It was late at night when every room in the Hikari house was dark, quiet, and peaceful, all except for one. There was a room that was slightly opened where there sat a young teenage boy with another girl around his age. The boy growled and scratched his head wildly. He banged his head against a table that went the bottom of the boy and girl's chests. The two were sitting on the floor, cross-legged. The boy started pulling his hair. A red headed girl with a book covering her face said, "Calm down, Lan. You'll get this… eventually."

Lan groaned, "No amount of studying is going to help me pass the tests next week, Mayl! Why are there even tests in the first place? Half these subjects I don't even care about!"

Mayl still holding the book, nonchalantly replied, "Whose fault do you think this is that you're stressing so much in the first place?"

A human-like person wearing a blue suit in an electronic device laughed. "Yea, Lan! I told you that you should've studied for at least 30 minutes a day!"

"Shut up, Megaman. I had more important things to do."

Megaman retorted, "Like playing video games?"

Another navi, a cyber human like Megaman, wearing a pink armor lectured, "You couldn't sacrifice 30 minutes of your game time in order to study?"

Lan gave a long groan and rested his head on the table filled with papers- most likely past quizzes and homework assignments-, various books, and their dinner plates. "Enough with the lectures, Roll. Can I just get a five minute nap?"

The girl slammed the book on the table, which resulted in the boy immediately sitting up with his back straight. She growled, "No! The last three times I gave you a "five minute nap", you slept for at least three hours!"

The brunette whined, "It's not my fault these topics are boring. They'll put anyone to sleep. I'm not getting any of this anyways, so might as well take advantage of their sleeping curse."

"Well, you have to pass the tests next week or else you'll flunk this quarter and have to go to summer school."

"Didn't you hear me? I'm not getting it anyways. I haven't learned anything in the past four hours, and it's impossible for me to learn the rest of them by next week."

There was a long silence in the room. Lan had his elbow propped on the table and leaned on it. Mayl was staring at Lan, concerned that her childhood friend really wouldn't pass his tests. She tried to think of ways to help her secret crush learn these materials, even if only for an instant. She smiled and broke the silence. "How about a reward system?"

Lan's interest was piqued. He glanced towards her. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'll give you a prize if you pass these tests. Wait, no. I know you can't wait that long for a reward."


"If I want to make a rewards system for you, then I'll have to think of one that you'll get somewhat frequently."

Megaman nodded, "Yea, the boy can't even pay attention for thirty minutes."

"Quit picking on me!"

Megaman ignored his brother. "How about curry?"

Mayl shook her head. "I probably won't be able to cook that fast."


"Not good. He'll get too hyper to study."

Roll spoke up, "How about a strip game?"

Everybody looked at her. Roll continued, "Every time Lan gets a question right, Mayl takes of an article of clothing or Lan can put on one article of clothing. Every time he gets one wrong, Lan takes an article of clothing off."

Lan and Mayl were blushing madly while listening the rules. Both of them screamed, "No way!"

A scream in the hallway yelled, "Shut up, Lan! I'm sleeping!"

The both of them piped down and spoke calmly to Roll, "That's ridiculous."

Mayl added, "There's no way that's going to work."

Roll argued, "Come on, Mayl. You know you want to see Lan like that. That's why you come wake him up sometimes. You hope to catch him in a state of undress. The only reason it's not so obvious is because you act like a well mannered girl and come only once in a while to wake him up."

Lan was taking time to absorb what he just heard when Megaman interrupted his thoughts. "Yea, and Lan, you try peeking over at Mayl's room every night after playing video games- I bet for the same reasons, too."

The two of them blushed even more furiously and immediately turned off their PETs. There was a long awkward silence in the room, a really long one. Well, actually, it was one of those moments where it feels like an eternity has passed but only a few minutes passed. Once he recovered, Lan looked over at Mayl, "So how about it? Do you want to give this a try?"

Mayl avoided eye contact with Lan. "Only to help you, but don't you dare tell a soul about this! You two too! Understand?"

Lan nodded, knowing the dangers of a furious Mayl. Lan and Mayl took a few moments to put on ten articles of clothing. Mayl had her green jacket, pink long-sleeved shirt, a light pink tank-top, her skirt, a girl's two pieces of underwear, a pair of socks that counted as one each, her hair clip, and a ring that she got from Yai for her birthday.

Lan had on a pair of socks counted as one item of clothing unlike Mayl, his orange jacket, his white long sleeved shirt, a white undershirt, his shorts, his pajama pants over the shorts, his bandana, and three pairs of underwear (-_-). It was easier for Lan to search for clothes to put on since they were in his house of course.

Once the two of them finished, they sat down across the table. Mayl started, "I guess I'll be asking the questions. Okay. How many of each subatomic particle does an oxygen ion have?"

Lan started flipping through his book since this "game's" only purpose was to help Lan study rather than test him. "Alright, subatomic particles are…"

As Lan was flipping through the book, Mayl was nervous. On one hand, if Lan lost, then she'd be able to see Lan nude, but if he won, then she'll be naked in front of her crush. Geez, it's going to be so embarrassing. What if he doesn't like the way I look? Shoot! What kind of guy would like fat girls? I knew I shouldn't have accepted his cookie last week!

Her thoughts were interrupted when Lan answered, "Oxygen ion has 8 protons, 8 neutrons, and 6 electrons!"

Mayl sighed, "No, oxygen ion has 10 electrons, not 6."

"What? Doesn't the '2-' on top of oxygen mean you take away two electrons?"

"No, it means it gained two more '1-' subatomic particles, meaning two more electrons. Take of an article of clothing, Lan."

He pulled off his socks and tried answering another question Mayl gave him. Ok, that was pure luck that he got the question wrong. I mean, it was pretty difficult, right? Darn, I'm probably going to be the worst looking girl he's going to look at. He'd probably like to look at Princess Pride or Annette or Shuuko or maybe even Jasmine. Hmm, who'd have guessed Lan was such a pimp? Bastard.

"Alright! X is equal to 13.5. Right?"

Mayl sighed, pulled off a sock, and asked him another question. Darn, he got one question right! I knew it! I'm going to end up naked. I shouldn't have agreed to this stupid game. He's going to see my privates… wait a minute. This might be a good thing. Lan's probably never even realized I'm a girl yet. Hmm, if I end up naked, maybe he'll realize that I'm a girl and discover some new feelings towards me. Yes! This might not be a bad idea after all."

"The bear went into the forest and returned with a jar of honey!"

"No, the bear went in and came back with dog wings."

Lan groaned and pulled off his bandana. "Romeo and Juliet lived happily ever after?"

"No! Romeo and Juliet died in the end! Didn't you read the book?"

As Lan took off his orange jacket, he answered, "I had more important things to do!"

Lan took off his pajama pants as he answered another question wrong. Mayl was clearly furious that the situation wasn't going as planned (A/N: which clearly means that she's too stupid to realize, at the moment, that she's closer to seeing Lan naked…). "Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean green in 1913? The ocean's not even green!"

"Yea it is! Haven't you seen the sewers?"

"That's dirty water! Next question! Who won the American Revolution?"

When Lan reached for his notes, Mayl smacked her forehead multiple times until Lan answered "the British", by which point Mayl broke the table with her forehead. She curled her hands into a fist and growled, "What the hell led you to think THAT?"

Lan cowered in the corner as he justified his reasoning. "Well the British are a big fleet and the Americans were small in number. Plus the British had ships and cannons, they could've easily shot everyone with their cannons."

Mayl tried to cool herself down. "You should read everything more carefully and in its entirety before you answer next time."

Lan took deep breaths too and pulled off his shirt. After reading his notes- notes that he copied from Mayl- he answered, "Earthquakes are caused when two plate tectonics clash against each other."

Mayl nodded and pulled off her other sock. "Dalton's atomic theory states that atoms can't be divided anymore, atoms of a particular element are unique from one another, and compounds are a mixture of two or more elements."

Mayl smiled and took off her ring. "Iago manipulated everyone in the cast leading to Othello's sorrow and death of many other characters."

Mayl took off her hair clip, clapped, and said, "Good job, Lan. At this rate, I'll end up naked."

Lan, being dense as he is, didn't realize that Mayl wanted to end up naked. He also got a bit arrogant in answering three straight questions right… and answered the next question wrong. Mayl grasped Lan's undershirt and gave him a deadly look. With a deep, distorted voice, she asked, "How in the world did you think that prison is the basic unit of life?"

Lan gulped, "Well, it said cells so I thought of prison cells…"

Mayl continued glaring at him until he continued, without thinking, "I don't know why you're more angry than usual. I mean, you're not the one ending up naked."

It was then that she realized that he's right. Lan, her crush, was almost naked in front of her. She quickly thought of an excuse. "Sorry, I uhmm just didn't want you to fail another test."

Lan pulled down his shorts while comforting her. "Don't worry. I'm going to pass this thing, and if I don't, we'll still end up together. All I have to do is take summer classes right?"

The secret lover blushed and nodded. "You're such an idiot, an optimistic one at least."

Lan didn't hear her add "that's what makes you so lovable." She was about to ask the next question when she reddened more after realizing that Lan was in his white boxers with red polka dots. The only other garment he had on was the sleeveless undershirt. He's almost naked.

Mayl stuttered, "Which phylum does a jellyfish fall into?"

Lan took a while to answer, "Invertebrates."

Mayl shook her head. "Close. Jellyfishes are invertebrates, but their phyla would be cnidarians."

The couple blushed as Lan pulled down his boxers, showing that the next pair of underwear he wore was a pair of black boxer briefs. "What phyla do dolphins fall into?"

The two gulped and were nervous about what would happen next. Lan clasped both of his hands together and pleaded, "Fishes?"

Mayl stiffened her lower lip, "Sorry Lan. They're mammals. Whales are too. It's because of their anatomy and physiology that makes them mammals, even though they swim underwater."

Lan groaned, stood up, and turned around to pull his undershirt off. If they thought they were nervous before, they were even more nervous now as Mayl asked the next question: "Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000. Now add 30. Add another 1000. Now add 20. Now add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total?"

Lan quickly said, "5000!"

Mayl shook her head. "It's 4100."

"What? No way!"

Lan took out a calculator and found her to be right. "Darnit. Too many numbers."

He turned around and pulled down his boxer-briefs. As Lan was pulling it down, Mayl was trying her hardest not to look at Lan pointing his butt at her, but as Roll said earlier (her being a closet pervert =P), she failed at looking away. He threw his pair of underwear away and revealed a pair of white briefs as his last article of clothing.

Mayl took a while formulating the last question. It was hard for her to focus while looking at the last article of clothing her hopefully future boyfriend was wearing. She really wanted him to take it off so she had to think of a hard question. Then she thought of the most devious question ever. The question that Lan would never get right, not even in his entire lifetime. The question that no amount of textbooks or time on the internet could help him with. "What time does class start?"

"What?!? That question's not going to be on the test!"

Mayl giggled, "You know she always likes to give you and Dex extra questions about the rules, questions that you guys never get right."

Lan pouted. "No fair. I quit."

"Alright," Mayl said in a singsong voice, "Then take off that last piece of clothing."

"No! Can I keep it on? Please Mayl?

"You know the rules."

Lan suddenly leapt and hugged her feet. "Please Princess Mayl-sama, most beautiful, fairest and merciful of all. Please don't make me take off my briefs. Please! Please! Pretty please with a strawberry on top of a chocolate cake with vanilla cream and oreo nuts topped with a swirl of fudge. Pleeeaaassee."

Mayl blushed at how long their bodies were in contact with one another. She looked at Lan and found him to be too cute, especially in his undergarment. So she sighed, "Fine. But you have to stay in that for the rest of the night."

Lan jumped on top of her and hugged her even tighter and thanked her over and over again. Mayl yelped, "Lan! Do you remember how much clothing you have on?"

Lan blushed and got off. "Sorry."

So the two studied for the rest of the night. Mayl couldn't concentrate much between Lan asking her questions and staring at the half-naked Lan. Lan tried futilely to put the thought of him being in his state of undress in the back of his head by studying and making Mayl forget about it by asking her questions.

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