Gilbert sat in his 2nd period class, Physics, impatiently waiting for the bell to ring for morning break. He drummed his fingers on the desk and slipped his phone barely out of his pocket and checked the time. Two minutes to go.

"Mein Gott. Hurry up." He begged.

Time passed slowly and then the shrill shriek of the bell went off and Gilbert grabbed his bag and hurried down the hallway to the courtyard. He went over to the spot he, Francis, and Antonio hang out at everyday. They both came up and soon enough the group was talking and laughing loudly.

Gilbert smiled when he saw a familiar short blonde across the way. He made sure to get to break as early as possible to get a glimpse of the boy. His name was Raivis Galante. A freshman. It was true. Gilbert Beilschmidt, a junior, like Raivis Galante, a freshman.

"Staring again, are we?" Francis teased. Only Francis and Antonio knew about his liking the boy.

"Shut it." Gilbert hissed.

"I don't see why you're being such a pansy about this. Make a move, man." Tony encouraged.

Gilbert watched as Raivis laughed with his two friends Peter and Lily. He smiled despite himself.

"It really isn't all that hard, Gil." Francis deadpanned. "Go on. Get your ass over there and talk to him." The French boy punched his arm.

"Y'know what ? What. The. Fuck. I'll do it." Gilbert smirked. He started making his way over to the three freshmen.

"Go get 'em tiger!" The Spaniard yelled out.

Francis smiled brightly at Antonio. "Phase one: Complete."

It wasn't that the mighty Gilbert was nervous or shy or anything of that nature. No, he was afraid he might scare the kid. He was afraid of accidentally hurting Raivis or maybe even himself again…

Gilbert grinned as he watched the Raivis laugh into his hand at his friend's antics. Lily giggled along with him. He thought he heard Raivis yell "The Hunt!" or something along the lines of that. It didn't matter. Lily saw Gilbert coming and backed up, eyes wide. Upperclassmen were never a good sign. Raivis turned to her and frowned.

"What's wrong Lily?" He asked, concerned. The Baltic turned around and started quivering at the sight of Gilbert.

Gilbert let out a loud laugh, "Kesesese! I'm not going to kill you, ya know. I just wanted to give you something little Birdie." He held out a slip of paper to Raivis.

Raivis nervously grabbed it confused, "What's this?"

The albino smirked, "My number. Make good use of it." He touched Latvian's cheek before turning. He looked back at Raivis and winked before walking off.

Raivis turned beat red. He looked at the paper and put it in his pocket.

Lily and Peter looked at each other and back at Raivis. All three were equally confused at the upperclassmen's stunt.

"Fuck yeah I'm awesome." He held up his hands for high-fives which Francis and Antonio both gave excitedly.

"You go man!" The tanned boy grinned.

"What happened?" Francis inquired.

"Well, the awesome me walked up, scared the living shit out of all three of them and gave him my number. I told him to make good use of it, winked at him and walked off. I saw him put it in his pocket and go redder than that Vargas boy you like Tony." He looked over to see Raivis looking at him, blushing as he turned away.

As the bell rang for 3rd period, Gilbert winked at Raivis again as he, Francis, and Antonio passed Raivis, Peter, and Lily who were going the opposite way. All three of the younger teenagers looked at them oddly.

"Almost mine." Gilbert muttered, smiling brightly to himself.