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Chapter 10- Twelve Years Later

~Twelve Years Later~

It had been twelve years, and everyone's lives had been very good.

Seto and Jou had ended up having another child, a girl they named Emma who had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was nine. Seth was now fifteen years old, and Antony was now twelve, and he was proven to have had Jou's temperament, and he was constantly in trouble because of fights.

Serenity and Mokuba had gotten married and now had a son named Emmett who was nine and a daughter named Emily who was five. The two lived in Tokyo with their children.

Bakura and Ryou had had a boy who was now ten. He looked like Bakura, but he had Ryou's sweet, gentle, and quiet nature. Angel was now thirteen, and she was like Bakura.

Marik and Malik had a boy who was right. She had Marik's personality. Celia was now eleven and was like Malik.

Otogi and Honda had had a boy whom they named Christopher. He had brown hair and green eyes. He was now ten. Abigail was now eleven, and Yoshi was almost thirteen.

Yugi and Yami had had another child, a boy whom they named Solomon, in honor of Yugi's late grandfather. Solomon was ten. Marcus and Isabelle were twelve.

The group had later found out that Anzu had gone back to America after her father disowned her and had ended up marrying a rich man to get the lifestyle that she had enjoyed back. Not much else was known about her since the group didn't care and were just glad that she wasn't bothering them now.

Yugi was in the living room.

It was a Saturday and all the kids were somewhere in the house playing.

Yami had gone out on an errand.

Yugi was reading a book.

"Oh, come on!" Marcus suddenly shouted.

Isabelle was laughing. "I won." Isabelle said.

"You cheated!" Marcus said.

"I did not!" Isabelle replied.

"Marcus! Isabelle!" Yugi yelled.

"Yes, Papa!" the two said. The tone of their voices indicated that they knew that they were in trouble.

"You can either get a long or stop playing the game!" Yugi said.

"Yes, Papa." the two said.

Yugi then frowned. He wondered what Solomon was doing. He got up and found Solomon in his room, playing with some of his games. 'I should have known.' Yugi thought as he went back downstairs. He sat back on the couch and started reading again.

Yami entered the living room and realized that Yugi hadn't heard him. He smirked and snuck up behind Yugi before he leaned down and started kissing his neck.

"Yami!" Yugi exclaimed.

Yami chuckled. "What?" Yami asked.

Yugi turned. "You know I hate it when you do that." Yugi said.

"I know." Yami said. He leaned down and kissed Yugi on the lips.

The phone then rang.

Yami went and answered it. "Hello?" Yami said.

"Hey, Yami. Is Yugi there?" Jou asked.

"Yeah." Yami said.

"I need to talk to him. It's kind of important." Jou said.

"Sure thing." Yami said. He turned to Yugi and said, "It's Jou. He needs to talk to you."

Yugi marked his place in his book and got up. He took the phone from Yami. "Yeah, Jou." Yugi said.

"Yugi, Seto and I really need you to come over. We've got a problem, and we need your help" Jou said.

"What's wrong?" Yugi asked.

"Well, Seth kind of saw his birth certificate, so we had to tell him the truth, and he isn't taking it too well. Think you can come over and help us out?" Jou asked.

"Sure thing. I'll be over there in a minute." Yugi said. He then hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" Yami asked.

"They had to tell Seth the truth, and he didn't take it well. I need to go over and help them out with this." Yugi said.

"Oh. Okay." Yami said.

"I'll be back in a little while." Yugi said.

"Okay, Yugi. I hope it goes well." Yami said.

"So do I." Yugi said.

Yami leaned down and kissed Yugi on the cheek before Yugi left the house.


Yami turned to see Solomon standing there. "What is it, son?" Yami asked.

"Where'd Papa go?" Solomon asked.

"He had to go see Jou. He needed Papa's help." Yami said.

"Oh. Can you play with me then?" Solomon asked.

Yami smiled. "Sure." Yami said. He headed up the stairs with Solomon and went into his room to play with his youngest child.

Yugi arrived at the Kaiba mansion and was immediately shown in.

"Yugi! I am so glad you're here!" Jou said.

"Yeah. I am. What exactly happened?" Yugi asked.

"Well, Seth was looking for something and happened to find a copy of his birth certificate. He was confused, of course, so he came to us and asked us about it." Seto said.

"We weren't going to lie to him, so we told him the truth." Jou said.

"How much of the truth?" Yugi asked.

"We got as far as Jou's not his biological parent and you are before he had a fit and barricaded himself in his room." Seto said.

Yugi sighed. "I guess we knew that this conversation was going to happen at some point." Yugi said.

"I was hoping that we wouldn't have to have this conversation for a little while longer." Jou remarked, looking up the stairs.

"So, do you want me to talk to him?" Yugi asked.

"Well, he won't talk to us. I'm hoping that he will talk to you." Seto said.

"All right. I'll see what I can do." Yugi said. He then headed upstairs.

"So you think Seth will listen to Yugi, Seto?" Jou asked.

Seto wrapped his arms around Jou. "I honestly don't know, Jou. I hope that he will, but there is always the chance that he won't listen." Seto said.

Jou sighed. "This is so frustrating." Jou said.

"I know the feeling." Seto said, hoping that his son would understand why things were the way they were.

Yugi knew which room was Seth's, so he walked up to the room and knocked on the door.

"Go away!" Seth growled.

Yugi sighed. "Seth, it's me." Yugi said.

"I don't want to talk to you." Seth retorted.

"Seth, keeping everything bottled isn't going to help. You need to talk about it." Yugi said.

"Why should I? None of you seemed to want me to know the truth." Seth retorted.

"Seth, I know that you're confused, but you didn't give your parents the time to tell you everything." Yugi said.

Seth was quiet for a moment. "What are you talking about?" Seth asked.

"Let me in, and we'll talk about it." Yugi said.

"Alone?" Seth asked.

"Yes. I'm the only one out here." Yugi said.

After a moment, Yugi heard the door unlock, and Seth slowly opened the door. Once Seth saw that Yugi was the only one in the hall, he opened the door all the way.

"Thank you." Yugi said as he walked in the room.

Seth closed the door and locked it again.

Yugi sat down in the chair at the desk. "Seth, I know you're upset about all this. Just please listen to me." Yugi said.

Seth walked over and sat on the bed. "Is it true?" Seth asked.

"Yes, Seth. I'm your father, not Jou. Biologically anyway." Yugi said.

"I don't understand. Why is he raising me if you gave birth to me?" Seth asked.

Yugi smiled. "Seth, it's a rather complicated issue, so I want you to bear with me while I try to explain this, okay?" Yugi asked.

Seth nodded.

"You can ask me any questions that you have as I talk." Yugi said.

Seth nodded.

"Now, I'm sure that you know who Anzu Mazaki is." Yugi said.

"Yeah. I've heard of her. They said that she stole Yami from you at one point, and he went off and married her." Seth said.

"Yes. That was close to sixteen years ago. Anyway, I loved Yami a great deal, and it broke my heart when he left me for Anzu, especially since I knew that Anzu would only hurt him in the end. Anyway, I was very upset, and I needed a lot of support from my friends. There were only two people in my life after Yami. In order to try and help me, Jou and I went out to a bar to have fun and ended up getting drunk." Yugi said.

"You and Daddy got drunk?" Seth asked.

Yugi nodded.

"You two never drink." Seth said.

"I know. Anyway, we were both wasted, and we ended up having a one-night stand." Yugi said.

Seth's eyes widened. "You and Daddy?" Seth asked.

"Yes. Believe me. If either one of us had been sober or less drunk, it wouldn't have happened, but it did happen." Yugi said.

"I never thought of that." Seth said.

"Yes. Anyway, nothing ever happened between me and Jou, and we ended up staying friends. About a month later, Seto and I started dating. We were together about three months, but I realized that Seto was in love Jou, and Jou was in love with Seto. I wasn't going to come between them, so I ended things with Seto and told me to go after Jou since that's who Seto really wanted, and he did." Yugi said.

"So, you and Dad really were together." Seth said.

"Yes. It was after I broke things off with Seto that I found out I was pregnant with you. I wasn't about to keep something that big from Seto and Jou, so I told them the truth right off." Yugi said.

"Wouldn't that have messed tings up between Dad and Daddy?" Seth asked.

"It would have if I hadn't put my foot down. Seto was willing to give up Jou and marry me to do the right thing, and Jou was going to let him. I knew that Seto and Jou loved each other and wanted to stay together, so I stopped them from following through with it. I told them I wasn't going to be the reason that they broke up." Yugi said.

"So, you just gave me to them?" Seth asked.

"Seth, it was a hard decision. Something you need to understand is that I was still pretty emotionally upset from Yami leaving me, so I wasn't in the best state. I knew that I wouldn't be able to raise a child at that point in my life. I talked long and hard about this with Seto and Jou, and we ended up agreeing that I would give full custody of you to Seto. Of course, Seto wouldn't hear of me not being a part of your life, so he told me that I was going to be your godfather or uncle as the case may be." Yugi said.

"So, it wasn't because you didn't want me?" Seth asked.

Yugi smiled. "No, Seth. It had to deal with me and everything I was going through at the time. I'll admit that it wasn't an easy decision, but one I made, and I don't regret. Things did turn out good in the end." Yugi said.

"But this changes a lot." Seth said.

"No, it doesn't. I admit that you know the truth now, but it doesn't change the fact that Seto is you dad, and Jou is your daddy. I'm just your uncle." Yugi said.

"But-" Seth started.

"Seth, I know this hard for you, but it doesn't change anything. All you've ever known is Jou and Seto as your parents. All you've known is me as your uncle, and that's the way things will always be." Yugi said.

"I guess so." Seth agreed.

"Besides, look at this way. You've always gotten away with everything with me, and you never got away with anything with Seto and Jou." Yugi said.

"Hey! That's right!" Seth said, brightening.

"Right. Seth, just because you know the truth doesn't change a thing. It doesn't change who Seto and Jou are to you, it doesn't change who I am to you, and it doesn't change your relationship with me." Yugi told him.

"I think I understand." Seth said.

"Good." Yugi said.

"Were you ever going to tell me the truth about this?" Seth asked.

"We would have, yes. We always planned to. You just found out before we were ready to tell you." Yugi said.

"Okay." Seth said.

"Good. Now, you need to tell Seto and Jou that you're okay now." Yugi said, standing up.

"Yugi." Seth said.

"Yeah." Yugi said.

"How did you and Yami get together?" Seth asked.

"Seth, that's a story for another time.' Yugi said.

"Pleeaasse!" Seth said, turning on the puppy dog eyes.

Yugi sighed. "You know you got your father's looks and his personality, but you managed to inherit that puppy dog eyes trick from me." Yugi said.

Seth smiled. "So, you'll tell me." Seth said.

"I'll give you the short version. Anzu ended up cheating on Yami and getting pregnant by another man. After the baby was born, Yami found out it wasn't his. Once he confirmed it with a DNA test, he divorced Anzu and moved back to Domino. We started off as friends and ended up getting back in a relationship." Yugi said.

"Did you ever hear from Anzu again?" Seth asked.

"She came back, trying to win Yami back, but it never worked. Now, she's married to some rich guy in America. I don't know more about her now than that." Yugi said.

"What happened to the kid she had?" Seth asked.

"Anzu signed over full custody to the child's father. She thought Yami would come back to her if she didn't have the baby. It didn't work." Yugi said. He decided not to tell Seth that Yoshi was the child since that wasn't his place to tell.

"And you and Yami have been together since?" Seth asked.

"Yes. This time, we've made it, and we're fine." Yugi said.

"Okay. Thanks for telling me." Seth said.

"No problem. Now get downstairs and tell your parents that everything is okay now." Yugi said.

"Sure thing." Seth said.

The two then went downstairs.

"Seth." Jou said.

"I'm sorry for how I acted earlier. Yugi explained everything to me, and I understand now." Seth said.

"We planned on telling you, Seth. We just hadn't told you yet." Jou said.

"I know. Yugi explained it all to me." Seth said.

"So, you're okay now." Seto asked.

"Yeah. I am." Seth said.

"Okay. I'm going to go home now. I'm sure that Yami wants to know how everything went." Yugi said.

"Okay. Thanks, Yugi." Seth said.

"Any time." Yugi said before he left.

"So, everything's okay?" Yami asked.

"Yeah. Seth understands everything now." Yugi said.

"I'm glad to hear that." Yami said.

"In any case, what happened while I was gone?" Yugi asked.

"I had to break up a fight between Isabelle and Marcus, and I played with Solomon." Yami answered.

"Sounds like a good time." Yugi said.

Yami smirked. "I could have a better time with you." Yami said.

Yugi slapped him on the arm. "Yami, knock it off." Yugi said.

"Okay, Yugi. Sorry." Yami said.

Yugi shook his head. "You're hopeless." Yugi said.

"Yes, I am." Yami agreed.

The following week, the entire group had met together for a picnic.

"So, Seth finally found out the truth." Honda said.

"Yeah. We had to explain the entire situation to him." Yugi said.

"We? You're the one who told him everything. He wouldn't listen to me and Jou." Seto said.

"He knows the truth, and he understands now." Yugi said.

"I dread having to tell Yoshi the truth." Otogi said.

"Well, look at it this way. He was much better off with you than if he was to have been raised by Anzu." Bakura said.

"He's right about that." Marik agreed.

"I suppose so. I just hope that Yoshi sees it that way." Otogi said.

"Well, you can probably wait a few more years before telling him that." Yami said.

"I suppose so." Otogi agreed.

"Anyway, how's it going with everyone?" Jou asked.

"Well, the shop's doing great." Yugi said.

"It's evolved into a chain of stores across all of Japan, Yugi. I would say it's doing great." Ryou said.

Yugi laughed. "I guess so. Still, the original is still the best to me, even if I don't work in it that often." Yugi said.

About eight years ago, the Game Shop had evolved into a chain of stores all across Japan. Yugi ran it from the central office, which was set up in Domino. The chain had a contract with KaibaCorp, allowing both to prosper.

"Well, I, for one, am glad the shop made a chain. It has helped KaibaCorp." Seto said.

"Yeah. We both benefit from it." Yugi agreed.

"Well, I love my job as a teacher." Ryou said.

"And I don't mind working as a security officer." Bakura added.

"Well, running the museum has done great. I love it." Malik said.

"Yeah. Whatever." Marik muttered.

"I take it that he's not so enthusiastic over it." Otogi said.

"Nope." Malik said.

"Well, as you all know, KaibaCorp has done great." Seto said.

"We've heard." Marik said.

"Well, my own business has done great. We're doing really well for being a new business." Otogi said.

"What about you, Honda?" Yugi asked.

"I just stay at home." Honda said.

"I take it Serenity and Mokuba are still doing good." Yugi said.

"As far as I know. They like life in Tokyo." Seto said.

"That's good." Yugi said.

"How is your job, Yami?" Otogi asked.

"Well, since I've become a partner, it's been great. I couldn't ask for a better job." Yami said.

"Well, it's good that we're all doing well." Ryou said.

The group watched as their kids played.

"You know, who would have thought that we'd all be here now watching our kids play when we were back in high school?" Jou asked.

"None of us would have thought that." Yugi said.

"Yeah. Despite some mistakes certain people made, it all worked out." Bakura said.

"Hey!" Yami protested, glaring.

"Hey. You screwed up big time." Bakura said.

"Bakura, I forgave Yami for that a long time." Yugi said.

"I know. It's just fun to rile him up." Bakura said with a smirk.

Yami groaned. "I know I messed up, and I can't believe that I made such a stupid mistake as to go with Anzu. I'm just glad I corrected that mistake." Yami said.

"Yeah. I messed up when I had my affair with her. I was stupid, too, but I'm glad that I got Yoshi out of it." Otogi said.

"Hey. Everyone makes mistakes, but you two more than made up for them." Yugi said.

"Yeah. We all moved on, and we're all happy." Jou said.

"Happy that that bitch is out of our lives." Marik said.

"In any case, we're all happy now, and there's nothing that can mess that up." Yugi said.

They all agreed with that as they watched their kids continued to play.

Everything had worked out for the best for them all, and they were all happy with their lives now. Mistakes had been made, but those mistakes had been more than made up for and were no longer thought about.

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