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~~~Terminal City Tunnels~~~

Alec couldn't be any happier with the way things had gone back at Joshua's house. Isis had finally decided to give him a chance, to get things back the way they used to be between them. He hated to admit it, but Max might have been right about him talking to Isis. At least for once in her life, he thought. He knew that this was hard for Isis. For her to say that they might be able to start over, gave him such happiness. He was going to set things back to the way it was, before Manticore got in the way.

As he was just coming up from the tunnels, he noticed all the commotion that was going on around the entrance of Terminal City. He noticed a new face in the bunch and approached Jann, who was also watching the scene from a distance, to ask him.

"Hey, new arrival?" he asked Jann.

"Yeah, Mole and the rest of the crew brought him in a while ago. Said he escaped a group of ordinaries who found out what he was." Jann explained Alec.

"Well, give him the one four about what's going on around here. Have Dix set him up in one of the apartments available." Alec said walking away with Jann nodding to his orders.

Alec looked towards the new arrival and saw the guy look at him for five seconds and turn away fast. Alec just shrugged it off and continued to walk towards his apartment. 954 looked back towards Alec as he walked away.

"It's him?" he thought.

954 looked towards Alec and realized that what Renfro had told him was true. Everything seemed to be falling into place. And if what had been predicted was set into motion, then Isis must know Alec was here. And if she did, she must be suffering. He needed to find her a quick. At least to ask for her forgiveness, before he turned her in.

~~~Alec's Apartment~~~

Alec arrived to his apartment and shut the door. He walked inside and went to sit on his couch. As he sat down, he couldn't help but think about what Isis had said. That maybe there was a chance for them to become friends again. But the thing about it, was that Alec didn't think that would be possible. Since the night that he first kissed her, back at Manticore, when he broke her heart; he had realized that he felt more than just friendship for her. He had spent two extra months in PSY-OPS, from which he never told anyone, not even Max. They had forced him into forgetting Isis, trying to mold him back into the soldier that he was created for. They had already punished him for loving Rachel, and they had thought that it would be needed for Isis. He never understood what it was he had felt for Isis. The night he had treated her horribly to make her hate him, was the worst for him. He had kissed her for the first time, and it was then his confusion intensified. It was as if something reawakened inside him, something he had thought he would never feel again.

The second kiss he had given Isis, had been less hurtful, and more trying to comprehend if what he was feeling was possible again. They had made him forget. Caused him to never look back and think about others but himself. But he knew deep down, he never forgot. It was his game. His way of playing the part of the "good little solider", but really knowing who he really was. The moment he had realized, that he had made a great mistake in leaving Isis, was the night Manticore was brought down. He had gotten there just when the building exploded. That night was the worst for him, because he had thought he had lost Isis for good.

~~~Flashback Back to the night Max destroyed Manticore~~~

Alec ran towards the facility of Manticore, pushing through the forest, to only come into contact a cloud of smoke. Smoke that was coming from Manticore, after a set of explosions went off. He saw the flames bursting through the windows and could hear all the screams coming from within. That's when he heard a scream he recognized.

"Isis?" Alec whispered.

Alec blurred towards the burning building pushing everyone that was running the opposite way he was. Everyone was running out of the facility, trying to escape the fires, while he was running inside in search of Isis. He reached a hallway leading towards where he was rushing too, when two small X7's came running around the corner, with two of Manticore securities right behind them. Alec then saw that the guards started opening fire on the escapees. One of the kids dropped the ground dead, a bullet wound decorating the back of his head. Alec was confused and enraged at what was happening. He blurred towards the two guards. One of the guards opened fire at Alec but he diverted the bullets and reached the guard. He grasped the guards writs and twisted his arms behind his back using him as shield to cover the bullets flying at him from the other guard. Alec kicked the now dead guard towards the when still firing towards him. He reached inside his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. He opened it and threw at straight into the other guard's neck. The guard reached for the blade and as he dropped to his knees, Alec rushed him and he made sure he didn't suffer for much longer.

Alec sprinted towards the exit doors that were leading down into the basement. When he opened the door another explosion occurred throwing him back into the wall. Alec shook his head and saw smoke coming from the basement door. He rushed towards it, not thinking twice of what conditions it was down there. He reached the barricades of the basement but what he saw caused him to gasp. There was nothing. The whole place was destroyed. The cells were all caved in, smothered into nothing more than rocks and dust. Alec continued walking cautiously through the black smoke, keeping his instincts up incase another disaster was to occur. But all that was thrown out the window when he reached what was supposed to be Isis's bunker. It looked like the explosion, that had destroyed the basement, had come from within her very bunker. Alec's eyes were wide with shock. Isis was gone. He had lost her for good.

"No…" Alec closed his eyes.

~~~End of Flashback~~~

It was at that moment that Alec realized just how much he cared about Isis. She had healed his wounded heart and he had sacrificed their friendship to keep her alive. But at that very moment he regretted ever leaving her.

~~~Alec's POV~~~

That night was the worse one for me. When I got back to what I used to call my "home", I was welcomed with nothing more than hell. That is what that was. I still remember the sensation that coursed through my body, telling me that Isis was still inside and I needed to save her. But how could I? The place was crumbling down, and the smoke and fire was everywhere. I had thought I had lost her. But now, after all this time of not seeing her, it seemed to make things hurt even worse. I had made a promise to her, to keep her safe, and I didn't keep it. I can't help but remember Rachel and how I had promised I would keep her safe as well. I just ended up destroying her life, her father's life. She died, because of me.


She had showed me that I was capable, of feeling something more then what Manticore taught me. That I was able to feel something for another person. To be able to love. But I destroyed everything. It was my fault she ended up in a coma, and my fault she died. I should have stayed away from her, stayed focused on the mission. Keep her safe. I wasn't going to let what happened to Rachel happen to Isis.

"Isis," I whisper.

I wish things could go back to the way they were. No more running from the conclave or ordinaries who wanted to kill us for being who we were. I want Isis and me to be friends again. Although, since the night I left her, I have wanted more than just friendship. I cared about her more than a friend. I was recovering from losing Rachel, my first love. But, Isis helped put my broken heart back together. She was my savior, my innocent angel.

"My Isis," I whispered into the darkness.

~~~End of POV~~~

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