Prussia was contently dreaming of his soon to be world domination. At least until he felt a pillow smack in the face. His face scrunched up and he groaned. Standing before him was his brother Ludwig.

"World meeting today, brother." He said as he turned on his heel and walked out of the door.

"Mein Gott. Fich Dich." Prussia said sleepily. He jumped out of bed and took a quick shower. He wrapped a towel around his waist, which was awesome if you couldn't tell. Prussia squirted the nasty mint toothpaste onto his toothbrush. He told West that the pink princess kind was better, but nooooo. He had to be such a hard-ass all the time. The guy needed to loosen up. Maybe some heavier beer would help. He'd have to look into that…

Gilbert headed into the conference area, he had lost his brother after that Italian boy had come up to Ludwig with a happy cry of "Doitsu~!" Oh well. He grabbed a chair next to France and plopped down.

"Bonjour!" Francis greeted him.

"Yo." Gilbert grinned. "Where's 'Tonio?"

"Ah. That one. Last time I saw him, he was flirting with a certain tomato~!" France laughed.

America had bust into the room with his usual loud, "Hey you guys! The Hero has arrived!" before taking his seat and the meeting began. Everyone started arguing as usual, Francis had left him to go argue with England and America. He tilted his chair back on it's leg lazily, and balanced his feet on the table. He could hear that bastard Russia speaking close by. He opened his garnet eyes and looked over at the source of the noise. Russia and his younger sister Belarus were standing behind a chair that held a shaking, crying child. Gilbert knew that that boy was one of the bastard's Baltics. There were three of them. Lithuania, Estonia, and one more…ah. Latvia. That must be whom they were tormenting.

"Russia!" America called his comrade over.

Russia looked up and smiled. He walked over to the blonde and Belarus followed like the dutiful little sister she was. This left the boy alone. Still shaking, he opened his eyes. Watery amethyst orbs caught garnet and Latvia hid his head in his arms in fright.

"Mein Gott. He's so cute." Gilbert whispered to himself as he stood up and walked over to the trembling nation.

He put a hand on the blonde's shoulder and whispered to him, "Hey. The bastard's gone now and you're in the presence of the awesome me. No crying allowed." Prussia smirked.

Latvia hiccupped slightly, looked up into the garnet eyes, and began trembling. "W-who are you?"

Prussia face-palmed. Honestly, who in their right mind wasn't aware who the most awesome person in the world was? "Prussia. Gilbert Beilschmidt. You must have heard of me before, right?"

Latvia's eyes widened and he started tearing up again, "R-Russia talks about you a lot. About k-killing you that is. He won't l-like me t-talking to you."

Prussia laughed, "He can fuck off. I could care less what HE says. Why're you so scared of that guy anyways?"

Latvia looked down at his knees, which were suddenly very interesting. "He as complete control over my brothers a-and me. He's so p-powerful. He could crush us all in an instant."

"Why don't you take a chance and run!?" Gilbert questioned annoyed.

Latvia's eyes had dried up and he smiled at his knees, "I'd be dead before I even knew I wanted to leave."

Prussia looked up and noticed Russia coming back towards them.

"I won't tell him you spoke with me." Latvia whispered, eyes downcast and dreary.

Gilbert stiffened at the tone but walked off. The tone in the boys voice was pure dread. He wondered what the little blonde could have possibly seen. He shook his head. All of this angst wasn't awesome! But that kid was just so damn cute…


Mien Gott: My God

Fich Dich: Fuck you