"I HATE CATS!" That's the first thing that always comes into my mind every time I wake up in the morning.

I can't remember what triggered me to hate them so much. But there's one thing I'm sure of, cats are the most undependable creature that ever lived here on earth! When the time comes wherein you needed them the most, they'll leave you behind. Ugh! My chest aches just by thinking about it.

Oh! Wait! I haven't introduced myself yet, haven't I? My name's Asahi Nekotachi. Ugh! Of all words! Why's there should be my most hated word on my surname! If I could just change it…I sighed. Anyway, I'm already a 15-year old---

"Oh geez!" I shouted as I caught a glimpse on the time on the clock on the wall. "I'm already late for school!"

I better hurry! I don't want to catch any more attention just by arriving late on my first day of school!

Ah! Yeah. I'm now starting my first year in high school. I'm currently living alone since I was 10. Hmm…Why, you ask? Well, I'm really not in good terms with my family. My mom and dad were always fighting with each other ever since I can remember. When I turned 5, they decided to get separated and my mom took me away. I haven't seen my dad ever since.

By then, I experience hell without even knowing about it.

Great! I can now see the gate! Good thing it's still open. Better breeze through it and---

"Hey kid!" somebody shouted at me. I turned around and saw a teacher walking towards me. "What're you doing here?"

"I'm a student here, okay?" I replied impatiently. Oh no. I can see where things are headed. "Can't you even see I'm wearing this school's uniform?"

"Well, yes," he stood his ground at my remark. "But aren't you more like an elementary student than a---"

"Don't you dare comment about my height!" I cut him off before he can say anything more. "I'm already 15-years old and I'm a student of this school!"

I walked away without turning back. Geez! I really hate it when someone commented about me being an elementary student when I'm already old enough. Okay, okay. I stand only at exactly 150cm. But…it doesn't really make me like a kid, does it? Ugh!

Ah! I made it! Phew! Better find my seat…better find my seat.

So, where was I before that incident? Oh, yeah. Hellish life. My mom took me in for the sole purpose that I can serve her. Every day I cook for her, I clean the house, I do all the chores. But then, she treats me like I'm just another person in the house. Oh well… Good thing is that she still let me attend school.

My life got worse when she took another man in as her lover. Geez! I hated my life at that time!

Ah! Homeroom's starting!

Anyway! To live my life, I acted tough. Whenever someone strikes me, I strike back, twice. I trained my mind and my body, and to complete it, I shut out all the connections of the world. Well, what can I say?

'Families are no good.'

'Friends are useless.'

'Animals are undependable, especially cats.'

"My name is Asahi Nekotachi. Thank you." Ugh! I just hate saying my name.

"Why don't you share more about yourself, Nekotachi-san?" That's my homeroom teacher.

Geez. "No thank you. I prefer to keep those information to myself."

"Oh…Well, then, thank you, Nekotachi-san."

'Idiot,' I thought. 'Can't she even tell just by my tone of voice?'

Anyway! I'm getting tired of talking. I guess let's now end this introduction about myself and proceed to my everyday b-o-r-i-n-g life. Or so I thought.