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Tazmin: I like the Aquamarine movie, but I'm not so sure they did their research when they talked about mermaids. I mean COME ON! We don't have love? That's a bunch of bullshark! I mean look at me and Nalu! *Hugs Nalu*

Nalu: *Smiles* *slaps his green tail on the pool surface* She's got a point.

Me: Well, whatever. But if they didn't have that, there'd be no plot! Let's just get on to the chapter.

You know you're Aquamarine obsessed when…

31. You've paused the DVD during the magazine scene and read the articles.

32. You tell your boyfriend you have to leave before sunset because of a curfew, but he knows the real reason.

33. You try to learn as many languages as you can just so you can say "I know every language known to man!"

34. You look at the five day forecast just so you can plan sleepovers during big thunder storms.

35. When you go to the fair or an amusement park you get cotton candy and comment to anyone "It vanished!"

36. You avoid using paddle boats because you're afraid of getting stuck out there past sunset.

37. You're new favorite songs are "Island in the Sun" (The song Aqua and Raymond danced to at last splash) and "One Original Thing." (The song playing during the shopping spree scene.)

38. When you have a break up the ice cream you eat is Ben and Jerry's Fish food in the tub.

39. You then comment to anyone. "Who needs (Insert name of ex boyfriend)? I found two new men to love. And their names are Ben and Jerry!"

40. You can recite Hailey's speech about love to Aqua to anyone.

41. Your friends can recite Hailey's speech about love because they've heard it so much.

42. You have two copies of the movie. A more used one that you watch with your friends and one that's hardly used that you watch at night by yourself that no one's aloud to touch.

43. You don't like weatherman because their daughters are normally snobs that push mermaid off bridges. (…That sounds weird)

44. You try to convince your parents to let you sleep in the water tower.

45. You attempt back flips in a pool.

46. You scare your friends by hiding in a pool and then grab their feet.

47. Your excuse for #46 is "I just want to see what feet feel like."

48. You've named a boat "The Claire de Lune."

49. You call your boy friend (Or guy friend), Scream into the receiver, then proceed to throw the phone out the window.

50. You're Boy friend (Or close guy friend) is used to you doing #45.

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