Hitman: The Hitting

Chapter 1

After Agent 47 shot everyone he went away and spent all of his monies on hookers and drugs. So he had to come back to the Agency so he could kill more people to make more money.

"47 is good to have you back!" Said Diana, who was Agency chef because everyone else quit and bought franchises.

"Diana. We are the Agency. Don t we just kill whoever we get paid for?" 47 said over the phone in London.

"I am going to make us better so we can have friends again." Diana said in her office in France.

"This sounds like it needs effort. I will leave it entirely to you." 47 said. "Now do you want me to kill?" 47 continued.

"There is an banker in the building behind you. His name is John Delaware. Our guy wants him hit, and he will give us bonus cash for any security guests you kill." Diana said.


So Agent 47 went into his car and selected weapons to use for his mission. He didn t have his pistols because he put them in his dishwasher to remove evidence (he let Agent Smith borrow them) but he still had a wire add his sniper file with the big silencer, armored-killing ammo, an expensive scope, and a frame.

47 put the rifle in a briefcase and walked into the bank that had people in suits with guns walking around it. Everyone ignored him because he had a suit too, and they thought he was applying for a job with them. 47 went into the bathroom and when a security guy entered he creped behind him and killed him.

47 took the dead guards clothes and pistols and left the bathroom. He saw another security guard walk into bathroom suddenly, so he walked in with him. After seeing the dead person, the guard looked suspiciously at 47, so 47 walked around him at a low speed that was still faster then the guard turns, then he fire wired him so there would be no witness.

47 took the escalator to the third floor where waited and killed another guard.

In security office 47 saw a clerk and a guard, so he began to unpack his rifle. When it was all set up 47 through his pistol just outside the door of room, but the grad did not notice so 47 started throwing coins to get his action. One of these coins hit the guard in the head and died.

The clerk went to investigate the fact that the guard was not moving, and said "what a tragic accident." He then farted dragging the body away, but 47 shielded him aad through him out a window.

After stealing a key card and a silencer for his gun 47 took the escalator to the top of the building and started looking round. He then unloaded his rifle again and began aiming at a window of an nearby building that was pelted with egg.

Inside other building John was talking on phone to secret American guy. "I had no idea people would get so pissed off at what I did. I thought the knew that from me."

"Don t worry. the secret American guy said. If you follow my plan people will love you again."

"It sounds very risky" John said.

"Shut up. My plans always work. The only reason that other guy got killed was because his plan didn't work."

"Um okay."

John then went into his bathroom and he opened the window because someone had broke his air cooler.

Then he was shot by Asian 47.