled up his body and straddled him. I could feel how happy he was to see me awake. I leaned into him and gave him a kiss. I started to grind my hips on him and in true Edward fashion he pulled me to his side and gave me a hug and chuckled. I looked up at him as he asked "sleep well love?" I just gave him a smile and said "very well" then he stated "you seemed to be enjoying yourself. Sweet dreams?" I answered "I could show you what I was dreaming about." with my best seductive grin. "I think you kind of already tried that." he said with one eyebrow cocked. I let out a rugged breath.

"Alice will be here in an hour, if you want to jump in the shower before she gets here, I'll go down and cook you some breakfast" I took a second to look into his beautiful golden eyes and nodded. With that I was off to the shower, I didn't allow him to cook for me often but it was something he liked to do, and it was new for him, so I was able to teach him some things.

In the shower I allowed my thoughts to roam. Remembering my dream, thinking of different ways to make it, or anything happen between us.

I was going shopping with Alice today. I was pushed into this shopping trip, Alice was whining about me never going with her anymore and that I didn't love her, I only loved her brother. Gees, she sure knew how to guilt someone into doing just about anything.

I knew I would have fun today but I hated being without Edward, for even the shortest of times. We spent every spare minute we have with each other.

Sometimes we would do something with his family or Charlie. We have been trying to let other people into "our world", as everybody puts it. Last week we had a cookout for some of the Quileutes. Of only Carlisle, Esme, and Edward were there from the Cullen bunch, the rest were hunting. And Jacob, Quill, Embry, Seth and even Leah came up from the res. I was so happy seeing that my life could include all of my family not just vampires or just werewolves but all of us.

Last year if someone would have told me that we would all be sitting around in the Cullen's back yard having a blast, I would have told them to go straight to hell, because there was no way that, even in my wildest dreams, would that happen. But after the fight with Victoria and the newborns (Carlisle and Edward took care of Jacob after the fight, and spent a good amount of time out on the res., and how Edward took care of Seth during the fight) everyone started looking at the people, not the "monsters" that both groups claimed each other to be.

The shower started to run cold so I had to hurry and finish. I pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a black halter, with black kitten heels that Alice had got me on one of her solo trips shopping, it never fails, she would always come back with something for me, and if I didn't accept it, the damn little pixie would sneak into my room and plant it in my stuff some where. She tried to force some of her fashion sense on me but it never rubbed off on me, I just didn't care about designer labels and looking "put together" as she called it. So if we went to town together I would put forth a little more effort than normally because if I didn't she would hound me till she had me in a new outfit.

I raked through my hair and blow dried it quickly and pulled it into a high ponytail. As I made my way downstairs I could smell French toast mmmmmmmm… that smells so good.

I did like when Edward cooked for me, I just don't want him to do it all the time. I can take care of myself. And the kitchen is the one place that I truly felt at home, I didn't have to think about what I needed to do, I just did, kind of the same was it was for Edward and his music. I agreed to teach him how to cook as long as he taught me how to play the piano. I knew it was a lost cause on my part but it was something he enjoyed and something he could teach me and it gave me more of a chance to see through his eyes.

The first time he tried to teach me some notes on his piano, I got so turned on, seeing his hands slide over the keys, seeing his passion being spilt out for me to see, it just drove me insane with lust. I turned to him and he leaned in to kiss me never stopping his song.

It began like most of our kisses, but something changed and his lips became more urgent on mine he opened his mouth, which was a BIG no-no for him. He stopped and pulled back from our kiss and stopped playing to turn his full attention to me.

He spoke softly while he caressed my face we were almost touching our lips together as he spoke around kisses "I've been doing some research and I think, no, I'm positive that we can deepen our kisses" .I pulled back, (a first for me) and looked at him better with question marks in my eyes. So he explained "um, from what we can tell, you and I can kiss with all of our mouth not just our lips" his words were coming in faster and closer, I was getting lightheaded from his sweet breath brushing across my face.

"And Alice sees that it will be ok, that is…want to" the last part was said a little slower, with uncertainty.

I dove in, kissing him fiercely. He pulled back, but I tried fighting him on that, but it did me no good. "love, we still have to be careful, you know, if you have a cut in your mouth or something like that we shouldn't but other than that we're fine we just need to be slow and precise with our movements, not hurried and frenzied, is that ok?" all I could do was nod like an idiot.

With that, we shared our first open mouth kiss, it started slow and built up he ran his cold, sweet tongue over my lips, asking for entrance, which I granted with delight. It was like no other feeling in the world. And his taste, I could feast on it for days. I sucked on his tongue when he entered my mouth. He explored my mouth with his tongue, and it was blissful. When he pulled away I was gasping for air and the room was spinning, and I could see it definitely affected him in a big way this would change our relationship, in a good, but hard way. It brought us closer but also made it so much harder to stop before we went too far.