Hi everyone! So, I've finally started rewriting this. I'm hoping this fresh start will get this fic moving again. I'm rating it M from the beginning because there's really no chance of this ever not being a dark-fic.

Summary: Life is like a game, but not a game of chess. No, life is like hide and seek. You can hide all you like, but eventually someone's gonna find you and the game's gonna be over.

Pairings: Danny/Sam. That's about it.

Warnings: Dark-fic, character deaths, OCs.

Disclaimer: I adopted this fic from a friend of mine two years ago. I started continuing it, but it fell out of my interest. I asked her for permission to rewrite it, and she gave it to me, so here it is. All of Danny and Sam's children are hers, though. She made them up and I'm simply borrowing them for the course of this fic. On the other hand, anyone with a name that sounds like they're from another country, and isn't related to Danny and Sam is mine. (Nadewi, Katsuo, Amorette, Freja, Byrne. Seriously, was I on something when I chose these names? They make no sense with the rest of them. Oh well.)

So, I hope you enjoy.

Footsteps are a comfort. They mean the guard is coming to bring me food. The guard always leaves me the food and then leaves me in peace. Food means I'll stay alive for another day. Food is good.

What comes after food is not. He never walks down the hall, he just floats, thinking he can sneak up on me or something. He can't. He never does. I know he's coming.

It's always the same. Food, then he drags me to the room where he tries to break me. He's not going to. He can hurt me all he likes, I'll never tell him anything.

I've given up fighting as he drags me down the hall, I simply let him drag me every time. He's rougher and rougher about it as time passes, but I can't say I blame him. How long have I even been here? I know it's been awhile.

"Sam?" A male voice asked surprised. He sounded close- the man holding me?

"Danny?" I managed to croak out. He pulled me close to him, a familiar cold emanating from his half-ghostly body.

"You're okay…" Danny whispered. "Sam, where are the kids?"

My eyes snapped open and I tensed. He really thought he could get to me that easily? I pushed away from "Danny" and fell backwards onto the ground.

"Sam- Sam, what's wrong?" I heard him rush to me, but I scrambled backwards, away from him, "Sam, it's me, Danny. I'm not gonna hurt you!"

"I won't tell you." I said. My voice was weak and raspy. "You may as well kill me, 'cause I won't tell you!"

I heard Danny shout my name, and everything went black.

And that's the prologue. Chapter one is on its way. 90% done. I hate putting up prologues and not having the first chapter out within a few days.