It's HIS Birthday! What does he want for his birthday? What keeps distracting him? Why does he always stay UNDER THAT TREE? Read and find out. Thank you! Rated M for language and lemons.

Hey! Mikan here! It's a beautiful Saturday morning, I'm currently a 2nd year High scool and I'm here at my room in our dorm (A/N: Yes I mean it OUR) doing my assignment. And then he showed up at my window.

"Oy~ Polka." Natsume teased.

"What do you want Natsume?" I asked him.

"Nothing just wanna make sure you do your assignment."

"Hai hai, you're my tutor but you just sleep under that tree."

"Cause you don't learn. I tried explaining to you but you just don't understand." I blushed as he said that.

"Done?" He asked.

"Hai!" As I raised the paper.

"Hand it over." He said as I handed it over.

"Hn~ Not bad. Improved a point." He said as he laughed.

"Mou~ I give up." I said as I sulked.

And then somebody knocked at the door. "Hai hai!" I said as I rushed to the door.

"Hotaru!" I shouted as I hugged her.

"Mikan are we still going?" She whispered.


"Shh, remember? It's Natsume's birthday." She whispered.

I remembered it was November 27. "Oh yeah. What time?"

"About 2pm." I looked at the clock and saw that there is enough time.

"Okay then see you later!" I said as I waved Hotaru goodbye. I went back and saw Natsume still sitting on my window.

"Ne~ Natsume-kun can we just continue the assignment tomorrow? Me and Hotaru are going somewhere." I explained.

"Okay." He answered and went to his room. I had a hard time picking what to wear I had a final decision of using a gray long sleeve turtle neck top, black short shorts, knee high grey boots. I went to take a quick shower, I dressed up and looked at my messy hair on the mirror I was tired of pig tails so I thought of using a pony tail. I got my clothes and put it inside my bag. I got out and saw Hotaru almost hitting my head cause she was suppose to knock at the door. She was wearing a black turtle neck without sleeve, white shorts and dunks.

"Wo, we almost paired." I said as I smiled.

"Hai ikuyo." Hotaru said and lead me. As we got to the 5 star hotel we went to the private bar Ruka-pyon reserved and also the invited persons are to stay at the hotel for 3 days, how fun is that? As we got to the bar the crowd was crazy. I asked Hotaru if she can dance with me and she nodded we danced and danced till our hearts content and got bored. I saw Ruka-pyon with the birthday boy drinking. We sat with them, drink with them. But I only had a few shots.

"Ne~ Natsume happy birthday!" I greeted him.

"Sorry if I don't have a gift for you."

"It's okay." He seems serious. As time passed people got drunk and went to their reserved rooms. Ruka-pyon and Hotaru got drunk and went to their rooms. I don't how but they managed to. Natsume also got drunk, and me a little I don't drink much. I helped Natsume go to his room, as we got there I laid him on the bed and walked to the door. But I felt something holding me back.

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