Chapter One: Pain

"Will it hurt?"

"Yes, a little. I'll keep it as gentle as possible."

Ciel looked up into the eyes of his demon, sky blue mixing with demonic red. The cold night air loomed around them.

"Don't. Make it as painful as you can." Sebastian looked at his young master patiently. Ciel looked back at his butler, a plain expression painted on his moonlit face.

"Carve the pain of my life, into my soul." Sebastian's face was shocked at his young master's final request. He looked into Ciel's patient gaze and smiled warmly. He bowed down on his right knee and turned his gaze down.

"Yes, my lord."

Ciel looked down at the demon who would kill him and devour his soul, a sullen expression in his visible eye. He leaned back on the cold stone chair and looked up at the full white moon for the last time, basking in the radiant moonlight. Sebastian stood up slowly and removed his white glove from his right hand, dropping it on the floor. He walked slowly to his awaiting young master and lightly caressed his face, the mark of their contract glowing strongly. Sebastian's fingers traced the features on Ciel's face and he finally removed the eye patch on his right eye, the mark of the contract glowing strongly in his eye. Ciel looked up at Sebastian with an emotionless expression as the eye patch fell lightly to the floor. His patient blue eyes stared aimlessly as they took in the sight of the demon before him, a sickly sweet smile plastered on his face as his demonic eyes glowed blood red with intensity. He leaned in closer to his victim and whispered deeply.

"Then…young master."


Ciel's eyes shot open as the pain tore through his soul. He writhed in pain as he felt his soul being torn from him and into the famished mouth of the demon. Ciel's eyes flickered towards the sight of his butler's true form. He screamed loudly and tried to avert his gaze, but failed. Those dark feathered wings and glowing red eyes held him in a horrific trance. Ciel's frail body lurched forward as the demon pulled his soul closer. A rippling snarl escaped the blood stained lips that devoured the young boy's soul. Ciel frantically dug his nails into the creature's wings and cringed as the demon stabbed his claws into his back. Ciel felt his blood run down his back and into the palms of the demon, which then brought up his bloodied hand and lapped at it teasingly, a demonic smile plastered on his face. Ciel helplessly tore at the demon's wings, a cold liquid lacing in between his fingertips. Ciel fearfully brought one hand up and stared at the black blood that oozed from the demon.

"This is it." Ciel thought in his head, the pain now reaching a whole new level. Tears of blood streamed down Ciel's pale face as he felt his back being sliced in half by the demon. Ciel howled in agony and stared directly into the demonic eyes that burrowed into his own sky blue eyes. Ciel noticed a slight hint of agony hidden in the demon's eyes, as if this creature felt some compassion for his helpless victim. Ciel gasped at the sight and wrapped his arms around the creature's neck, his feet locking behind the demon's back.

"Something isn't right." Ciel thought. Through bloody eyes he looked up at the demon that had completely stopped tearing the boy apart, a blank stare looming in his crimson eyes. Bearing through the excruciating pain, Ciel brought the demon's head closer to his pale, dead lips and whispered softly in his ear.

"Sebastian…Something is wrong. Something is missing."

The demon looked down at the boy, a look of realization on his demonic face. Suddenly, Ciel felt the demon's claws retract from his back, leaving Ciel clinging to the monster. Through blood red eyes, the beast stared at his hand and claws. Ciel looked up questioningly, his jaw still clenched due to the pain.

Suddenly, the beast let out a low, almost inaudible chuckle. He brought his hand up to Ciel's face at rapid speed. Ciel flinched away, but then stared at the hand. Ciel let out a sharp exhale and stared at the now smirking demon.

"Sebastian…what does this mean?"

The creature cocked his head to the side and smiled teasingly. "Young master, it is not your time."

Suddenly, the creature wrapped his midnight black wings around the bloodied, torn boy. With a beam of light, the dark feathers began to quickly fall from the wings, leaving behind a pair of pale, toned arms in their place. Ciel looked around quickly, not having a clue about what was occurring.

Without warning, Ciel found himself slowly losing consciousness. He fought with all his will to stay alert, but he slipped into a deep slumber. The last thing his eyes saw before they closed heavily was the demon's face split in two. One side still held the terrifying shape of the demon, but the other side showed the face none other than Sebastian.