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Chapter I: They Are Good At Many Things- Ages, 15 and 18, respectively

So it wasn't exactly a date. That wasn't something they would do. He wouldn't have asked, and she probably wouldn't have accepted. This was only two peers, comrades even, walking together through town. He wasn't going to kiss her, or put his arm over her shoulder. They weren't going to brush hands as they walked, or blush when the other said something sweet.

They were not a couple. That was clear; which is exactly why this moment was so extremely awkward.

Naruto leaned over to look behind him. Sakura turned her head to follow his until they were both staring right at Shikamaru and Temari.

It had been a long time since Shikamaru had seen Naruto. A lot had changed in those few years. And then there was Temari, who Naruto didn't even remember at first.

"So, are you guys on a date?" Naruto asked slyly, putting his hand by his mouth like it was a secret.

What surprised Temari the most was that Shikamaru hardly seemed surprised. Normally, he was able to keep his calm even in the most intense and deadly situations. But when it came to Temari, he wasn't always that controlled. Though he was still impeccably relaxed, he was usually a little more on edge with her.

The last time someone had suspected them of being a couple, Shikamaru had begun to ramble on about women, Temari in particular, and how vulgar it would be to be dating her.

It was rude, and she was pissed. Sure it was kind of the truth- they weren't on a date, but it still stung. Even if their relationship was only platonic, which was far from true, it was rude.

Why wouldn't he want to go out with me? She thought.

But this time Shikamaru didn't flinch or begin to ramble. Instead, he snorted to Naruto and Sakura, "It's not like that." And his face never changed.

This took Temari aback and she immediately became angry, frustrated that he was being so…nonchalant.

But Temari recovered quickly and rolled her eyes at Naruto's surprised expression. "Heh! Cut out the jokes. Why would I be on a date with this guy?"

Naruto only looked at her, mouth open. Behind him, Sakura pulled a loose hair behind her ear and smiled at Temari, giving her an apologetic look.

Temari had a feeling she was often apologizing for her teammate.

"It's almost time for the Chunin Exams" Temari said, not exactly lying. They were together right now for mostly that reason, it was half the reason Temari had come to Konoha in the first place..

The Chunin Exams only reminded Shikamaru of the work needed to be done. That thought didn't make him anxious or wary, but tired.

"I've just been going back and forth between the Sand and the Leaf," Temari said to Naruto, smiling. Shikamaru shrank back as she stepped in front of him, "for meetings concerning the exams." She finished, hands on hips.

Shikamaru looked at her as she talked, straightforward without being rude. A good quality, though this usually went unnoticed due to her bossiness

"And although it's a pain, I've been put in charge of the Exams" he said, looking at Naruto now, "I've just been told to act as a guide for the Sand messenger."

Naruto blinked, "Chunin Exams, huh…? That sure takes me back…" he trailed off, lost in thought. It took Temari back too. She remembered the exams, her first time meeting Shikamaru and fighting in Konoha.

That suddenly seemed like a long time ago.

"And just for the record, Kankuro, this person here, and Neji who's one grade above us, are already Jonin." Shikamaru was saying to Naruto.

Temari's attention snapped back into the present. Shikamaru had just complimented her. Albeit indirectly.

He never complimented her.

Well, that wasn't exactly true.

He just hadn't in a long time.

Temari answered Naruto quickly and watched while he proclaimed something about becoming Hokage.

"We should plan the second half before the weekend." Shikamaru said suddenly.

Sakura glanced at him for a second before dragging Naruto along, "We need to plan a strategy for Kakashi-Sensei, Naruto." She said, pulling him behind her. Looking over her shoulder she waved a hand, "Good to see you, Shikamaru-kun, Temari-chan!"

They watched the two old friends walk away, talking to themselves.

"Sakura has become quite attractive lately" Shikamaru commented, scratching his head, "I haven't seen her for a while."

Temari nodded. She wasn't the jealous type. And Shikamaru was simply pointing out a fact. Sakura was incredibly gorgeous. More so than Temari ever would be.

"Can we go to Sarutobi's and discuss the plans for Part II of the Exam?" she asked, turning to face her companion.

His brows creased for a second before he smirked, "fine." Shikamaru turned around and began walking toward his friend's home.

As Naruto walked one way and Shikamaru walked the other, Temari paused, crossed her arms, and looked between the two. Today really wasn't going as planned.

Jogging to catch up with him, Temari fixed her ponytail and looked at Shikamaru, "I think we should take pre-cautions to ensure this non-dating thing."

"Is this because of what Naruto said?" Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "Naruto thinks everyone is a couple. The man has no sense."

"Shikamaru," she said slowly, making him stop in the street and look at her. "Naruto isn't the first one."

"So what? Are you saying we shouldn't be together anymore? Or are you saying we should try this whole dating thing?" He looked genuinely confused. Temari began to walk again, and he kept her pace through the streets.

"I think we should go out less together. And when we do, if we have to that is, you could try walking a little further away from me."

"Hey, you were the one who wanted to come to the Hokage's today, I was fine going alone."

"I can't expect you to get any work done on your own," came her retort.

They kept walking in silence for a few seconds before she spoke again, "and when we go out, maybe try not to ogle my body every time I bend over." She said with small smile in her eyes.

"Me?" Shikamaru said calmly, "I don't ogle, not like you do."

"You leer like an old man, Nara."

He rubbed his neck, stepping closer. "See, this is why we should never date."

"Precisely," she said, a smirk growing on the corners of her lips. She smiled up at him. "Maybe the Exam can wait a few hours." She leaned down to kiss his neck. He tasted sweet, salty, slightly sweaty, and like Shikamaru. It was a taste she often found herself craving when they were apart.

Shikamaru moaned softly as her kisses became more fervent against his collar. "Temari, we have to get this done- the work I mean."

"No… Nara…wanting to get work done? I never thought this day would come."

He just rolled his eyes and pushed her off.

"You're right" she said, straightening her clothes a bit, "I came here for a purpose." She began to walk down the path again, her feet crunching on dirt.

But then Shikamaru sighed, long and hard. She wasn't making this easy on him.

"I change my mind, Mari." He said, "Let's go back to my place."

She turned, smirked, and then walked back beside him. "You want to walk home when you are already that ready?" She said, looking at the protruding bulge in his pants.

Shikamaru pretended to think it over for a second, weighing his options before he mocked an epiphany.

"We could do it right here." He smirked.

"The path is-"

"-empty" he continued for her.

Pulling her close, Shikamaru placed his head on her shoulder and grabbed her hips. After a few seconds he began to undo her robes, slipping the fabric off her shoulder to expose soft, strong skin. He kissed her shoulders, making a slow curve down to her breasts and then to where her fishnet leggings rested on her waist. He began to pull them down slowly, licking his way from her bellybutton to her pelvis and the slowly further down.

Temari fell back to land against a tree and rested, pulling her lover by his hair to look up at her.

"It is broad daylight, in the middle of town. This needs to be a quickie."

He resisted the urge to smile and, standing up, brought his lips to hers.

He placed a hand in between her legs, making sure she was ready.

Must have been left over from this morning. No way was she that horny in a matter of seconds.

But he really didn't care that much.

Shikamaru began to pull down his pants quickly, not getting them halfway to his knees when Temari reached down and grabbed his cock.

He moaned against her.

She pulled them down together onto the dirt where rocks bit into her body, more so with his weight on top of her.

She didn't think they'd had sex this fast –without any foreplay whatsoever- for at least a good year.

"Hurry, don't hold it" she reminded him and he pushed into her.

It was a familiar feeling, having him inside her. And yet, for reasons she couldn't understand, it still was able to feel amazing.

They had been at it for almost a year and a half now, and she still wasn't bored. That was more surprising than anything. She'd always assumed, unless you were in love with the person, you'd get bored of them pretty quickly after you started having sex.

"Harder, faster" she whispered hoarsely, trying to rock her hips on the rocks cutting into her. "Seriously, you have got to come already. We have- "the last two words were lost as he hit a spot.

"I am waiting for you" he said into her ear, grunting as she dug her nails further into his rear.

"Okay" She needed to relax, to breathe.

A second later, she came.

Waves of color clouded her eyes as the strongest euphoria she knew coursed through her.

When her body had finally stopped convulsing, he came, lost in his own feeling. Afterwards, she couldn't help but laugh as he rolled them over.

They must look a sight now, her rope open and fallen around her waist, his pants around his ankles and hair half pulled out, all sweaty and out of breath.

When she had finally calmed down enough to speak, Temari stood up. "We should go finish some work" she said, still panting slightly.

Shikamaru suppressed a grin, "maybe we should go see Asuma-sensei then."

She breathed, thinking it over "okay, we should. Get it over with, you know."

He nodded and watched as Temari straightened herself up and began to walk toward his former mentor's home.

"And he will totally be able to tell I just got laid" Shikamaru mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" Temari called back to him.

"Nothing" he said waving a hand.

"I think we should talk over this whole dating thing again" she said as he caught up to her. Shikamaru shrugged and walked along the path listening to her list the pro's and con's of their impending relationship.

He knew he couldn't avoid it forever. She did have some points, on both ends. But when it came down to it, they were already a couple.

He had never touched anyone else, and had honestly never had the interest to. He did tolerate her company, and he did almost go mad every time she went away.

The only problem was, dating wasn't exactly what they were good at.

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