The Beginning of The End

Do we really have to do this?

Just shut up and stay focused. I see her approaching.

Everyone locked eyes on the target as they zeroed in on her.

Everyone knows their position?

This wasn't really a question that required an actual response but everyone nodded in union. Everyone was bond by specific instructions and as they well enough knew nobody can defy an Alpha's command. The atmosphere was in the low 40s but this pack never felt the chill. The sky was thick with rain clouds as droplets of rain lightly scattered the area. Out in the middle of the woods, right on the boarder that separated La Push reservation and Forks, a little girl bounced around alongside a woman. She caught the glimpse of an animal that's not quite known to be around those parts. This intrigued her.

"I'm going to hunt that one over there."

The little girl pointed to one of the pack members that were stationed to be in plain view of her.

"You're sure? I don't know. It looks pretty big."

"Then it will be more rewarding when I catch it," the little girl said with a smile. Only a year and a few months old, she had the body of a six year old, with the IQ of a fully grown 3.5 GPA college student. Stalking closer to the animal, she inhaled the animals scent trying to get an idea of how the blood would taste. The animal smelt familiar yet different all the same. She couldn't predict the taste. She stood still and got ready to pounce.

The lone animal out in the clearing looked back at the pack with tears in its eyes.

I know. I know. A pack member said to their lone pack member.

I don't want to die.

You don't have a choice. Another said.

This isn't right.

We all know what must be done. Your sacrifice is going to lead the way to our destiny. You can't ignore that. Stay strong. Your divine soul will do wonders in the afterlife. You'll join our great ancestors and will be free from this world. You will be missed.

The pack nodded in union as the lone animal took a deep breath and closed its eyes.

I love you all.

Before the pack had a chance to respond back, the little girl jumped on the back of the lone animal's back and bit down on it's neck. The animal gave no fight as it crashed down into the slushy snow. The little girl drank the blood hungrily as she drained every ounce of blood from the body. The pack snarled at her. Even though this was part of the plan, it still didn't stop the hatred they felt over the killing of their pack member.

Filthy bloodsucker!

I want to rip her head off!

Not after I rip her heart out!

SILENCE! We knew if she had the opportunity, she'd do this. She's a leech. A half leech but a leech nonetheless. Stay focused everyone. On a count of three, we attack. ONE…

" Bravo Nessie," the woman clapped her hands at the girl's triumph. "You're going to give Jacob a run for his money when he hears about this one."

"This one's almost as big as Jake," Nessie said with a blood dripping smile. "He may have to hunt far to beat this one."


"Hey! Race you to the river," Nessie stood up alert and excited.

"Come on, Nessie, you know you're way faster than me. I'm not working with you're kind of abilities."

"I'll give you a head start. I'll even wait for you to turn down the hill before I go. Deal?"

The woman pretended to think hard about the deal, and then with a smile, she turned and ran for the river.

"Catch me if you can Nessie!" the woman shouted back as she ran.

Nessie waited until the woman ran down the hill out of sight until she got herself ready to run. She loved these racing games and wondered if she could be fast enough to make it to the river before the woman considering the fact that the river was just right down at the bottom of the hill and the woman was surely close to it. She anticipated the challenge as she began to run.


Nessie never saw it coming as the pack came running towards her from all angles as two members bit down on each arm, one member bit around her waist, and another jumped over and bit off her head. She didn't have the chance to utter a word as the pack ripped her apart, limb from limb. Taking a chunk of her remains in their mouths, each pack member ran to a clearing deep inside the woods away from the boarder and each dumped the remains in one big pile. One of them let the ripping sensation run throughout their body as they phased into their human form. As the member unwound the small black pouch from around their leg, they took out a lighter and lit the remains on fire. The pack watched the remains of Renesmee "Nessie" Cullen burn in a blaze of fiery red flames, as a faint smile crept up in their eyes.