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Of Books and Librarians

Chapter Six

There were a few scenarios that Shikmaru definitely did not want to be found in. He could count them all in one hand and really they were somewhat inter-related, and were in equal levels of horror that he couldn't really grade them based on that. One of them would be his mother finding out that he was still doing his unhealthy habit – a habit that both Temari and Ino (despite her asking him to smoke during Asuma's birthday) also agree that he should quit; Two, Ino and Temari finding out where he really lived; Three, his mother finding out that Ino and Temari were interested in him; Four, his mother finding out that he was interested in a girl...

No. Actually he did have one great fear and that was his mother finding out that he was interested in a girl – not that she ever believed that he was interested in the opposite sex, but the prospect of grandchildren was something she wanted. Rabidly. There would be no end from her part in trying to find out who his love-interest was, and then there were the baby questions; how many and when the babies are going to be popped into the world.

Shikamaru was interrupted in his musing as laughter filled the air and he was made to witness Kagome, looking all too good in her outfit – which he would have appreciated if Kagome, exposing a lot of skin, and showing such great views of her own body, was not wrapped up in the arms of another man. He shifted his dark eyes towards Kagome, looking for any signs of displeasure, but there she was, just laughing away at whatever Ino had said, while she occasionally held onto the arm that was wrapped around her shoulders.

Does a friendship entail that much touching? Skin contact? That much caressing?

He would like to say yes... but Shikamaru knew that if he ever did that much touching and hugging and skin-on-skin contact with Ino or Temari, there would be misunderstandings. There would be relationships, late night calls, visits, dates, wedding plans, baby plans – there would definitely be misunderstandings.

"So how did you and Shippou meet?" Ino had a ridiculously pleased smile on her face that was mirrored by Shippou, giving Kagome a squeeze, which to Shikamaru's pleasure saw Kagome wince and scold the man for squeezing too hard. Shikamaru knew he was being a jerk for enjoying Kagome's displeasure – but he was getting tired of seeing that happy smile on her face in the other man's arms.

Kagome glanced towards Shikamaru before looking back at Ino. "It's just your typical story. Nothing special."

"Well it must have been quite a meeting seeing as he can't seem to let go of you." Ino looked at Shikamaru knowingly; the girl was having too much fun rubbing it in his face. But he couldn't concentrate on that, he needed to know their story, their history – he really hoped they didn't have any of that kind of history.

"Well, I had met Shippou about four years ago, and I couldn't shake him off since." Kagome ended the speech with an elbow towards Shippou's gut. Shikamaru would have been pleased if the act didn't seem too much like a playful banter. Shippou wasn't even phased, and had instead given Kagome a playful pout before smiling along with her.


Was there nothing else to that story?

"I would like to hear the full story Higurashi-san." Shikamaru had to make sure he didn't put too much bite into his words... pleasant curiosity is the goal here. "I'd like to know your relationship with Shippou, it seems really close, are you—"

Kagome held his gaze. "Well, he was sixteen then, and was in need of a place to stay, so my family took him in. He had lived with us in the shrine—"

"And we've been roommates every since!" Shippou finished, cuddling closer to Kagome. Shikamaru really didn't like that. Doesn't the boy know anything about personal space?

"You live in a shrine?" Chouji spoke for the first time since the food came to the table. "Which one? There aren't many in Konoha."

"It's the Sunset Shrine."

Did he hear that correctly? Shikamaru turned to look at Kagome and saw her nod away in affirmative at living in a shrine. There was nothing that indicated priestess about her, and if she was a priestess she wouldn't be wearing what she was now – it showed too much skin. Though, it kind of made sense, seeing as she co-owns a library that is all about the supernatural and spiritual beings. A priestess librarian...

A priestess librarian.

Pure priestess.

Sexy librarian.

Virginal sexy librarian.

The Hokage could have burst through the doors of the cafe and announced a war was being waged. No. His mother could have gone through those doors demanding grandbabies, he wouldn't even have been aware of it. Kagome Higurashi, the woman who wears white blouses unbuttoned at the top with lace bras; which he had been able to deduce after much staring and of course the straining top over her bossom. Kagome Higurashi who wears pencil skirts with slits up to there and no panty lines – it was either a thong or she went nude... he was hoping nude, it was easier in his fantasies. Kagome Higurashi, the woman who wore red stiletto pumps. Kagome Higurashi, the librarian that will definitely be in the next Icha Icha novel, was a priestess.

Priestess. Untouched. Virginal.

Was it even possible? A person as gorgeous as her – and her personality was good too, at least from what he had witnessed so far – couldn't possibly be a virgin.

A familiar, masculine, rich laughter danced in the air and shattered Shikamaru's dreams. Shippou was unfortunately brought back to Shikamaru's attention and scope of reality. With the way things had been going between the two, he doubted that Kagome would have stayed a virgin with that guy around. Shippou did live with them.


Something did not compute.

Sunset Shrine was one of the oldest shrines in Konoha, and had been built just a few years after the creation of the village. Being of more holy and spiritual nature, the shrine had to stay away from the heart of the village, needing to be more on 'holy' ground – and there was nothing more unholy than the center of a shinobi village that housed thousands of killers.


The commute alone from the Sunset Shrine to the library Kagome practically lives in was three hours away. Commuting that far everyday was just illogical, especially with Kagome being the owner, and she managed the library every business day.

Shippou said they were roommates.

It was quite rude, interrupting the conversation when he did. But it was important. "Do you still live at the shrine?"

Blue eyes widened up at him. "No."


"So you and Shippou live together?" Ino had caught on. Shikamaru might just have to avoid the blonde for a while, Ino would never let him hear the end of this.

Kagome looked nervous, chewing on her lip. Shippou saved her from the trouble, by excitedly announcing the answer with that incessant smile. "Yeah! I couldn't let her leave by herself." He gave Kagome another hug. Shikmaru really didn't like him. "She'd be too lonely."

Kagome was still looking at him. Her blue eyes pleading, her red bottom lip was still between her teeth, her hair was messy because of that damn boy, and with that outfit...

Naughty priestess.

Shikamaru really needs to get his perspective in order.

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