A/N: This is an 'out take' from Eclipse. It's basically what my impression was on the night Victoria changed Riley.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters! All rights go to Stephanie Meyer! Thank you very mushhh!




A barely perceptibal swish of the curtains catches my eye. I wouldn't have noticed a change in the room unless my attention had not been riveted there for the last hour.

Shadows flit, and my eyes stray.

Something isn't right. Something is wrong—very wrong.

My phone buzzes on my nightstand table, and it lights the room with long, blue, dancing shadows.

I pick up the small device, glancing at the caller ID.


Sighing, I flip open the phone and press it to my ear.

But I don't answer. I don't say anything.

"Riley?" she finally asks, and her voice shakes. "Are you there? Because if you are, I really need you to answer me. Something—"

"I'm here," I say, interrupting her. Her voice shakes, so I can tell she's scared. I don't want her to be scared, because then I'll worry, and I don't feel like doing anything for anybody right now.

The shadows in the corner of my room—fringing on the perimeter of the blue light—shift, and my eyes automatically go there.

"Well… oh," she says, "How are you?"

I don't answer again—only, this time, not because I don't want to, but because a flicker of red glints in the shadow, and it paralyzes my vocal cords with fear.

"Riley? Hello?"

"Fine," I say curtly, and my voice cracks. I rest my head back to the pillow. "How are you?"

I really shouldn't have said this, because I know she's going to tell me the truth. And I don't need the truth right now.

There is a slight jingle, like a cat's bell, and my head snaps up. Am I hearing things, now, too?

Okay, I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy, but I'm positive something is in my room. There is a flash of white.

"Um, a little shaky, actually," she admits, laughing softly, and I picture her running a small, dainty hand through her long caramel hair.

Intently, I squint, trying to make sense of the vague shape of the woman I'm really trying to convince myself isn't there.

"What's wrong?" a high soprano voice inquires—and immediately, I am reminded of bubble gum and pig tails. "Are you scared?" she speaks softly, enough so that Noel doesn't hear her, and steps into the light.

A beautiful woman stands before me at the foot of my bed. Long red, tousled waves ripple to her belly button. She has a tiny waist and perfectly proportioned breasts. The features on her face are carved gracefully with angel's fingers, with a feline twist, high in her cheekbones.

It is not her sensual lips, nor her cheekbones, nor her breasts that I notice first though; but her bright ruby red eyes.

I bite back a yell of fright and squeeze my phone tighter in my hand, feeling it slip slightly in my suddenly sweaty grip.

"Riley?" Noel is saying, and I just numbly stare at the woman with the porcelain skin and amazing body, standing in front of me—trying to comprehend.

"Hang up," she whispers, and the flutter of her lips, the brush of them against each other, the slip of breath, and the intensity of her eyes almost causes me to drop dead right there because she is so spectacular.

"Uh," I say, blinking, "Noel?"

I think she was in the middle of something, but I really can't remember right about now.


"I have to go. I'll talk to you later."

"No, Riley, this is really—" But I hang up before she can finish her sentence.

Then I just stare at the woman before me. She places her hands on her hips, pursing her lips.


I watch her watch me, and attempt to clear my throat.

"Your name is Riley?" she asks, each word crisp and clear, complete with a melodic tint to each syllable pronounced.

Helplessly, I nod.

"My name is Victoria," she tells me and steps forward, slowly, deliberately. There is a streak and a whoosh, and her face is in mine.

This time I can't hold back the yelp of fright that escapes my throat.

"Would you like to join me, Riley?" she murmurs, eyes glinting.

I swallow, breathing in the sweet scent that seems to be emanating from her skin. I lean back. She is too mesmerizing, too hypnotizing, too wonderful. Too good to be true.

"Join you in what?" I finally manage.

She grins a wide, toothy grin. The moonlight glints off her teeth. If I really focus, I can tell that they are sharp—very sharp.

Her full, perfect lips pull back even farther from her teeth, and a low growl pitches from the back of her throat. It rumbles through her chest, vibrating over my skin.

Cool, sweet air wafts over my face, and I blink hard, dazed.

"I will give you a clue," she whispers, ducking her head to rub her nose up and down the column of my throat. I swallow compulsively.

"I am dangerous," she murmurs, pressing cool lips to my jugular vein. My heart pounds in my throat. "I am supernatural. I am the star of your nightmares."

She pulls back to look at me, nostrils flaring, eyes wild and hazy.

"Can you guess, Riley? Guess what I am," she demands, shackling my wrists in a sudden, cool and firm grasp. So firm that I can feel my bones begin to ache from the pressure of her hands.

I squirm, and she releases me, moving her hands to my face.

"I c-cant," I stutter.

"One more hint," she hisses, and ducks her head again.

This time, though, pain flares in my veins.

It takes a moment for the shock to pass and the realization to set in that she has bitten me.

Before I have time to cry out, fire flashes down my skin, drowning my own cry in my throat, strangling it into submissive silence.

Pain slashes the other side of my throat, and then my jaw, and my wrists.

Gasping like a person coming up from air after being underwater for an extensive period of time, my cry pierces the still night air.

"Don't cry, my darling love," she murmurs, wiping her cool thumbs over my cheeks—but even that doesn't sooth the fire, "we will be together soon."

Outside, it begins to rain…