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SUMMARY: He was the type of guy who would make girls fall without the intention of catching them, until he met her, the type of girl who knew how to play the same games...better.



She leaned back against the wall, tilting her head up to towards the light, ignoring the students around her scrambling to find their friends.

"Hello Rukia!" A cheery voice said.

Rukia turned to head to see her friend, Orihime Inoue, talking brightly about the day. Rukia's gaze narrowed in concentration as she looked at Orihime's face. The corners of her eyes were pricked pink, which could only mean one thing…

Rukia sighed, pushing herself off the wall to walk over to her friend.

"Who broke your heart this time?" She ask, blunt and straight out, ignoring Orihime's shock.

"Wha-What? Nobody! Nobody, Rukia! I'm fine!"

"Then why does it look like you where crying?"

Orihime's face broke, her smile disappeared as her bottom lip trembled.

"It was Kurosaki!" She now bawled, howling softly as she could while still losing control as she grabbed Rukia in a hug, Rukia hesitantly raising her arms to embrace her back.

"He broke my heart! He-broke-heart!" She chocked out. Rukia patted her back, trying as hard as she could not to roll her eyes.

'Heartbroken? Honestly? After dating him for two months, she's heartbroken?' Rukia thought, sighing.

This was exactly the reason why Rukia Kuchiki doesn't fall in love…


"She's a bitch, a downright bitch." Renji huffed to his friend, Ichigo. "I mean, I give her practically everything, and what does she do? She dumps me right on my ass! BITCH!!" Renji finishes with a yell, kicking over a sign about the upcoming soccer game at the university.

Ichigo merely keeps walking, hands in pockets and raising his eyebrows that his friend is currently throwing a temper tantrum right on the university's lawn. "Renji, honestly, getting this upset over a girl? Doesn't seem like you…"

"She… She seemed different… like she cared and liked me…" Renji tells his orange haired friend, almost dreamily, now turning angry again, "But the minute I tell her 'I love you' she gets all stupid and… BITCH!!"

Another clatter is heard and Ichigo turns to see Renji just about ready to kill a sign about joining the Theater club.

"Renji, honestly, it's just a girl, no need to kill innocent signs…" Ichigo drawls on as Renji catches up to him, throwing his spiky haired friend a smirk.

"Heh! Like I'd expect you to understand!" Renji shifts his backpack. "You never 'fall in love'."

Ichigo smiles smugly, tilting his head up. "No, I don't."


"We-we're ditching class?" Orihime asks in confusion, Rukia leading her out of the crowding classroom.

"Yes, we are. Besides, could you pay attention anyway?"

Orihime looks down at her shoes, keeping her pace as Rukia somehow talks the professor into their missing his class. He smiles lightly, tells them the homework and to come back next time prepared.

And that's how the two girls ended up in the small coffee shop off campus. Rukia looks at the barista, holding up two fingers in a "V" shape as he nods and starts making some sort of drink.

Rukia sits down into one of the black booths, Orihime following her suit.

"So, tell me about the asshole."

The brunette gasps. "Rukia! That's not nice to say! He wasn't that bad!"

Rukia gives her that look of 'Don't sugar coat it, duh.' Before turning her attention to the barista, who sets down the two drinks, Rukia handing him a ten as he walks away.

"Now," Rukia says, taking a sip of what's in front of her before looking at Orihime. "What did he do? You usually don't cry right there in class when I ask you who screwed you over."

Orihime looks in her lap, her hands folded in front of her; her gaze starts to get hazy as tears fill her eyes.

"Hey!" Rukia says, snapping her fingers in Orihime's face, her attention returned back to Rukia. "I didn't pay four fifty for that drink for you not to drink it and just sit here and cry!"

"Oh, so sorry, Rukia." She grabs the Styrofoam cup, taking a sip. It's a coffee drink, nice and surprisingly sweet, yet bitter. Is that possible?

"What is it?"

"It's a peppermint mocha. Now, tell me about the asshole!" Rukia insists, taking a drink from her own cup.

Orihime sighs, and starts to begin the story.


Ichigo smiles at Renji's comment. No, he never falls in love, not anymore. He knew heartbreak, and didn't feel like experiencing it again. Yet alone, he turns into the Hulk like Renji now as he yells at a freshman to "GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!!"

"Renji, you're acting like an idiot, stop it."

The red-head turns to jump down his friends' throat, but stops, looking defeated now.

"Glad the tantrums over, let's go." Ichigo says, leading the way towards the parking lot.

"We have another class in a half hour!" Renji whines, but follows anyway.

"We'll be quick. In the meantime, tell me about the she devil that killed your will to live… or at least your will to be normal…"

Renji almost hits Ichigo, his hand almost making contact with the back of Ichigo's head. How they were friends when they were almost always at each other's throats was a mystery to everyone, even them. But he slowly brings his hand down and starts the story.


"We met at that party you didn't go to, it was magical, almost like a movie. He came over, asked for my name and phone number."

Rukia snorts in disgust at Orihime's dreamy look and the cliché meeting.

"No really!" Orihime fights back on Rukia's action. "It was nice because he actually called the next day! We started the entire dating thing… he did everything for me! He came and held me when I was sick; we went horseback riding, picnics and everything! He even ate my chocolate chip and red pepper cookies, he liked them and told me they were good!"

"Damn…" Rukia whispers, amazed someone could actually stomach that and still be alive to say they were good.

Orihime sighs and looks out the window to the busy street.

"But, than he started getting distant, and soon stopped calling, and when I finally told him I loved him, he… he…"

Her bottom lip trembles.

"He left me! He told me he cou-coul-could!" Now Orihime's in hysterics, her arms on the table, her head in her arms. Her body shakes with each heaving sob.

Rukia shakes her head, rolling her eyes openly. This is what love resorts you to? Crying like a maniac in the middle of coffee shops and having people look at you stupidly?

She'd rather not re-join that group.


"I can't believe she would do that! I thought we were… I dunno, each others 'other half'…" He drowns off, looking out the window, Ichigo driving by little shops and alleyways, furthering their distance from the University.

"But that bitch just goes and screws me over!" Renji picks up on yelling again before continuing, "Right when I think I should maybe look at rings or something, she drops it to me that she thinks this" He makes a gesture between him and whoever 'she' was. "Isn't working out, right after I tell her that I freakin' loved her! BITCH!" He slams his fist on the dashboard, and Ichigo scowls at him as he pulls into a small parking lot.

"No need to take it out on my car." Ichigo says, opening his door to get out, Renji following him as they hear it lock before walking up to the door of the small shop.

Ichigo pushes open the door, Renji following behind before swearing, turning to leave.

"Get back here." Ichigo says, grabbing Renji by the neck of his shirt. "What's so terrible that you can't be here? Does a sign say 'No red headed idiots allowed'?"

"She's here…" Renji whispers.

Ichigo rolls his eyes, shoving Renji in front of him to the counter to order their drinks.

"I dunno what's good here! Why'd you bring us here?" Renji growls, trying to not look over to wherever she was.

"Fine, I'll order." Ichigo says, finally looking at the barista. "Two Tazo leaf Chai teas."

The barista looks, nods, and rings up the order.

Finally with tea in hand, Ichigo starts walking towards a booth to sit at.

"Let's just go…" Renji muffles to him.

"No, if we're going to have tea, we're going to have tea."

He hears Renji mutter something, probably swearing at him, but doesn't care.

"Orihime?" Ichigo asks, seeing a brunette crying with her head in her arms.

"Kurosaki-kun!" She sits, up, any form of liquid on her face is cleared off and she's brightly smiling again.

"Hello! How are you? I hope you're keeping up in that History class!" She's babbling, and he knows that she's doing it in order not to look weak in front of him. He rolls his eyes inwardly and he lets her ramble on.

"Orihime, that's enough." A stern female voice says to her.

Ichigo's eyes snap over to the woman across from Orihime, whose mumbling apologies. She has dark hair, a stray bang between her eyes, violent amethyst eyes glaring at her sniveling friend while somehow her face gives off a feeling of concern.

"So sor-sorry Rukia…" Orihime drowns off, busying herself with a sip of her coffee.

"Oh, hello Renji!" Rukia says cheerfully, noticing Renji by Ichigo's side.

"Oh, hi…Rukia…" He tried to replicate her cheeriness, but obviously bothered by the fact his ex is doing fine while he's an angry wreck.

"We'll be taking our leave now…" Ichigo drowns off, an awkward moment passing between the group of four as the boys keep walking towards a more private booth.


Rukia waits for the boys to be out of ear shot.

"That was him?!" She's almost laughing, her face in shock and amusement.

Orihime blushes, but nods.

"You can't be serious! He's the least attractive person I've ever seen!" She's now giggling, a tinkling little sound escaping her mouth as she tries to cover her laughter.

"He's really not that bad!"

Rukia's laughter halts and gives Orihime a look of disgust. "The guy who broke your heart is 'not that bad'?"

"Well…maybe…it's just that…" And then Orihime's eyes light up and Rukia knows something has clicked in that head of hers.


"That was her, Renji? Yeah, she's hot, but really? She already seems evil."

Renji sputters on his tea and Ichigo continues.

"I mean, really, she was already throwing metal mind daggers at her friend, let alone you!"

"It's not that easy! I think she'd even be a challenge to you!" Renji cuts himself off, a look of malice on his futures and Ichigo knows something is up…


"What?!" Rukia hisses, hearing Orihime's proposal.

"Break Ichigo's heart!" She whispers again, more excitedly. "Think of how many girls would worship you! How many boys will fear you!"

Rukia's about to reply she's never been… bribed …into actually picking a target, but the way Orihime makes it sound like she'll be the God of the campus if she destroys the Kurosaki kid.

Plus, Orihime is her friend, and she did have her heart broken, and this guy probably deserved it more than anyone else…

"I'll give you two hundred yen!" Orihime blurts.

Rukia shakes her head. "No, this'll strictly be a matter of pride, and revenge." She stops herself before saying that she also knows Orihime's too much of a goody-goody to do something this spiteful herself.

"Deal?" Orihime asks, holding out her hand…


"Shatter her!" Renji says, evil seeping into his words.

Ichigo's eyebrows furrow. "What?"

"Demolish her! Make her regret even starting her stupid games in the first place!" Renji's almost laughing with his brilliance.

"One flaw, I see nothing in it for me." Ichigo takes a sip of his tea.

"The pride in ruining the universities best known sirens? "

Ichigo swallows another mouthful of the minty tea. "Correction, nothing valuable for me, I could care less about my popularity."

"How about five hundred yen?"

Ichigo knows Renji's lost it. The penny pincher is offering him more money than he's ever spent on one setting, so intent on destroying this one girl, the Rukia girl…

"Seven hundred."

Renji looks startled now. "Why seven? Five is plenty!"

"I've never worked for hire before, might as well get the most I can from the first one. Besides, I'm not going any lower, comparing I'll probably be doing most of the date-taking anyway."

Renji thinks, time ticking away.

"Seven hundred yen. Deal?" He says, sticking out his hand…


"Deal." Rukia and Ichigo reply, shaking their counterparts' hands, sealing their fate into the game.

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