The seconded she touched down she heard her mother scream.


Kimberly ran into the living room. What she saw shocked her. It sent her mind into overdrive. Zedd had her mother pinned to the couch with hands above her head. Kim was so upset she failed to hear the laughter coming from Caroline. You see Zedd wasn't hurting her in anyway they were just having your normal tickle fight. Kimberly ran and attacked Zedd getting him to let go of her mother.


"Kimberly Ann Hart what is the matter with you?" Caroline asked shocked.

"Mom he was hurting you. I heard you screaming I had to stop him."

"Kimberly he was tickling me."

"Tickling you?"

Kim had known Zedd to do weird stuff but tickling? She didn't Zedd knew what tickling was.

"Yes Kimberly tickling you know when someone touches you and makes you laugh." Caroline said.

"But mom Zedd, he never tickled a person a day in his life. Zedd isn't real mom. He is a shape shifter. He is really the enemy of the power rangers."

"Even if what you're saying is true what would he want with us?"

"It's hard to explain mom but you're under a spell you need to snap out of it."

"Someone has a wild imagination." Zedd laughed. "Here Kimberly I'll show you just what I was doing to your mother."


She kicked Zedd in between the knees and he let her go. Zedd fell to his knees in pain as Caroline rushed to his side. Kimberly ran into her room closing and locking the door. She laid down on her bed. She cried herself to sleep she knew this was only the beginning.

The next morning Kim woke up, showered, and got dressed. After she finished getting ready she was about to leave the house when Zedd called her. He was still in the living room.

"You off to school honey?"

"Don't you dare call me honey! You are not nor will you ever be my father and as soon as I find a way to cure my mother she will dump you so fast your head will spin. Face it Zedd you will never I repeat never win."

"You say that now Kimmie but just remember those words when you end up an orphan."

"What are you talking about?"

"Your mother's life is in my hands. I can do whatever I want to her and she will allow it. The spell I put on her is so strong she will agree to whatever I say."


"So if I say not to scream she won't scream so you won't ever know what I do to her when you are not around."

"You won't hurt her. Because then you will be right back where you started creating dumb monsters that aren't even tough that the rangers and I could destroy with our eyes closed."

"Oh really? Could you destroy your own mother?"

"My mom isn't a monster! She is under your sick spell!"

"Believe what you want pink ranger but be warned this will be the end of the pink ranger even if it's something as simple of sending you off to a foster home."

"You don't scare me Zedd and we will defeat you. We always do."

Kimberly left without turning back. She would never admit to it but she was scared. Zedd was scaring her with all these threats but she couldn't let him know that. She had to stay strong. The pink ranger was strong she had to be. She walked to school. When she finally got there she went to her locker and started getting her books. Arms went around her waist and she smiled. Turing she saw Tommy.

"Hey Handsome."

"Hey Beautiful how last night go?"

"Don't ask."

"I am what happen?"

"Tommy have you ever known Zedd to be the tickling type?"

"Kim that's like giving a child dirt and telling them not to make a mess."

"Yeah I was surprised too. I got home and my mom was screaming so I freaked and thought Zedd was hurting her so I attacked him turns out he was tickling my mom."

"Wow that is weird."

"I know. Want to know something weirder?"


"Zedd tried to tickle me."

"What happen?"

"I kicked him between the legs and ran."


"Thanks. There was no way I was letting him touch me. If anyone is going to tickle me it would be my friends and my wonderful boyfriend."

"Really?" Tommy smirked putting his hands on her waist.

"I mean my Handsome, wonderful, smart, funny, kick butt boyfriend." Kimberly squealed.

Tommy laughed "All right you're safe."

"You're also my forgetful boyfriend."

Tommy laughed again. "So what happen this morning? Did Zedd try anything else?"

"No. He…he was fine."

Kimberly turned away to leave but Tommy grabbed her arm stopping her. He pulled her back facing him again.

"Kimberly what happen?"


"Nothing never happens with Zedd baby tell me. Did he threaten you? Did he hurt you?"


"Whoa Beautiful of course I don't think you're weak."

"I'm sorry."

Kimberly looked down. She never yelled at Tommy before.

"Hey." Tommy said. He lifted her face to look at him. "It's not your fault. Living with Zedd would drive me crazy too. Tell me what happen."

"He threatened my mom's life and it just scared me. I can't lose my mom and if I do I'll lose you too because I'll have to go to a foster home."

Tommy pulled Kim into a hug. There really wasn't anything he could say. Zedd wanted to get rid of the power rangers so sending Kim to a foster home would be his key plan.

Kim was standing in the back of a room. There were chair set up and in the front of the room was a coffin. Everyone was dressed in black. She stared to make her way forward. People kept coming over to her telling her how sorry they were. Her friends were by the coffin.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"She is in denial." Billy said.

"Yeah Kim just face it. There is nothing more you can do." Adam told her.

"Face what?" Kim asked.

Tommy and Rocky looked at her then the coffin. Kimberly looked inside in and her mother was laying there white as snow. Her heart dropped to her stomach.

"No. No this….this can't be real!" she cried.

"I'm sorry baby there was nothing we could do." Tommy said.

Kimberly touched her mother's hand and it was cold.

"She is cold. Someone help her she is freezing!" Kimberly cried.

Tommy wrapped his arms around her.

"It's ok. It's ok baby It's ok."

"No, no, no!" She cried trying to pull away."She needs a blanket please!"

"What blanket?" Zedd asked walking over?

He held a blanket in his hands.

"She needs it." Kimberly cried.

"Well she isn't going to get it now is she, and now you're stuck with me forever." Zedd said.

He gave an evil laugh. She looked around and suddenly Tommy was gone.

"No, no NO!" She screamed.

Kimberly shot up bed and looked around. She saw safe at home. Her pounding heart slowed as she panted her air. Just then Zedd came in.

"Are you all right Kimberly? Your mother wanted me to check on you."

"You did that didn't you? You wanted me to see that?"

"I'm just showing you your future."

"I'll never be stuck living with you. Foster home would be better than that."
"Whatever you wish Kim…."

Zedd left. Kimberly laid back down but didn't go to sleep. She didn't trust Zedd was done with his mind games. She spent the rest of the night awake.

A/N next chapter Zedd takes things too far causing the rangers to question how safe Kim really is with Zedd.