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On My Own by Ashes Remain

There's gotta be another way out
I've been stuck in a cage with my doubt
I've tried forever getting out on my own.
But every time I do this my way
I get caught in the lies of the enemy I lay my troubles down
I'm ready for you now.

Bring me out
Come and find me in the dark now
Everyday by myself I'm breaking down
I don't wanna fight alone anymore
Bring me out from the prison of my own pride My God
I need a hope I can't deny
In the end I'm realizing I was never meant to fight on my own

Every little thing that I've known is every thing I need to let go
You're so much bigger than the world I've made So I surrender my soul
I'm reaching out for your hope I lay my weapons down
I'm ready for you now.

Bring me out
Come and find me in the dark now
Everyday by myself I'm breaking down
I don't wanna fight alone anymore
Bring me out from the prison of my own pride My God
I need a hope I can't deny
In the end I'm realizing I was never meant to fight on my own

I don't wanna be incomplete
I remember what you said to me
I don't have to fight alone

Bring me out
Come and find me in the dark now
Everyday by myself I'm breaking down
I don't wanna fight alone anymore
Bring me out from the prison of my own pride My God
I need a hope I can't deny
In the end I'm realizing I was never meant to fight on my own

"So we are just supposed to wait here or what?" Emmett asked as he glanced around with a goofy smile on his face. Rose smacked him on the back of the head and glanced worriedly at Peter who was pacing up and down the invisible line occasionally glancing around and cocking his head to the side to see if he could hear anything out of the ordinary. Emmett yelped at the smack and exclaimed "What?" as loud as he possibly could, "I feel that it is an appropriate question to ask considering the situation that we are in!"

Rose, Alice, and Esme all turned to look at Emmett with looks of shock and disbelief written all over their faces. Peter just rolled his eyes, and then went back to scanning the forest edge to see if Charlotte was back yet. Peter knew that his woman could take care of herself, but that didn't mean that he didn't worry about her when she was fighting some big ass dogs.

"What did you just say?" Carlisle asked with a slightly high voice and his mouth open in an "O" shape. He stared at Emmett like the man had grown two heads; he had never heard Emmett talk like that before. Not that Carlisle had never thought that Emmett couldn't talk like that though.

"Umm… Well I said that I felt that it was an appropriate question to ask considering the situation that we are faced with," Emmett repeated as he looked around warily at the awe struck family.

"Woah, Emmett can actually say something smart when he wants to," Alice said as she giggled.

Emmett scoffed, "I always say smart things; you just don't ever listen to me pipsqueak!"

And just like that the whole family was over the fact that Emmett had said something smart.

"Don't call me pipsqueak, you giant ape of a man!" Alice retorted as she glared at Emmett and crossed her arms. Emmett waited for the stamping of the foot that was sure to come when Alice got mad enough.

"This really isn't the best time to be…" Rose said as she looked at a very tense Peter.

"Shut it Rose!" Both Emmett and Alice yelled at the same time.

Rosalie immediately drew herself up to her fullest height and put her hands on her hips, cocking her hip out, and glaring at Emmett hard, "What did you say to me?"

Emmett sputtered and his eyes went wide, "I umm… Look it is Charlotte!" Luckily the arrival of Peter's mate prevented Emmett from being ripped into by Rosalie, but Emmett knew that he would be punished for it later. Rose always remembered things like what had just happened, and he knew that it would come back to bite him in the ass.

Peter ignored the arguing part family, and raced forward to his mate franticly. She was completely untouched; not a hair or piece of clothing was out of place, but that didn't mean that she was not hurt in some way. Peter had after all been trapped with those dogs for years, and he knew that they knew was to injury vampires without it showing up or being obvious. They had after all done that to him since they knew that he was the one that protected Beautiful.

"Are you okay baby?" Peter asked in a worried voice as he started sniffing and touching every inch of Charlotte looking for a hint of an injury. He could not smell anything except the smell of her perfume and his scent.

Charlotte smiled indulgently and gazed up at her concerned mate, "I am fine Peter. I didn't even get close enough to them for them to cause any harm. You warned me not to after all."

Peter nodded, but still continued his search by dropping onto his knees and sniffing Charlotte's legs up and down. He couldn't smell a hint of the dogs, but his vampire instincts were too wild in order for that to comprehend completely.

Charlotte didn't dare move away from Peter's inspection knowing that her mate needed to complete it. "Have the others shown up yet?"

Alice wandered over, shaking her head and her eyes glazing over, "Edward and Jasper are trying to think of a way to get out of the house without attracting Sam's attention. While you managed to lead most of the wolves on a wild goose chase, Sam and some others are going to stick around in case Bella turns around and comes back. Sam is smart about this hunt and knows that something is fishy." Alice shook to clear her head; I can't see how this will end up. The wolves are too involved.

"What did you do anyways Charlotte?" Emmett asked as he and the rest of the vampires wandered over.

Charlotte looked down to Peter for his permission to tell them of her powers. At Peter's nod she said, "My ability is to produce a copycat image of anyone that I know or can think of. Basically, it is a fake person but smells, talks and acts like the real person." Peter stood up with a satisfied smile and wrapped his arms around Charlotte's tiny waist.

"Woah that is fucking awesome!" Emmett said with an awed look in his eyes.

"Language!" Esme reprimanded while Emmett continued to talk.

"So you could make me another Rose?"

Charlotte chuckled, "Essentially yes, but I don't think that she would like that Emmett, and besides shouldn't we be focusing on how Bella, Jasper, and Edward are going to get out the house alive?"

Peter took over the conversation; his training from his younger years as a vampire coming out easily, "I will be going into La Push, and will get close enough so that Edward can read my mind and Jasper can feel me. Once they know that the others wolves besides Sam and a few others are out of the reservation then they can come to me and hopefully we will be able to leave without running into Sam. If we do then…We will deal with it. Carlisle, I want you and Esme to go to your house and gather anything that you think that we might need. We are going to have to leave to go to somewhere far away if we get without Sam knowing. Emmett, Rose, and Alice you will stay with Charlotte on the edge of the reservation and wait for either me and the others to arrive or for the cry that we need help. Also where are the wolves that are on our side?"

Everyone shook their heads, not knowing.

"Alice you know their scents the best so can you go and find them?" Alice nodded. "Good. Rose I would like you to go with her in case you run into Sam. If you do then do not engage them at all. Just turn and run as fast as you can back here to Emmett and Charlotte. Everyone know their jobs?" All of the vampires nodded. "Good. Now get going. We have a couple of vampires to save."

And with that everyone spilt up running to do their jobs.

"That is not going to work Edward. There are too many wolves around," Jasper hissed frustrated. They both looked to Bella to make sure that she wasn't upset by the arguing before continuing.

"Well that is all that we got since you haven't come up with anything. I can't do everything here Jasper!" Edward said back just as equally frustrated.

"Edward…" Jasper growled; that comment was pushing Jasper dangerously close to his breaking point. Jasper was doing everything that he could. This situation was entirely different than dealing with a bunch of rowdy and untrained, bloody thirsting newborn vampires.

Edward sighed, "I am sorry Jasper." Edward looked away still frustrated but now helpless.

"Jesus Edward, you are not helping by feeling worthless and like there is no hope!" Jasper snapped as he ran his hand through his blonde locks.

Bella looked up from the ground, her head cocked to the side as if she was listening intently for something. "Edward?" Bella murmured very quietly.

"Well what do you want me to feel like?" Edward snapped right back, "Happy and joyous? We are stuck in a fucking house on the enemies' territory, Jasper! That sounds pretty fucking hopeless to me!" Edward bared his teeth and hissed.

Tension filled the room as tempers went out of control. Jasper and Edward stood chest to chest, their faces inches away from each other as they growled and bared their teeth at each other. The tension was so thick in the room that you could slice it with a knife. Bella whimpered a little, but it went by unnoticed.

"Nothing is hopeless. I would fucking know a hopeless situation, Edward, I have been in them for my whole life. Or did you forget which one of us was in the Southern Vampire Wars! And at least pretending to have some hope would be better than the shitty feelings that you are sporting right now!" Jasper growled as he shoved Edward back a little.

"Edward?" Bella murmured quietly again knowing that her soft voice was hard to hear.

Edward felt his temper break, his dominant nature coming out to play and show that he was the superior being in this room. He growled furiously and crouched down, baring his teeth now covered in a shiny film of venom. Jasper responded to the challenge and growled right back.

Finally it seemed that Bella had had enough. She stood up and walked forward to the two growling and hissing males with her chin high and her eyes filled with determination. "Stop it!" Bella said as she hit both men on the back of the head and bared her teeth. "This is not going to fix anything. And besides if you had actually been paying attention than you would have noticed that a vampire is approaching the house. Idiots!" Bella hit them both once again for good measure and then retreated back into her calm and slightly scared nature. Sitting on the floor, Bella looked up and cocked her head as if to say what next?

"She is right. We have to work together," Jasper said as he backed down and inclined his head in a silent apology. Edward sent his own apology before sitting down next to Bella and sighing heavily.

"We are stuck. There is nothing that…" Edward stopped abruptly as he turned his head quickly and stood up racing towards the window. Bella stood up and walked towards Jasper with unease when Edward didn't say a word, but just stared out of the window.

"Edward?" Jasper asked finally when Edward whispered to himself and backed away.

"Peter is here. He had the wolves distracted. Lets' go," Edward said as he walked forward and grabbed Bella with a gentle hand. Together they all ran out of the house towards Peter.

"Beautiful!" Peter exclaimed in relief when they came into view. No other words were said as Peter glanced them over for damage before nodding to himself and turning to lead them away from their nightmare.

In the end, everyone was safe and sound. Jacob and the rest of the pack managed to surround Sam and his rogue pack, and they no longer were a pack. Bella tried not to think about it too much. She was just glad that she was finally getting better. After telling Jasper and Edward what had happened to her, she was making leaps and bounds in her therapy with Jasper.

Peter had decided to stick around with Charlotte. He claimed that he loved the clean smelling air, but Bella knew that it was because he loved her and missed being around Jasper.

Bella sighed and leaned back to rest against the wall as she stared out of the window. The night was clear and full of stars. So much had happened to her over such a short amount of time, but thinking back, Bella realized that she wouldn't change anything. Her dad always had said that everything happened for a reason.

"Are you okay, love?" Edward asked quietly as he appeared out of nowhere like he normally did, and lifted Bella so that she was now settled in his lap. Edward wrapped his arms tight around Bella and nuzzled her neck, placing a soft kiss on her neck.

"Yes, Edward, I am just fine." Edward smiled and placed another kiss on Bella's neck, before looking out of the window at the stars with Bella firmly in his grasp where she would stay for the rest of eternity.

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