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Warning: This story contains boy on boy loving, a feminine Harry and cross-dressing. The rating will go up when Harry gets older :P

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Pairing: Remmy(Gambit)/Harry

The Jester's Game

By: The Sly Raccoon

Harry was small and delicate as a boy. Stuck in the web of his 'family', he hadn't been able to live the life of a child and see the world, his freakishness made sure of that.

The boy had grown up, neglected and often abused, doing whatever his aunt or uncle asked of him, being their chef, gardener, and maid. He was lonely with only his whale like cousin as company, always frightening Harry's potential friends away.

He knew he could do things that weren't 'normal'.

During the day, when he had difficulty finishing chores he felt his freakishness humming under his skin, wanting to help. And sometimes he could let it out; as he got older it became easier. It went from asking a slight breeze to dust the higher shelves for him, to making a sponge scrub the dishes while Harry himself would dry them.

Of course he wasn't able to do anything abnormal when a member of his family was around, but it helped to get work done faster, and gave his uncle and aunt less to complain about, but it did nothing for the beatings. The reason he got those were just for being a burden.

The day had arrived close to Harry's 11th birthday, when owls flocked the house with hundreds of letters all addressed to the boy under the stairs. He remembered seeing the fear in his aunt's sallow face as she scanned the letter, and the utter rage in his uncle's beady eyes as his aunt whispered into his pig-like ear.

Soon after that, the brunette found himself in the back of a plane heading towards America because Vernon had taken a new, higher paying job doing even less work than he was already. So now he was stuck near the smelly bathrooms and seated between an older couple. In the aisle seat was a snoring man with coke-bottle glasses who seemed to be much too tall for the seats. With a head of dark thinning hair peppered with gray, he was soaked in the smell of chocolate and chimney smoke. He wasn't scary looking, just a little rough around the edges.

On Harry's other side was the wife of the man, a woman who was taller than himself, just about four foot eight, with short curly brown hair and the smell of flowers and black liquorish settling around her. Her laugh was as loud as her bright eyes, showing life and the same weathered air as her husband.

The woman had commented on what an adorable child he was, just like a beautiful doll she kept saying, and behind his dark blush Harry was flattered. No one had ever compared him to anything beautiful before, he was constantly reminded that his was dirt, something everyone turned their nose up at, and would not be missed.

But then Harry listened to the quiet murmurings over his head, from the woman to her newly awaken husband.

"Such a doll, don't you think John? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have another daughter?" She said gesturing to the brunettes bent head.

DAUGHTER?! Does she think I'm a girl?! I mean, my hair is really long but that's because Aunt Petunia refuses to cut it anymore, and I'm not very big, but I like me that way, easier to hide.

Once again concentrating on the conversation going on over his head, Harry kept hearing about how polite he was, quietly sitting there instead of howling or squawking like the other children on the plane. Such a darling, and how he would turn into such a lovely young lady.

And after a bit, Harry came to the conclusion that he liked being complimented, a lot. He figured it must have been because they thought he was a girl, lord knows being a boy hadn't gotten him very far.

"What's your name sweetie?" Looking into her hazel eyes Harry wasn't sure on how she would take his being male, and briefly thought about lying. But that wasn't much of an option with this nice woman.

"It's Harry ma'am." He mumbled, knowing he couldn't be louder in fear of loosing his voice all together. He still hadn't recovered fully from the 'gift' his uncle had given him for making them move in the first place.

"Oh, Harley, now that's a heartbreakers name dear. The gent's will be all over you when your older. Trust me dear, I know these sorts of things."

A bit astonished at the convenient misheard word, Harry decided to roll with it. It sounded enough like a warped version of his name, and it was heaps better than anything he could have come up with.

At that moment the long flight had seemed like a godsend, and the time Harry spent high above the ocean was filled with the first truly cheerful moments he had ever had.

While Harry was looking through fashion magazines from the woman's large canvas purse and talking to the man about gardening, the Dursley's were up at the front of the plane in first class, enjoying a meal of lobster and steak pretending they were a normal family of three, not burdened with a freak for a nephew.

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