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Rei POV~

Blond tresses wafted in the breeze as she ran freely through the grassy pasture, dust kicking up ahead of her as she chased the colts that had gotten out of the stable. Her eyes were intense with the ropes grasped in her hands at the ready. Minako is such a cowgirl. She runs recklessly after her hopes and dreams. Ironically the things she wants the most aren't hard to attain. She wants to be a mother. She wants to be free to do as she wishes without worrying about the consequences of actions. Her Jeans are washed out. Her boots are stylish and truth be told she loves being wild. She'd rather have a beer than fine wine, partying into the night casually with friends rather than have to put up appearances just for show.

My Minako. Underneath that refined girl she had been raised to represent a simple soul resides. She shines up like a radiant star twinkling among the night sky. The life of an idol would have never made her happy. She can't be prim and proper all of the time. She'd much rather clown around in a freezing lake or have a picnic on a grassy hill with those she loves. She's flighty and the life of a public icon just can't give her the freedom she needs. She wants to be a goofball and laugh a lot. She wants to hold her friends and family as close as she can. That's the real Minako. The person we know and love underneath the popular exterior. Yeah, she's still the gossip queen, but, she's so much more than that too.

She loves animals and she needs her family. That's how we ended up out here. She was going to be a singer. A really good one. Then a few of our friends decided to pack up and move into the countryside. Minako, bless her heart, insisted that we come too. She threw away her chance to be a pop idol, claiming that she couldn't leave those she cared about. Needless to say, that's why we own this farm. She's happy here and so am I. With my grandfather enjoying a good prattle with the older folks his age and plenty of girls chasing after Yūichirō it's easy to see why this life turned out to be a better option. Minako's family refused to move out with us. Although lord knows we have the space they remain only a few hour drive into the city. We return to the city to visit often.

Her blue eyes glimmer in excitement now as she leads the horse back to the pasture with the rest of them and I can't help but laugh as she sits on the fence. Her purity is deceiving as that faint flicker of trouble shows in her smirk. She still has the rope and I know all too well the pursuit is on. The tight plaid shirt tide into a bow shows her midriff toned well by her athletics. I know I'll lose. She's fast and as she hops over the fence speeding towards me I know I better make haste. Something stops me. What it is I'd never be able to tell you.

Perhaps it's the way the wind caries her hair tied loosely in a bow. Maybe it was the way cerulean eyes bubbly with affection watched me childlike in fascination. Whatever it is I would willingly allow it to consume my entire being. Sometimes I run a little just to appease the blond before me. Not today. Today I feel like having my own adventure. I hold out my arms knowing full well I'll be tackled to the ground at her speed. She jumps and I catch her preparing for my head to hit the uneven dirt below. I don't mind. Not in the slightest. Her eyes remain transfixed on me, awaiting something. Her grin remains mischievous and her eyes pleading. I know I'm in for trouble tonight. Minako can be quite flirty when she wishes to be so. Her playful attitude has a tendency to change into something more, something deeper. Passionate at times. Minako, for as lively and random as she can be holds a depth that can rarely be outmatched.

Her eyes drowned me in thoughts and feelings I've yet to fully understand. We started out friends a few short years ago. Then she became a roommate. Now, one could only call her a lover. Every time I say that word it doesn't fit. She's more than that. She's so much more than I can say. She's more than what I feel. I can't even think properly with her in my vicinity. Even without thinking I know what I want more than anything right now. I want her in my arms. She knows this, and as always, she complies. As she and I stand from the ground we were laying on my grandfather can only sigh at the display rolling his eyes. He knows where this is headed as he grabs Yūichirō by the ear pulling him away from his current work saying he needs a lift to town. I smile as I see the look in her eyes.

She's a hard worker that acts like a total goofball and causes more trouble than I care to admit. Monday through Thursday she gets up early with boundless energy roughhousing with the animals. Friday she cracks open a few beers around a campfire with our friends. Saturday she sleeps in late and Sunday she tortures poor Yūichirō with blind dates. Every day she brightens my day with her flirtatious light. Every night she holds me in her loving arms. It's just the way she is. She's simply Minako. That's all she could ever be. Just simply my Minako.

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