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Chapter Twenty One: Change

The harsh morning light seeped through the open window, falling upon the face of a now disturbed demon fledgling. Ciel rubbed his eyes and growled as the light continued to bombard him with signals of the new day, a rather prominent aroma tickling his nose. His cold eyes scanned the room around him, becoming a tad confused when he failed to recognize the traits of his own sleeping chambers. He looked around and noticed he was clutching the red silken sheets of the bed. He eyed the sheets and brought them up to his nose, sniffing them carefully. The scent was strong and oddly alluring, causing the marks on Ciel's back to glow with intensity. He hissed at the stinging sensation, burying his face in the fabric. Something about this smell drove him absolutely crazy. The marks continued to sting as his eyes became a deeper shade of red with every breath of the mysterious aroma. Ciel pulled away from the fabric and shrugged, figuring that the burning would go away eventually.

He groaned and arched his back, the joints popping audibly as he concentrated on minimizing the heat from his demonic marks. Ciel ran his hands along his hair in an attempt to tame the unruly mess of tangles when he felt something nuzzle his neck. With a terrified scream, Ciel grabbed at the figure behind him, flinging the creature over his back and flopping it down on the bed, his small hands locked in a powerful grip as he bared his teeth wildly.

The frantic black cat yowled and shrieked in pain, scratching and snarling at Ciel's powerful hands. Ciel blinked at the cat and glared angrily, his face inches away from the aggressive cat's angry claws.

"You sicken me…" Ciel growled darkly, his crimson eyes radiating hostility. The cat froze at the demon fledgling's gaze and simply hissed. Ciel held the cat away from him as he got up from the bed and walked over to the bright window, roughly plopping the cat down with a thud. Both cat and demon stared darkly at one another.

"Am I interrupting a special bonding moment, perhaps?" Ciel jumped at the sound of his butler standing at the door, perfectly dressed in his usual uniform. The cat mewled happily and rolled on his back, staring happily at Sebastian. Ciel glared back down at the cat, swiftly tugging at the cat's tail mockingly.

"Not at all." Ciel sighed, turning around and facing his butler. Sebastian walked towards Ciel and bowed respectfully. The older demon stared up at Ciel, an anticipating look on his face. Ciel stared back oddly at the butler. "What."

Sebastian quickly pulled out his pocket watch and noticed the time, smiling to himself. "Young Master, do you know what time it is?"

Ciel cocked an eyebrow, quickly glancing at the clock in the room. "Eight o'clock."

Sebastian smirked and spoke loudly. "Precisely."

Ciel frowned and folded his arms across his chest, clearly annoyed with his butler's useless questions. "Is there something special about the time, Sebastian?"

"No not at all," the butler spoke. "I was just curious as if the young master intended to keep the rest of us waiting on him."

Ciel scoffed and stared mockingly at Sebastian. "What are you getting at, Seba-" Suddenly, Ciel's tiny frame was overtaken by a mass of inhuman strength, the air in his lungs running out of him.

"Young Master! Today is the day! Aren't you so excited! Hahah! This will be so much fun!" The emerald eyed gardener spun his master around in his arms rapidly, his shrill and cheerful voice echoing loudly in the small room. Ciel gasped for breath and pushed strongly against Finny, braking free of that death grip of a hug.

Ciel stared up at the jubilant young gardener, staring questioningly. "Today is…Oh! Yes, correct." He nodded maturely. "The trip to the tropical islands, right?"

Finny giggles lightly and nodded his head eagerly. "Yes sir! Everyone else is waiting downstairs for you, and all your luggage is there too!" Finny smiled brightly. Ciel nodded.

"The Young Master will be ready as soon as possible." Sebastian spoke authoritatively from behind Ciel. "Please load up all of the suitcases into the carriage awaiting near the front gate."

In a flash, Finny stood up completely straight and spoke strongly. "Yes sir!" In the blink of an eye, Ciel could hear him clamoring down the stairs excitedly.

Sebastian sighed, his fingers slowly massaging the bridge of his nose. "Do forgive his excitable and unplanned intrusion, Young Master. All three of the servants have been eagerly awaiting this trip."

Ciel chuckled lightly and hopped out of his bed, his bare toes curling around the plush carpet. "No need for apologies. His attitude is quite refreshing, actually."

Sebastian eyed the boy curiously, a mocking smile plastered on his lips. "Refreshing, you say? Interesting. I take it you're in lively spirits this morning after what happened last night?" Sebastian whispered sensually in Ciel's ear, his frozen breath sliding across the pale boy's neck.

Ciel shivered and immediately pushed away, a light blush dusting across his prominent cheeks. "D-Don't be absurd, Sebastian." Ciel started tugging at his nightgown eagerly. "Now hurry up and dress me properly. I do not want to keep them waiting."

Sebastian smirked. "Understood." His dark eyes studied Ciel, who was currently messing with the edges of his nightgown. Sebastian couldn't stifle a dark laugh. "Young Master?"

Ciel growled, clearly defeated by the overly complicated knot on his nightgown. "What are you doing just standing there? didn't I instruct you to get my clothes and dress me?"

"Well yes, but I think you have forgotten you're in my room." The demon butler walked over to the boy and slipped the knot from the nightgown, the clothing slipping down the boy's thin legs easily and pooling around his feet. "Wait here." Sebastian quickly hurried out of his room. Ciel scoffed and walked over to the window, staring at the plethora of white roses in his garden. He caught himself smiling as the friendly breeze silently caressed the rose petals. The demon fledgling unlocked the window, poking his head out curiously. He inhaled deeply, letting his senses sink into the ambrosial aroma of the roses.

"Young Master, your clothes." Sebastian stood directly behind his bare master, his crimson eyes snaking over the demonic marks on Ciel's back. The demon found himself captivated by the beautiful, yet menacing pattern. The young boy turned around and eyes his outfit oddly.

"What is this?" He asked quizzically.

"Clothes, Ciel." Sebastian stared blankly at his master.

Ciel looked dumbfounded at the outfit in Sebastian's hands. "Well yes, but why this outfit?"

"Well you said to dress you appropriately, so figuring we are going to be on our way to a tropical island, I only found it appropriate to dress you in something a bit more casual than your daily outfits." Sebastian held up the clothes, eyeing them.

The outfit was simple. Extremely simple compared to the usual getups Ciel dawned on everyday. A short sleeved, navy blue and white, nautical striped shirt was paired with a short pair of breeches that bore a dark blue, almost black color. Ciel looked at the outfit and simply sighed.

"So be it." He spoke simply. Sebastian swiftly dressed the boy, a small smile forming on his lips. Fully dressed, Ciel inspected himself in the mirror, a disbelieving look on his face.

"Sebastian, I look like a child." He growled.

The butler chuckled darkly. "You look fine, Young Master. I assure you." Ciel scoffed and slipped his slender feet into the white ankle boots provided. He looked up at Sebastian through his thick lashes. Sebastian adjusted the laces on the boots and walked towards the door. "Ready?"

Ciel simply glanced aside and strutted out of Sebastian's room. Sebastian's eyes widened in horror as he watched the boy exit the room. "Ciel!" He spoke loudly, a panicked edge mixing in his usually calm voice.

The tone made the demon fledgling jump, stopping dead in his tracks. "W-what is it!"

Sebastian grabbed the article of clothing and exited his room quickly, slipping the cloth into Ciel's hands. "I can see your marking through your shirt. Please, use this to conceal them."

Ciel looked down at the navy blue blazer with white trimming. He exhaled and quickly put the blazer on. "Sebastian, you had me completely terrified for a moment. Leave it to you to make a massive deal out of nothing." He hissed and quickly walked down the hallway and down the stairs, leaving Sebastian frozen in place as the images of Ciel's back flooded his mind.

The markings that once bore an image of blackened wings had changed. The tips had turned a deep red color, the color of fresh blood. Angry black lines now accentuated the tops of the boy's shoulders. Sebastian quickly ran back into his room and almost ripped off his top, facing his back towards the mirror. He gasped in shock as he saw that his once beautiful black marks had turned a blood red shade, almost as if they had been carved out from his skin. Sebastian slowly led his index finger across one of the lines, but then snapped his hand back as the markings started to heat up. Sebastian gathered his suit and hastily threw it on, rapidly walking to meet Ciel.

"No." Sebastian thought as he stopped at the head of the stairs, his eyes falling upon his Young master being smothered with hugs from the three servants. "This can't happen now."


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