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Chapter: 13 Nana's Recipe


God help me, that was so animalistic and hot. I loved it, feeling that wild and free. The rain poured down around us, and it was electrifying. I lay down on his chest and caught my breath listening to the air whoosh in and out of his lungs needlessly. I loved this man with all that I am, and I know that even though he didn't have a heart beat didn't mean he didn't have a heart or a soul, for that matter. I placed a kiss to his muddy chest right where his heart would beat if it could.

After our breathing was back to normal he pulled me up so he could give me a wonderfully blissful kiss. I could feel it all the way to my toes. The feel of his lips and the taste of his tongue once again left me breathless. He rose gracefully and carried me into the house, up the stairs and through his room to his to his bathroom; he gently lowered me onto the counter. He turned around releasing me for only a second as he turned on the shower and came back to me. He took his time peeling the rest of my clothes off, his hands caressing my skin as he moved my wet muddy clothes and droped them to the floor. Once I was completely naked his hands left me for only a second, when he picked me up off the counter I realized that he had shed his clothes as well. He carried me into the shower and placed me on my feet under the hot spray. With one hand wrapped around my waist he made sure my hair was wet and then reached for the bottle of shampoo. I loved the feel of Edward washing my hair, it was relaxing and erotic at the same time.

Edward finished my hair and I turned around wanting to return the favour, seeing what I was trying to do he moved to sit on the bench. He closed his eyes and let me wash his hair; he was humming quietly to himself as my hands moved over his head. Once our hair was clean, we moved at a hurried pace to get our bodies clean, I was feeling a little water logged after being in the rain and now in the shower. Edward exited the shower and quicker than I was expecting reached in wrapped a towel around my body, his towel was already wrapped around his waist. I still have to shake my head and remember to breath when I am around him, even though I was just naked with him in the shower, he is still making my knees weak looking at him in just a towel.

We got dressed in silence and then went downstairs together. I could tell Edward was excited as we reached the kitchen, he told me earlier that he wanted to cook me dinner, and he was smiling from ear to ear. Just looking at his face, my heart swelled with love for him, I loved him so much it took my breath away sometimes.

"Why don't you go sit and rest, watch the TV or listen to some music, I just want you to relax love."

I wanted to stay with him so I answered with the question "I do want to relax, but where am I most comfortable?"

He smiled that perfect crooked smile and looked down "in the kitchen" then the smile left his face and he looked up at me with sad eyes, "but I just wanted to do this for you." His voice barely above a whisper. He lowered his head and stared at the floor.

I walked over to him and lifted his face in my hands "I want you to do this for me, I just want to be in here while you do it." I said with a smile and gave him a small kiss on his lips.

He smiled at me and looked like a child on Christmas morning, he is so happy to give me something, and for me to take it without a fight. Am I really that bad about accepting gifts of any kind? I will have to work on that, I see I'm not going to change everyone else so I will need to change.

"Ok, you can stay in here, would you like to listen to some music?" he asked.

"Sure that would be...." without giving me time to finish he darted upstairs. He really is so adorable when he is excited. Smiling to myself I jumped up on the island in the middle of the kitchen. He was back a few seconds later with his ipod, walking right over to me he plugged it into the docking station he kissed my forehead "pick something" was all he said as he turned around to busy himself with my dinner.

I loved going through his ipod, I have never been able to look through all of its contents. He has such a wide range of musical interest it always baffled me, I could always find at least one song I had never heard of. While I watched him cook I choose a few songs for the play list for tonight.

People In Planes "Vampire" (got to love this one, it usually makes us smile)

Robin Thicke "Lost Without You"

Andy Davis "Please Turn Red"

Matt Nathanson "Still"

Shaggy "Angle"

Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl"

Joi "Lick"

Prince "Sexy Mother Fucker"

I watched him move around the kitchen as he was pulling out the ingredients I tried to figure out what he was making. "Vampire" came on and he whipped his head around was standing in front of me before I even had time to blink. He lowered his face to my neck and placed an open mouthed kiss on my jugular and growled into my neck, my body shivered in response. He was back across the kitchen by the time I let out a breathe.

I smiled to myself as I watched him; he got out all the typical spices garlic, salt, and pepper. Then chilli powder, onions, green chillies, zucchini, butter, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, and tortilla shells. This could be interesting. Of course its vegetarian and a Mexican dish. I just sat back and watched him from my dinner.

"Lost Without You" came on and he stopped what he was doing and walked over to me smiling. He walked at human speed the whole way over staring right into my eyes and then stood right between my legs. His hands went around behind me resting on my ass. He leaned over and put his nose in my hair, inhaling deeply his hands tightened on my back side squeezing it firmly. I went to wrap my arms around him and he stepped back and walked back over to where he was cooking.

What the...why did he just turn and walk away.

I was slightly confused, but figured it was probably a good idea if he went back to cooking. The more I watched the more the dinner began to form. I was swinging my feet and just listening to the music, watching Edward cook and listening to music was the perfect way to relax.

"Please turn red" came on while he was getting something from the fridge, he stopped and turned once again this time however instead of standing between my legs, he came up behind me and snaked one arm around my waist and rubbed my clit through the fabric of my clothes. I was shocked but it felt really good so I leaned back into him, but when I whimpered obviously starting to really enjoy myself, he pulled away and walked back to the stove to carry on with cooking me dinner.

Where the hell does he get off on teasing me, is this going to be an ongoing thing tonight? I didn't know how to respond to his actions, I wasn't mad, just getting really turned on and excited. I decided to just enjoy whatever he decided to give me. He continued to chop and slice, and as lame as it sounds I was really enjoying watching him, he continued with his pattern of walking over to me and doing something to me that made my knees weak and breathe come out with a slight huff, and then walking away and cooking again. I just sat there and relished every moment, especially the ones where he was close to me, but watching him cook had some benefits too. His body was amazing and I was staring at him like he was dinner instead of the food he was preparing.

When "Still" came on he came over to me, and put a hand on each side of my face and looked deep into my eyes and started to lean in for a kiss, my eyes closed and waited for his lips to meet mine, but they didn't, he let go of my face and was back over by the stove.

Mother fucker, what the hell! I shook my head trying to clear it, I know he was trying to tease me; ok well he was successfully teasing me by this point. I was getting a little restless so I jumped down off the counter, and just decided to rest against it.

When "Angle" came on I was still standing against the counter, he came over and gave me a little dirty dancing action and a flirty grin as his eyes grew to a deeper gold than they were before, and just as I started to reach for him, he was gone again. Damn it, I just wanted to grab him and kiss him and not let him go. I didn't of course he was still making me dinner, although I will say that dinner wasn't the only thing getting heated around here.

"Brown Eyed Girl" started, when he came over, he took my hand and swung me around and danced with me for about 30 seconds and then he kissed my hand and he was off again. Well at least I got to touch him for more than a millisecond this time. I was swaying slightly to the music, just enjoying the view.

I was getting hungry waiting for him to finish with my dinner so I decided to get something to drink. I walked over to the fridge just as "Lick" came on. I was bent over looking at the bottom of the fridge, where the water was when I felt Edward behind me; he wrapped his arms around me, pulled me flush to his body where I could feel his rock hard erection rub against me. Wrapping one hand around my ponytail, he placed the other hand on my midriff holding me close to him and licked from my right ear down my neck, around the back of my head on my neck to my left ear. "unghh" slipped through my lips and he was gone again, I just about fell over. The things he did to my body with the smallest of touches.

"Sexy Mother Fucker" came on as he was plating up my food, garden zucchini enchiladas, they smelled and looked awesome. He set my plate down and I decided to tease him with a little dance of my own. I stood in front of him with my ass pressed against him, I ground into his hardened member and dropped down low and worked my way back up grinding myself against him, he took his arm and wrapped it around my waist and started to move with me then I pulled away and sat down finally able to pay him back for a little of what he had done to me over the last 30 minutes. I kept my eyes focused on the plate in front of me; I leaned forward and took my first bite. Oh my god, orgasmic! I let a long, deep, moan out as I chewed and swallowed. I looked over to Edward and his eyes about popped out of his head and his mouth was hanging open slightly.

"Edward this is so good, this taste just like Nana's, where did you find this recipe?" I managed to ask in between bites.

He looked up bashfully, "well I remember you saying how your nana had a recipe that she found and made for Renee when she went through her vegetarian stage."

I just stared at him, how did he find it; I looked for years and never found it "where did you get it?" I asked again, I think it came out more harsh than I meant for it to, I was just shocked that he had found it.

"Um… well… you know Alice went to Florida, to fit Renee for her dress for the wedding. Well you know how Alice is, and when your mom and Phil left for work Alice went through everything in the house and found it in an old yoga mat bag in the attic." he looked up at me trying to gage if I was still mad.

I Jumped up and threw myself at him and showered his face with kisses "thank you, thank you, thank you!" I squealed! Before I even realized it I started to tear up and I didn't even try to fight it "it's ok love, it really is no big deal, I just know you loved them and you had tried to find it and I just want to give you everything I can, You are giving up everything for me so I figured I better try to give you everything I can." He rambled off quickly as he held me tight and rubbed my back and arms and placed kisses in my hair.

I leaned my forehead against his and took in his scent, it always seemed to calm me down, today was no different, and after a few minutes I was fine again. Edward pulled me onto his lap and I leaned back into him, he pulled the plate closer to us and picked up some of the enchilada. I moved my head and turned to face him, I was not about to let him feed me my dinner, it was enough that he had spent the time cooking it for me. "Please let me feed myself, I already feel like you have done so much for me."

He didn't say anything, he just put the enchilada on the plate and wrapped his arms around my waist kissed my head and just held me while I ate. Is there no a limit on how much good someone can have in their life, I think I'm already over that limit. As soon as I was finished I turned slightly on his lap, "That was amazing Edward thank you so much" I gushed.

"I would do anything for you," he answered looking into my eyes kissing my forehead, "what do you want to do now?" I thought about for a second and really the only thing I wanted to do was to be close to him, and then I had an idea.

"Will you play me something?" I asked

"Sure, anything for my girl." he gave me a breathtaking smile and winked at me.

We got up and went to sit on the piano bench together. He played some beautiful songs, and for about half an hour, I listened in awe of this beautiful creature, I started to feel my eyes getting heavier. Edward noticed too.

"Would you like to go upstairs, change, and maybe crawl into bed and just talk?" He knew me so well, so I just nodded. He picked me up off the bench and carried me to his room.

Here is where you can find these songs:

The songs that have a Twilight video with them have a *

*People In Planes "Vampire"


*Robin Thicke "Lost Without You"


Andy Davis "Please Turn Red"


Matt Nathanson "Still"


*Shaggy "Angle"


*Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl"


Joi "Lick"


Prince "Sexy Mother Fucker"


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