Author's Ramblings: I got the idea for this one because I watched an amazing video in YouTube. If you want to see it let me know and I'll send you the address… oh boy was I stunned and all I could think about was Pepper in such a situation. This is what I produced. Enjoy!


"So what happened?" He asked for what felt like the tenth time. He was growing aggravated and that was a lot coming from Anthony Edward Stark. Pepper sat there, staring at the infinite nothingness, still in shock, while he stood beside her, arms crossed over his chest and brown eyes staring at his girlfriend. He wore jeans; a clean t-shirt and his leather jacket, there hadn't been much time to choose his wardrobe and had on a pair of old running shoes. His hair was messy, his face unshaven, and sleep was barely lifting from his entire frame; after all he'd been asleep when he got the call.

Probably it would be better if he explained things better, probably to make himself understand things clearer. He'd been working lazily through the whole day, just to avoid visiting the factories and skipping the two meetings planned at Stark Industries that required his presence because he was the largest stockholder of the company; so when he decided to go to bed his mind was tired of figuring out how to play hooky and just wanted to rest.

And amazingly enough he fell asleep right away, something that didn't happen unless he was utterly drunk or drugged.

So when the cell phone started ringing at seven in the morning he just jumped in surprise and searched for the interrupter of dreams, answering groggily. "'Ello?" He asked quickly taking a deep breath and listening to the other side of the line frowning while his brain had a hard time deciphering what the man was telling him.

So far he could tell it was Happy, the man was agitated and wanted him to get over wherever the driver was.

"Whoa, Slow down, slow down. What?"

"Pepper got into an accident, and you need to get over here right now." He was up on his feet and had his car keys in hand before putting on a pair of pants.


When he got to the scene of the crime, or the crash, Tony found Pepper sitting in the edge of an ambulance, very, very still. Worried he neared her and knelt beside her, noticing how still she was.

"Potts." He asked trying to call for her attention, because he so much hated when her attention wasn't on him. She hummed vaguely, not turning her eyes to him, but staring out the distance still. He lifted his finger to her chin and turned her face to find him. "Pepper?"

"Tony." Her response was vague, but still there.

"Are you alright?" He was more concerned about having her answer than letting her remain quiet. With good reason too.

"I'm in shock." The statement was so obvious it made him turn away and roll his eyes, so she wouldn't notice, but once again what was she noticing?

"I can see that; let's go home so you can rest, alright?" He wasn't sure if he could take her home but he was going to take her home and fix this. Wait, how did one fix a state of shock?

"I can't move my legs." She said still in the same soft tone, eyes away and for a second trembling, as if in fear.

"Want me to carry you?" He offered, touching her knee.

"No." And her face turned away. Tony stood, and stared down at her at her for a second.

"So what happened?" Not caring that she was in shock, just curious about what was really happening, Tony turned to look around. Pepper didn't immediately answer but she was quiet (no biggie there) for a moment.

"It was coming right at me."

"What was?"

"The truck."

"Say what?"

"I was coming over to your place, you know coffee and all but there was this truck before me going too slow. So I decided to play it like Tony…"

"Never a good idea."

"…And pass the truck before me, and when I crossed lanes; there it was coming right at me. It was sideways."

Tony stared at her, frowning. "What was sideways? Your car? It shouldn't surprise you the road must have been slippery."

"No, the truck was sideways."


"It moved to the left and the only thing singed was the car. I'm not sure about the damage."

"Pep?" He asked, surprised out of his socks. He quickly wrap his arms around her, feeling her tremble slightly and caressed her back, suddenly aware of the wreck he could have witnessed, of what he could have lost if the truck hadn't been just sideways. He found a warm throw beside her and quickly unfolded it, wrapping it around her, again he held her, allowing her to lean against his shoulder.

"I think I screamed I'm not sure."

"She did boss," Added Happy coming out of their right, carrying two tall coffees and handing one to Tony, Pepper didn't seem to want anything. "A very loud Holy Shit! After that she'd been like this. She asked for you several times, reason why I called."

"And you know this how?"

"I was right there too, right beside her but she wanted to drive so… It was amazing the truck was really sideways suddenly the driver must have gotten control back and all was fine. I think they just uploaded the video to YouTube."