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Minako POV~

She's watching me again as I run through the field chasing the horse that decided to roam free. I see her staring and I know she's almost breathless. Underneath her dark bangs I know her eyes are following my every movement. Dang it! I take my eyes off of that horse for only a moment and he gains speed. I'm faster, I'm always faster. I'm starting to become an expert in using a lasso to catch him. Such a stubborn animal. I like a challenge though so I don't mind. As I speed through the grass I glace back at Rei. She's leaning on the side of the barn smiling and openly watching me.

Rei really is a shy girl most of the time. A lot of people think she's hot tempered. She can be no doubts there. She's not all of the time though. She is more like this horse I'm chasing. Stubborn but kind spirited. She's a majestic woman who needs to be tamed. Good thing I'm getting hang of this cowgirl thing. Personally I think this can be kind of fun. I'm getting closer to my prey and I get the rope ready. My mind isn't fully on my chore. My mind is on Rei. She's so beautiful with her long black hair and lavender eyes. Rei wanted many things in life as a child. To be a song writer often drifted within her mind and we said we would make it big together. That was then, long ago in the past.

Now life is simple. This is our home. Dresses and frilly things aren't something needed out here on a land less cultivated. Instead Rei finds common sense in her faded carpenter jeans that hang slightly baggy on her frame. Her plaid shirts are over sized and lacking grace. Yeah, Rei owns clothing for more fitting of a woman of her beauty but today requires sloppy clothing that she doesn't mind damaging with paint and other light carpentry. Still, even as rugged as Rei looks, she's still so appealing. For the love! The horse got away again. I really need to focus. It's so hard though. With Rei's dark hair tied loosely to keep it out of the way of her work she's so breathtaking. Her lavender eyes are powerfully aimed at me and that only adds to her ability to distract me.

I need ready my rope again and pay better attention. Finally I catch the stray animal. Alright time to head back. Rei is still lost in her own little world. She really should finish painting the side of the deck with water sealer. I wonder what she's thinking about. She's looking at me so I know I'm a part of her thoughts. Why I'm not exactly sure. It may be time I go on another chase. I can't let her wander off too far into lala land now can I? That just wouldn't be right. How can we have a relaxing evening if she doesn't get her work done? Then again, we've been working hard all day. A break could be in order. I know what I want. I may be sitting here on the fence to the pasture acting innocent but she knows better. She always knows better by now.

I jump off of where I was sitting. My ropes are still in my hand. She won't run today. She hardly does. Instead I see she's waiting with her arms open. She doesn't want to play today. I pick up my speed, I know I may knock her down but she never cares. I think she likes my wild side. I like that I can really let loose out here. I jump and I feel her arms embrace me knowing we are about to hit the ground hard. I close my eyes for the impact before I catch her stare. That passionate stare that makes me fall head over heels with her over and over again. She knows what I want, I want the same thing. I want her love just as she wants mine.

I stand up slowly, allowing her to do the same. Her smile is content as she holds me in her arms. I know she is about to kiss me. In our embrace I hear her Grandfather pulling a disgruntled Yūichirō away from us and shove him into the car. Those two men are quite a pair. Both of them have tastes that they shouldn't. I'm not worried about that now though, I'll just set up Yūichirō with another single woman again this Sunday. The poor man needs to find a woman of his own.

He may have liked Rei but she's taken by this cowgirl. Rei is quite the woman. When she's riled up she's almost too much to handle. When she's calm her eyes hold more knowledge about the world than she cares to admit. And, finally, when she holds me in her gentle embrace I feel happy, I feel secure and I feel at home. This countryside cottage keeps everything I hold dear to me close by. My friends are only a short ride up a few hills. My parents are in the nearest city. I can do as I please. I can be silly or I can work hard. In short I can be all I want to be right here in the country. No matter how much I may have wanted to be an idol, it couldn't have ever given me all of that.


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