I decided to redo the chapter of Lan playing soccer. It was too weird when I reread it. So without further ado...

Our favorite couple, Lan and Mayl, were walking to Lan's house looking at the finals that were just returned to them. Lan exclaimed, "I can't believe I got ninety percent! Maybe I should be tutoring you, Mayl."

Mayl pouted, "Don't get too cocky Lan. It's only because I helped you that you were able to get a higher score than me."

Lan teased, "Did you tell me not to get cocky? I thought you liked my cock."

Mayl blushed, "I-Is that the only thing you heard?"

Lan liked seeing her flustered and decided to push his limit. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled, "Don't avoid the question, Mayl. Do you want me?"

Since Lan was coming out too strong, Mayl was able to decipher the fact that he was messing with her. She decided to turn the tables on him. The redhead turned and pushed her chest on his, placed her hands on his crotch, and said seductively, "You're right, Lan. I want you. I want you so bad."

Lan gulped, blushed, and stepped a few steps back. In all their games, they've seen each other naked, but they haven't touched each other yet- maybe except accidentally. Heck, he wasn't sure if they were even a couple yet.

In any case, Mayl's attempt at seducing him worked and got him excited, thus prompting an erection in his pants. Mayl, too caught up in the mood, started rubbing it. "Now, do you want me, Lan Hikari?"

Lan gulped, "I-umm"

The couple was interrupted as a car passed by with a kid yelling, "Get a room!"

Lan and Mayl were snapped out of their world and blushed. Mayl let go of Lan's pants and put it to her side. Unfortunately, Lan's erection was still there, slightly visible to anyone who looks down there. An old lady walked by, shaking her head, "Kids these days- so shameless."

The two of them rushed to Mayl's house, their blushes still visible on their faces. Mayl looked at Lan's pants and softly said, "Sorry about that."

The two of them walked into Mayl's house and set their stuff down in the living room table. Lan hopped onto Mayl's couch, slumped into a comfortable position, and turned on the television. Mayl brought the two of them refreshments. Lan said, with a hint of sadness in his voice, "So I guess we're not going to play a strip game for a while huh?"

Mayl shook her head. "I don't think so. It's almost summer, so we don't have anything to study."

After a long silence, a commercial came up talking about deodorant and showing scenes of athletes playing sports. A thought came to Mayl's head, "Maybe we can do another type of strip game, since you want to see me in my undress so bad."

Lan blushed but couldn't truthfully argue against her statement. "What are you thinking of?"

"Well, when applying to colleges and universities, there are more things colleges look at than your transcript. They also look at your extracurricular activities. If you had more extracurricular activities on your resume, besides netbattling and your netpolice activities, your chances of getting into college will increase."

Lan nodded, not really following where Mayl was headed with this. Mayl continued, "So if we get you to play, say, like a sport, then that would be a good thing."

Lan smiled, "Cool! I could do soccer!"

Mayl agreed, "Yea! You've always loved soccer and had some sort of talent for it!"

Lan continued, "So we're going to play strip soccer?"

Mayl thought about it for a moment, "Now that I actually think about it- I won't stand a chance against you. You need to play against someone who's nearly as skilled as you, or better, if you want to get better at soccer."

Lan nodded, "That's true, but I'm sure you can play fairly well at soccer."

Mayl shook her head, "Not good enough. I'm not really athletic, Lan."

The two of them sat there and thought about it for a moment. As if by some miracle, Lan received an email at that moment. It was from Princess Pride, who sent him a message saying: "Hey Lan. I miss you. I know that summer is coming up soon for you. Maybe we can hang out then? 3"

Mayl frowned at the email message. She always had an inferiority complex when it came to Princess Pride. After all, Princess Pride pretty much had everything Mayl didn't. She had money, an extravagant castle, fame, great netbattling skills, and, above all else, a full chest.

Lan interrupted her thoughts, "Hey! Maybe we can have Princess Pride help me! I remember that she was always good at soccer! Plus, I'm sure she has a large enough area for me to use to practice soccer."

Mayl couldn't help but express her true thoughts to Lan. "I don't really feel comfortable with you stripping in front of someone else but me."

Lan blushed. "Of course I'm not going to strip in front of Princess Pride, especially without your permission. It was embarrassing enough to strip in front of you for the first time. I don't think I can handle stripping in front of another girl. I'm just going to play soccer against her to get better."

Mayl smiled, "Cool. Then tell Princess Pride that we'll be there this summer!"

With that, Lan sent the message.

Soon enough, summer came and the two were on their way to Princess Pride's. Pride sent Lan and Mayl personal, private escorts that led them everywhere so they wouldn't get lost. Eventually, they reached the castle, which was as huge and spectacular as the two remembered it.

As soon as Lan and Mayl stepped out the limousine, Princess Pride ran out and hugged Lan, squeezing him in his chest and shaking him around. She screamed excitedly, "Lan! I missed you so much! Being a princess gets so boring and tiring quickly!"

Mayl huffed, folded her arms, and turned to the side, acting as if there was something more interesting to look at than Pride. Pride then looked at Mayl. "Mayl! You're here too! I hope you've been doing well. You two look like you've grown so much since the last time we've met. Lan, you've grown so handsome."

Lan smiled at the compliment and thanked Pride for it. Mayl interrupted the reunion and got to business, "Princess, can we go ahead and get started with the soccer game? Lan's been itching to play soccer since he last emailed you."

Pride smiled, "Of course. So, you want to play for old time's sake Lan?"

Lan nodded his head and smirked, "Let's see if you're as good as I remembered."

With that, the three headed to the soccer field. Mayl blew the whistle and threw the ball into the air. After the third bounce, Lan swiftly took the ball and started to rush towards Pride's goal post but immediately realized he didn't have the ball. Princess Pride had stolen it from him! She shot the ball and scored a goal.

Lan and Mayl stood there, mouth agape. In just ten seconds into the game, Princess Pride had scored one point! Lan gulped, "So you did get better than last time."

Pride smiled, "Surprised much?"

The two continued playing until the score eventually became seven to zero. Lan huffed and wheezed, "I quit. There's no way I can win."

Pride looked like she barely broke a sweat. She smiled, "Don't worry Lan. By the end of summer, you'll be around my level."

Lan continued breathing heavily, "How did you get so good?"

"Laika trained me. He told me that a princess is always threatened so I should learn how to defend myself. Amongst the various training he's taught me, one of the things he encouraged me to do was grow more physically able."

Lan nodded, "I see."

Princess Pride smiled, "So what do you want to do now, Lan?"

"I think I'm going to go to my room. I'm too pooped out to do anything."

"Oh, okay," Princess Pride responded with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Her butlers escorted Lan and Mayl to their rooms. Lan and Mayl told Pride that they'd be in separate rooms, not wanting to arouse any suspicion from Princess Pride. About half an hour after they settled in their rooms, Mayl sneaked over to Lan's room, which was directly across from her room.

She said in a sing-song voice, "Oh Lan, I hope you haven't forgotten about the arrangement we made while on the plane."

Lan sighed, "Yea. How many points I score will be how many article of clothing you strip and the reverse too, but if I lost, I would strip naked."

Mayl smiled, "Yep, but I will admit that I was surprised that Princess Pride was so good at this."

Lan started to pull off his shirt but decided to have some fun with this and pulled it off slowly. "Ugh. I'm so tired from the game. All my muscles are aching!"

He threw his shirt to the side and rubbed his four pack, with a slightly visible six pack. Mayl licked her lips unconsciously, but Lan only chuckled at her reaction. Lan turned around and shook his butt as he shimmied off his shorts, slowly, pointing his butt at her. When his shorts reached the floor, he didn't take it off. He turned around and sat on his bed, "Oh silly me. I forgot to take off my shoes."

Mayl groaned and sat down on a comfy chair, crossing her arms and placing one foot over the other leg, "Quit being a jerk and take it off!"

Lan smiled and pulled off his shorts. Then, as he pulled down his briefs, the door opened with Princess Pride at the door. "Hey Lan, do you want to go for a walk for old time's sake?"

Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Lan pulling down his briefs. The three in the room blushed and Lan pulled up his underwear quickly, giving himself a slight wedgie.

"What's going on here?"

The two of them gulped and stammered, "I- w- we- we were just- umm... it- it's not what you think."

Pride looked at Mayl, then Lan. "By the way Mayl's sitting on the chair, it doesn't look like you two were about to do it, but at the same time, it's not like Mayl accidentally walked into you changing nor you walking out of the bathroom in your underwear. It looked like you were intentionally stripping in front of her."

Lan sighed. As much as he was embarrassed about the truth and wanted to hide it, Princess Pride was his friend, so he didn't want to lie to her. He started telling Princess Pride about his and Mayl's conversation on the plane.

As if to make things worse, Princess Pride kept questioning Lan, who was now fully clothed, about the entire situation, whether this was the first time they did it, prompting Lan and Mayl to explain how this all started and how it progressed from there.

Princess Pride nodded, "So you guys have been doing this for a long time, and it actually helped."

The two crimson faced teenagers nodded. Princess Pride knew they were embarrassed, and she was pretty embarrassed too. This was too much for her to handle. Not thinking clearly, she asked, "Then how about we try playing a game of strip soccer tomorrow?"

Lan blushed, "What?"

Still not thinking correctly, Pride continued, "So we can try to accelerate your learning process at soccer. If it worked for school, maybe it could work with soccer."

Lan looked at Mayl, who reluctantly gave a nod of approval. Lan translated her actions and said, "Sure. I guess."

Princess Pride looked over at Mayl, "Mayl can be on my team too. That way, you will learn how to be better than me rather than just be around my level. Are you up for it, Mayl?"

Mayl looked over at Princess Pride and had a small change of heart. "Sure."

Princess Pride clasped her hands together, "Cool! This ought to be fun! I'll see you two tomorrow morning then."

Before she left, Pride turned back and said, "Oh, by the way, congratulations."

Lan and Mayl looked at her quizzically, "For what?"

"You two are a couple now, aren't you? Otherwise, I doubt you two wouldn't be doing this sort of thing."

The two of them blushed and looked at each other. Princess Pride smiled and walked away, thinking that the two of them were still not used to showing public displays of affection.

Lan and Mayl stared at each other for a while. Mayl eventually got up abruptly and stretched, "Well, I should be going back to my room."

Lan nodded, "Okay, good night."

Mayl walked to the door and opened it. "Good night."

She walked out the door, closed it, and leaned against it. What was that about? I'm usually comfortable sleeping with Lan, but for some reason, today it seems a bit too awkward to. Princess Pride is right though... are we a couple yet? He's never really asked me out on a date yet. We just do this sort of thing to help him pass his classes and make our nightly study sessions better, but he hasn't actually confessed to me yet. Does he even feel this way about me? Does he only like me for my body?

Back in Lan's room, the same thoughts were running through his head. Why is Mayl doing this for me? I hope she doesn't think that I think of her as a sexual object. I really really like her, but what if she only sees me as a brother figure?

Eventually, the two decided to try to shrug it off, but to no avail. The only thing that stopped them from thinking about it further was their tiredness, which caused them to fall asleep.

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