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Ultra Violet


"Damn me to hell if I'd go any where with you!" she said, vamping out again and setting her self into a defensive crouch.

Adam laughed and said, "Well that's not a nice thing to say, Violet I'm deeply hurt."

"Screw you!" she said backing up a few steps keeping her eyes on all the vamps.

"Oh how I would love for you to do that," he said and before she could even blink Adam had his hand wrapped around her neck lifting her off the ground.

Violet clawed at his arms trying to make him loose his grip on her but to no avail.

"Quite the little fighter isn't she?" Carrie asked smirking wickedly.

Violet growled and managed to spit right in Carrie's face, making the woman growl and say "Your going to pay for that.

Then the redhead was gone from sight but not for long.

Carrie came back and swiftly punched Violet in the stomach while Adam dropped her and the other boys watched.

A tear escaped Violet's eyes as the redhead continued kicking and beating her.

'Where are the boys? Where is Paul?' she thought to herself as the redhead kicked her hard in the ribs.

Adam held up his hand signaling his sister to stop and walked up to Violet and asked "Are you willing to go with us now Violet?"

Violet glared up at him with yellow/blue eyes and shook her head, "What do you want from me?" she asked.

"I want you," Adam said before all the vampires heard a small whimper come from one of the caverns deep in the cave.

"What's this," Adam said and nodded to Billy to go and check out the sound.

Violet's eyes; widened, in fear and anger as she saw Billy come back out with a weeping Kansas in his arms.

Violet growled and sprung up with a murderous gleam in her eye when she was grabbed by Josh and Nate who held her arms behind her back.

"The brat? Why Vi, I thought you said you ate her," Carrie said smirking again.

"Don't you dare touch her!" Violet yelled pulling against the two vampires who held her.

Carrie came over and back handed her across the face, causing her to have a busted lip.

Kansas's brown eyes looked at her mama with tears leaking out.

The two year old was scared, scared of the people in the cave and scared of what they where doing to Violet…her mother.

"Well, it seems my little new born has found a child to mother. Pity the little girl has to die." Adam said chuckling.

Violet snarled and lunged at the man, but got held back by Josh and Nate.

Then she heard a sound that almost made her scream with joy, the boys.

Soon they all came in and immediately attacked the intruders.

Dwayne going for Billy who had Kansas in his arms while Paul and Marko went for Josh and Nate, freeing Violet from her captures.

She spotted David fighting Adam and quickly looked around for Kansas; finding the little girl against the cave wall crying, with Carrie closing in on her.

Using her vampire speed Violet ran and tackled Carrie to ground going for her throat while slamming her head onto the stone floor.

Carrie then, somehow got the upper hand and managed to push Violet off of her throwing her against the wall.

Turning back to the little girl Carrie turned back to Kansas with her fangs ready, until Violet came at her again and sent her flying till she hit the old fountain.

"Get away from her you BITCH!" Violet spat and came at Carrie again pouncing on her and breaking both the redhead's arms.

Carrie screamed and twisted so her legs wrapped around Violet's neck in a choke hold, then slammed the brunette's face on the ground.

Carrie screamed again, releasing Violet from her hold and looked around to see Paul ripping the head of Josh; her mate.

"No!" she screamed and went for Paul only to be pulled back by her feet by Violet who had a iron candle stick she had gotten from the fountain with the a shard of on end broke off.

She stabbed Carrie deeply in the chest with the sharp end making the redhead scream even louder and blood start to spurt from her mouth.

Violet pulled out the candle stick and plunged it into the vampire's heart again.

Carrie screeched and started having a sort of seizure before her head exploded, finally killing her.

Violet stood up covered in the woman's and her own blood and found that Adam had gathered the rest of his pack and where flying out of the cave.

Violet looked over at her own pack and found they didn't have a scratch on them barley.

Violet flinched slightly as she felt Kansas grab her legs in a tight hold sobbing.

Leaning down, Violet's face returned human and she hugged the little girl, picking her up and whispering softly to her.

Paul came over and hugged her, kissing her forehead, mumbling sorry over and over again.

"Shh, its okay Paulie, were okay," she said stroking his cheek with her free hand.

Marko spoke up "Well, that was fun. Maybe we should do it again sometime."

Dwayne glared at his brother and walked over to Violet and Kansas bringing his hand up to stroke the little girls face.

"Is she okay?" he asked, his dark eyes looking at Violet's blue ones.

"Yeah, she's alright. Just a little scared that's all."

David rolled his eyes "Oh for Christ sake! She probably doesn't even know what just happened."

Violet glared at him, "How can you say that David! Of course she knows what just happened! Do you think she's stupid or something?"

David rolled his eyes again and replied, "Whatever. Marko can you find out when Adam and his pack will be coming back?"

Marko shrugged "I can try" he said then went into a daze.

Violet watched him closely while holding her daughter and waited for the blonde to come out of his daze.

Finally Marko's eyes brightened again and he said "I can't say but it will be a long time before he does come back."

David nodded, "good, that will give the brat time to grow up so we can change her and add her into the pack."

"Say what? No David, your not changing, my baby into one of us; unless she chooses it!" Violet yelled; her eyes turning reddish.

"Whoa girl, take it easy" Paul said rubbing his mate's back.

Violet's eyes changed back to blue as she calmed back down but still glared at David.

Shrugging her off David announced that they should all go to bed since it was a few minutes until sunup.

All would be back to normal now, for the most part.

But the fight was by no means over.


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