I wrote this for all the Aquamarine obsessed, such as me!! :D Enjoy!

You know you're Aquamarine obsessed when…

You refer to your fingernails as finger scales.

Your new favorite Ice Cream flavor is Ben and Jerry's Fish Food with salt on it.

You accidently call the life guard Raymond.

You slap said life guard because he said he didn't love Aqua.

You accidently call the maintenance guy Leonard.

You hug said maintenance guy because he saved Aqua.

You buy a pair of stick-on starfish earrings and hope that they compliment you.

You call one of your friends "Caliredy cat."

You've actually tried "The Laugh and Pass."

You go to the Vintage store in the mall and rip sleeves off of dresses.

You've ordered a glass of water without ice just so you could pour salt into it.

You've tried to call Aquamarine on her shell. Or anyone with a shell.

You've memorized Hailey's prayer and can recite it to anyone.

Your friends can recite Hailey's prayer because you say it around them so much.

You can recite any part of the movie on Que.

You have/want a necklace just like Aqua's.

You call people different sea creatures. (if you like them: "You angel fish! If you hate them: "You blowfish!")

You've said Bullshark.

You've googled the Capri Beach Club to see if it's real.

You've read the original book. (Yeah! It's originally a book)

You've worn a long long-sleeved shirt as a dress.

You've gone to the mall and screamed "HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

You actually KNEW it was originally a book.

You've actually tried "The Fluff and Retreat."

You want your boy friend to ask you out and start it out with, "So, are you surfacing anytime soon?"

You stand on the pier and whistle. You look around looking for dolphins are disappointed when none come.

You have an obsession with gummy worms.

You eat salt out of the can.

You porously fall into pools hoping to find a mermaid.

You get in trouble for dumping fish sticks and small fish into pools after hour.

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