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Harry coughed softly next to Draco on the bed, trying to find a way to explain to his roommate how he saved his life without making him feel embarrassed. However, the brunette could feel Draco starting to become impatient with him as he fidgeted around, trying to control his anxiety.

"W-well….uh…well, how much do you remember?" He questioned, still pondering on how he should start. A pair of thin, well kept eyebrows furrowed upwards in thought before Draco answered his question.

"I remember we were arguing –well, I was insulting you- and then you came up and tried to convince me not to jump. Then I fell back, and woke up in the Hospital Wing. So fill the blanks in for me." Harry wriggled nervously on the cerulean bed spread, wringing his hands together as Draco stared. A thick expectant air hung heavily on the pair as the raven haired youth continued to remain silent.

Harry cleared his throat, coughing, and then finally broke the silence.

"Well, you fell…." Draco snapped his head toward Harry, a brow raised.

"No, really? I thought I levitated," he sniggered, resulting in a harsh blush from Harry.

"Shut up Malfoy, or I won't tell you the story!" Draco resumed a perfect pose, his elegantly sculpted face blank. Harry sank back onto the wall, ready to tell his short tale.

"So, you fell. And then, well, I grabbed your hand and pulled you back up, but your head still hit the edge of the tower. Then I levitated you to the Hospital Wing," he stumbled. His voice was very shaky, and Draco must have noticed far more than he thought. The blond made a slow turn of his head, again raising his eyebrows.

"I have a feeling you aren't telling me the whole story," Draco deadpanned. Nervously, Harry tried to laugh as a feeble attempt to deter Draco's suspicions. He rose from the bed, walking over to his own bed while stretching his arms behind his head.

"Heh, don't be so absurd Draco. It's not that much of a story anyway," he lied. His tanned shaking hands started weaving themselves in and out of the silky blanket atop the bed as a distraction. Somewhere behind him, he heard a low, throaty chuckle escape Draco's mouth. The sound made him gulp in fear. That was the type of laugh Draco reserved for times when he knew that someone had lied to him.

"Is that so? I seem to recall Madame Pomfrey accounting for a very distressed looking teenager carrying me to the Hospital Wing," prodded Draco. When he saw the back side of Harry freeze, he knew he'd hit a mark. Rising gracefully, Draco glided toward the side of the room his companion resided in. His features morphed into an amused smirk as he spoke more.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think-"he purred, though interrupted halfway by a loud pounding on the door.

"HARRY, MATE! ARE YOU ALIVE IN THERE?" shouted a deep, male voice. Harry and Draco slowly turned toward the large wooden door, shocked into stillness as another voice piped up.

"Oh, really Ronald, will you hush? I'm sure there's a logical explanation for all of this…." A higher pitched, female tone reasoned. Inside, Harry blushed and thanked Merlin for Ron's tendency to overreact and leapt toward the door. As fast as he could work his shaking fingers, the boy pulled the wooden latch from the barricade to reveal a tall red head and a short, brunette girl.

"Harry! We were worried about you, mate!" shouted Ron. Hermione swatted him lightly on the arm, trying to remind him that yelling is rude. She then turned to Harry, speaking softly.

"Yes Harry, Dumbledore came into the common room to tell us not to worry about you and that you wouldn't be returning tonight or possibly for a while. Then rumors flew…" her voice lowered into a faded whisper as she bit on an uneven nail. Next to her, Ron fumed.

"Yeah, Harry!" he exclaimed, waving his clenched fist, "They were saying that you're sharing a room with someone! And that it's Malfoy, of all people! As if you would actually agree to such a thing, I swear, our whole House has gone bonkers…" he raged on, raving about Malfoy's bad nature and such.

Meanwhile, Draco was staring out the door toward Harry's friends, amused that neither noticed his presence, and also that his roommate was silent. The duo was too busy arguing about Harry and his sanity, and him and his incessant snippy attitude to even notice the boy's lack of response.

"Ron, really," Hermione sighed, exasperated, "I'm extremely sure that Malfoy wouldn't go that far, and I doubt that Harry would even let things get so out of hand-"she was interrupted yet again by the red head.

"Hermione, you don't know how evil that git is! He'd rape Harry just to say he could!" The silver blond's eyebrows shot straight past his short fringe; they thought he was so bad as to have sex with an unwilling victim? That piqued his curiosity. Just how bad did people think he was? Was it just the Golden Trio that thought things like that?

But at the moment, he had a certain Weasel to deal with. Snickering slightly, Draco forced his way past a still frozen Harry, sauntering into the scene. His newfound arrival shocked them all.

"Weasley, surely you don't think I'd rape such an unworthy victim. And after all, what is rape without some sort of resistance?" Draco smirked at the shock and anger that painted itself on the other boy's face. By now, Ron's hands were balled into fists of white hot fury as he shot back a response.

"You slimy ferret face! You have no right to be here, and for all I know, you probably are molesting my best mate! What the bloody hell right do you have to call Harry unworthy! If anyone in the entire magical community is unworthy of anything, its you!" Then, the angered expression on the speckled face faded, now replaced with one of pure vengeance.

"And do you know where the unworthy go, Malfoy?" he drawled, leaning closer to the still unfazed blond. As he spoke, he poked Malfoy's firm chest for emphasis on his words.

"You ought to know. People like you go to Azkaban, where you and your no good excuse for a father belong together!" At the last syllable, the fury returned full force as Ron suddenly swung his fist, making contact with the high bones of Draco's cheek and successfully knocking him onto the ground. Bracing his weight on one arm, Draco gingerly cradled his wounded cheek as he glared daggers up at the youngest Weasley boy.

"How dare you, you ignorant filth! If you had any sense at all, you would see that I am NOT my father, nor is that man my father any longer! I'm going to hex you into a straight coma, one that-" he spat, enraged by the mention of the monster Lucius Malfoy, but Harry finally found his voice.

"Ron, stop it! Draco's not done anything wrong, so just-" and following his new habit, Ron cut him short with a shrill yell.

"Wait, since when is this bugger Draco to you, and when has he not done anything wrong?" The red head's upper lip was curled into a snarl, surprising all three occupants of the room.

"Ron! Stop being such an insufferable prat!" snapped Hermione, fed up with his bad attitude, "Maybe Harry looked past the fact that he's –well, was, I suppose,- a Malfoy and tried to get along with him! Doing that tends to have good effects, not like you would know!" Now Ron turned on the brunette girl, astounded by everyone defending Draco.

"You're on his side too? Fine then, don't listen to me! But when something bad happens to Harry, don't say I didn't warn you!" With one last cutting glare at Draco, Ron stormed off back in the direction of the Gryffindor common room.

The remaining three were left silent for a while, shocked by the events that had occurred within the last five minutes. When Harry finally remembered Draco had been hit, he sank to his knees to examine the boy. Harry started to ease the blond's hand away from the swelling flesh as Hermione bent down to assess the damage.

"Are you okay? Ron's not got much for brains, but he's sure got brute strength…," mumbled the raven haired boy. After a hummed response, Hermione waved her wand to summon a tiny cloth sack of ice. Reaching out tentatively, she handed the makeshift ice pack to Draco, instructing him carefully.

"Just put it on your cheek. It'll be a little cold at first, but it'll make the swelling go down and ease the pain." Draco nodded his thanks, yet again surprising Hermione.

Harry turned his gaze away from the other boy to face the brunette once he was sure Draco was okay. He cleared his throat and gestured between Draco and her.

"Well, Hermione, meet my new roommate, Draco. Draco, meet my friend, Hermione Granger."