Title: Change
Description: And then I understood—she will never be the same again… –Rimahiko–
Pairing(s): Mainly Rimahiko, with side Amuto and Kutau.
Disclaimer: Heather-chan doesn't own Shugo Chara! D:

Chapter One
Catastrophe: Nagihiko's POV

"Mashiro Rima's room, please," I whispered out through clenched teeth, my voice drained to emptiness. It didn't even sound like me.

The young receptionist glanced down at her computer and clicked around and then responded monotonously, "She's in room one-hundred fourteen. It's on the third floor. Take the elevator and turn—"

I dashed off immediately, not letting her finish her instructions. I felt Rhythm hovering behind me and I felt his anxiousness pouring out, realizing he was also frightened for whatever happened to Rima.

I found the metallic elevator and pushed the up arrow button. It glowed orange and pinged almost without delay. The doors slid open and I shot in the small room and pressed the number three button, indicating I wanted the third floor level. I stood in the square room, pondering intently about what might've gone wrong while feeling my heartbeat race so rapidly. I thought back on what happened before I got here.

"Nagi! Oh my god!" Amu's hysterical voice had screamed through my phone less than fifteen minutes ago; I could tell she was crying chaotically at the time.

Alerted and apprehensive, I had answered cautiously, "Amu? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine but… R-Rima's not! She's in the hospital! Oh, Nagi! You h-have to come! Y-you just have to!"

After that, I had hung up and sprinted to the hospital, without telling Amu that I would most definitely be there. I assumed she'd know this and be expecting me any second.

The elevator's doors opened and I moved my brown eyes up to look at the sign that points out that rooms one-hundred to one-hundred fifty are left. My body jerked instantaneously to the left and I ran down the hallway. In no time, I directly saw a pink haired teenager sitting against the wall and a sobbing mother that was getting consoled by a nurse a couple of yards away from her.

"A-Amu?" I weakly called out, my eyes widened in horror.

"Nagi!" she whispered darkly as red circles were under her dark yellow eyes from crying so much. It looked like she was getting to the point where she was running out of tears but once she saw me, more just found its way down her cheeks.

She got up from her position on the ground and embraced me and started crying on my shoulder while I speechlessly stood there, in front of room one-hundred fourteen.

"Amu, what's going on? What happened to Rima?" I inquired anxiously. All three of her charas looked away in pain.

"I didn't think y-you were going to come!" She sobbed out in a muffled cry. I put my arms around her awkwardly as I rubbed her back, hoping for her to calm down. "Tadase wasn't picking up hi-his phone! A-And Yaaya is out of t-town! Ik…Ikuto… is gone… An-and… I just needed someone to be with me!" She tore away from the friendly hug and wiped her eyes, almost settled down. "Rima's hurt," she sniffled while her eyes looked into mine.

"Wh-what happened?" I dreaded the answer but I asked the question anyways. Whatever the answer may be, I never had expected anything to have happened to Rima—of all people; even though she was almost kidnapped that one time.

Amu opened her mouth to say something but she broke down into silent sobs again.

I was getting impatient but I continued to comfort her. "Amu, its okay… she's in a hospital, the best place to recover from whatever. She'll get better. She will. It'll be fine. I promise." I glanced down at her hazy golden eyes. I felt myself beginning to tear up from fear but I held back the unbearable tears. Men don't cry in front of girls. I swallowed and spoke clearly, "Now, please, tell me what's going on."

"Rima was just—"

"—Are you serious?!" Her mother's shaky voice screamed out of no where. I was startled so I immediately looked over to see her on the phone, probably with Rima's father. The nurse that was soothing her looked frightened so she turned around from Rima's mom with a clipboard. She disappeared around the corner of the hallway and I believed she felt awkward standing there while Mrs. Mashiro fought with her ex-husband. This is only a guess though because that's how I felt, too.

"No. No, no. Dammit, you're coming!" she shrieked as she stomped around in circles. "Yeah? Well, I don't care if you don't want to see me right now—" The stressed brunette stopped talking for a moment and then furiously responded, "Do not interrupt me! Do you have no regret as to what you're saying?! Rima is… is…" She slammed down her phone as it snapped in half and started sobbing again as it lay broken on the tiled floor.

Amu hesitantly walked over there with a vacant expression as she gave the woman a hug. They both cried together and I felt myself grow aggravated. Why wouldn't they just tell me what the hell was wrong?!

"Its fine, Mashiro-san," Amu muttered unsteadily. "Rima's strong enough to get over this. You raised a nice daughter."

"H-how? Her dad… an-and I always… fought… I… I…" More crying.

"Excuse me," I murmured before her mother could say anything more, I glanced up at the two with cold eyes. "Why won't you guys tell me what's going on?"

Amu helplessly exchanged looks with the mother. After the woman nodded back to the pink haired girl, she jogged off away from us—still sobbing.

"Nagihiko…" she whispered while using her sleeve to wipe her eyes. "It's going to be hard for you to understand… I… I still can't believe… it."

"I'm prepared for anything," I felt Rhythm squirm in the air by my lie.

Amu ran towards me and gave me another hug while her face rested on my shoulder. She lifted up her face after four seconds and her mouth was in front of my ear.

She murmured in the blankest and lost tone, "Rima… was…" Amu's tone was lowered into the softest whisper, "…raped."

My brown eyes expanded and had begun to glisten as my mouth made a small gap that gradually grew into a giant hole. I stepped backwards as I put my hands over my open mouth, trying to hide the gasp that I emitted.

"I… guess… it happened last night. Her mom called the cops when… she didn't come home… they found her at four in the morning… and… and…" Amu's long pauses made me even more anxious that I already was. "They scanned her clothes for a DNA sample of the creep since she wasn't speaking… the tests haven't come back yet… They made her take a pill that doesn't… get her pregnant… it's… s-so… confusing… and… and… and… I don't know… everything is so confusing… and when her mom called me today… I…" Her forlorn voice drifted away.

I stared at the floor and exhaled a loud sigh of misery. I squeezed my fists together and felt them turn white.

"Nagi… Nagi… don't lose control…" Amu feebly uttered out as she reached out a hand for me.

I tossed it aside with my right hand and glared furiously at her, changing emotions rapidly. I was annoyed that Amu didn't tell me sooner; but even if I didn't want to admit it, I felt angry that I wasn't there to help delicate little Rima when this horrible situation was carried out. I started to breathe hard and felt my heartbeat speed up because of my adrenaline. I was picturing exactly what I'd do to the one who hurt Rima and I felt pumped; ready to kick the shit out of this perverted creep.

"Nagi!" Amu hissed nervously, her golden eyes shaking. "It'll be fine… you promised me that, right?! Just a couple of minutes ago, too!"

I ignored Amu and turned away from her and faced the closed door of room one-hundred fourteen. Was this even possible? I would never even consider a situation unfolding like this one.

Rima… what will happen to her? Is she traumatized? How hurt is she?

"Nagihiko!" the pink haired girl scolded me as she forcefully turned me around to look at her. "What the hell is your problem?! I'm hurting just as much as you—if not more! Rima's my best friend! An-and… I… don't… kn-know… how to help!" Her voice grew wobbly as she begun to cry again.

I gripped my palms and bit my lip as I stared into Amu's crying eyes. Why do I always have to break apart in such tense situations when dealing with other people's health?! Just like with Father, too… My grasp on my fists were intensified. "I'm sorry," I whispered faintly while staring at her. To think all my self control lessons would be used in this kind of situation.

"D-don't apolo-ogize…" Amu choked as she brushed her arm against her eyes while pink tinted her cheeks; probably uncomfortable for sobbing so much. She unintentionally hiccupped and irritately moved her bangs out of her face.

"No. I'm sorry for being…" I exhaled angrily and turned away from her, not being able to finish what I was going to say. "I need some air."

"Can I come with?" she asked in a whisper as I started to walk away.

"I would rather be alone," I half-heartedly commented as I was already partially to the elevator.

"You know… she's… probably awake," she blankly stated loud enough for me to hear. "The nurse said she was awake when I got here."

Shock coursed through my body as I immediately stopped. "Can we see her?" I inquired as I rushed back to her.

"I'm afraid to," she admitted sensitively. "What are we supposed to say?! 'Hey, Rima, too bad that happened. Get better soon—or at least try. Because I heard most patients will be suffering for the rest of their live.' " She sarcastically hissed. I faced her again to see her eyebrows furrowed over in anger as tears were watering in her eyes. Ran sent her a worried glance as a frown was placed on her face while she hovered over us with her other two charas.

I honestly didn't know what to say.

"But it's Rima. I don't know what to expect! Should I be supportive? Or will she get mad at me? Should I baby her? Wouldn't she like that? Or would she put on that cold façade where she tries to pretend everything is okay and act like she doesn't want my sympathy? I just don't know, Nagi… I'm so confused… she could do anyone of those!" Amu ranted on while pulling at her hair.

I was sincerely taken back about how well she knew Rima-chan. "We'll just have to see, right?" I melancholy smiled. This can't be happening… I thought tersely. Why?

"Can you do the talking?" She feebly inquired with a pout. "You know what to say better than I do…"

"Rima-chan wouldn't like me being the only one talking. She needs you, Amu-chan," I expressed lightly, growing angry yet again. She shouldn't even need you for this. This shouldn't be happening… if only I was there at the time she was attacked. I would have kicked some sense into that jackass!

"I'm going to say something stupid," she whimpered. "Please."

I didn't say anything as I grabbed her hand by her wrist. Amu wouldn't escape now since I have a firm grip on her arm. And to be honest, I needed someone with me. I just didn't want to lose my control. And I also didn't want to be left alone with Rima-chan; Amu was right, this is a difficult matter for a friend to handle and subconsciously, I knew I couldn't do it alone. I lightly opened up the door and I entered into the tiny, plain hospital room with a grimace on my face. While I pulled in Amu, I acknowledged that Rima was indeed up and was glaring at the ceiling with a vacant expression.

"Rima?" Amu spluttered as I heard her voice crack. The blonde's eyes didn't move away from the ceiling. "H-how are you?"

She ignored her.

Amu gulped, realizing what she asked, while her eyes held more tears.

"Hello, Rima-chan, is it surprising to see me?" I finally let go of Amu's hand and walked over there with a fake smile. I noticed all of her bruises on her face and small arms and it made me hollowed out with anger.

Hardly nodding, she blinked once more.

"Ah, well, it's ironic seeing you here. I just came to visit my Aunt when I saw Amu-chan here… so I talked to her and wanted to visit you," I lied partially with a happy tone. I didn't lie about wanting to see her though.

No movements from her.

Amu shot me a confused look since that never happened but I looked over towards her sadly.

"R-Rima, uh, when do you get out of here?" The pink-haired confidently asked with a tone that sounded too happy.

She shook her head, implying she didn't know.

"Do… you want to talk about it?" she inquired softly.

She shook her head again.

"Rima-chan, I'll bring your textbooks here tomorrow if you'd like," I told her right away while giving Amu a warning glare. She should know better to ask questions like that! Maybe she knew what she was talking about when she stated that she would say something wrong. I mentally face palmed.

She nodded once.

"I see. I'll do that, then. Amu would probably be glad to take notes for you in the classes I'm not in with you."

Rima didn't move as Amu agreed hesitantly with a nervous laugh.

"Rima… who was the guy, anyways?" Amu curiously whispered with a pained expression. I was irritated with Amu's unnecessary questions but I almost couldn't blame her—she was put in an odd situation. And she didn't know how to handle it. Yet, Amu's stupidity made me cringe with irritation.

Tears swelled up in Rima's golden eyes as she continued to look up at the ceiling. She licked her lips. Still, no words out of her mouth.

She's not mute from shock, right?! I suddenly thought, my mind exploding by this idea. I… What would I do?! Never to hear her teasing insults again… never to hear her laugh again… I swallowed the rather large lump that was lodged in the back of my throat while I felt tears pluck at my eyes, wanting to fall. I'm not going to cry, I mused irately while clenching my fists. The water in my brown eyes dispersed and instead of misery overflowing, I felt rage rise in me.

I took a deep breath while I hardly noticed the awkward silence that had befallen us all.

Amu had glanced away, sneaking peeks at Rima every two or four seconds out of the corner of her eyes while Rima just lay on the pillow with her head tilted upwards, blinking every so often.

What's she thinking right now? I asked myself, pondering intensely. The look on her face was unreadable—just like it was often. But usually, her eyes gave away the emotion she wished to portray. But this time, her eyes were bizarrely empty and indecipherable. Those eyes alone made me feel sad.

Amu bit her lip and closed her eyes. "Rima…" she muttered miserably. Her hands clenched and she started to shake involuntarily. I looked at her powerlessly.

"Rima-chan, I do believe we should be leaving soon," I mentioned in with a small smile. I need to be alone, I mused. I can't stand this situation without a break to myself.

The young blonde's eyes stayed focused on the ceiling but the water increased in her eyes. Her small mouth opened gradually and a choked sob escaped. Curious and concerned, I leaned in on her bed, putting my hands on the edge of the mattress. "Rima-chan?"

"D-don't…" She whispered faintly in the softest tone while she continued to stare off in the same position. "g-go…"

"What?" I leaned in closer, not sure of what she said.

"Do-don't go…" Repeating louder, she turned her eyes into mine and finally looked off to something else. I felt my heart skip a beat and I exhaled a surprised breath since she was finally looking at me with such pained eyes.

Amu blinked and spoke in a murmur, "Rima?"

"I-I'm so…" she muttered through her sobs that she desperately tried to hold back. "Lost… and… con-confused…"

I chomped on my lip and felt blood being drawn. I then lost my mind and rushed forward and put my left hand behind her head and brought her in for a hug. Rima's cries were finally released as she grabbed onto my shirt with a firm grip and cried on my shoulder. Amu stared in shock and soon ambled over and started to rub Rima's back to help console her. Rima's loud and sad cries rung out through the room and I felt tears trickle down my own cheeks without me realizing it.

And then I understood—she will never be the same again…

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