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Author's Note: Sherry was someone Scarecrow had a crush on in comics while growing up. It doesn't end well. Also, I really shouldn't have written this fic. I'm supposed to be doing very serious business tonight. But. Well. I haven't written a drabble in a while and the idea was just sitting there. Looking at me, with big puppy-dog eyes. I. I couldn't resist. D-:


On Monday her nails were blue. Why, he had no idea—maybe because she was wearing jeans more often, maybe for attention, maybe just because she wanted to. Regardless, they no longer fit with the rest of her hand. Jonathan couldn't decide whether he hated it or not.

It did make him notice what Sherry did with her fingers though. Swinging a pencil back and forth (the improvised metronome), winding loose threads, perching her chin during class…

By Friday, her nails were chipped beyond repair.

By Monday, they were bare again.

Jonathan couldn't decide whether he missed it or not.