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She's usually so animated in everything that she does, that he's surprised to learn that she's a steady, deep sleeper. When she's awake, his gaze always follows her unrestrained movements, but when she sleeps (it's the only time he can stare without risking life and limb), he finds that his gaze often strays to watch the gentle rise and fall of her rhythmic breathing.


It oftentimes seems like she has the majority of power in their relationship. She's bossy and violent and rarely bends to the wills of others, but when he pins her up against his bedroom door (her wrists are so thin and her lips are so full) and kisses that smart mouth of hers, the balance of power is restored (for the time being).


There was a time when she knew (with each and every fiber of her being) that she was in love with him, and that she was pretty sure he felt the same way. Yet there was no way on earth that she'd risk her friendships (with him and with Carly) on the slim chance that he might feel the same way. Because she knew (from the long line of cheating ex-boyfriends and the shining example of her parents) that relationships never lasted (there must have been something wrong with her). But she also knew that her friendship with Carly was forever, so Sam stuffed her feelings for Spencer away, denied herself over and over, and convinced each and every fiber of her being that she didn't crave him like she craved sustenance.


She must have done something to upset him, because everything is different now. Before, he'd hang out with her even if Carly wasn't around, answer her dumb text messages with even dumber ones of his own, and slip his arm around her shoulders when he could tell she was in one of her moods. But then she turned eighteen and all of a sudden he leaves the room whenever he realizes they're alone together (the look in his eyes is so strange), doesn't stand near her or touch her (she can't remember the last time they hugged), and definitely doesn't call her anymore (his voice always sounded so different over the phone). And in the middle of all this Seattle rain, she feels like she's in a drought.


She doesn't have many relationships anymore because she's been burned too badly too often (because she loves too deeply too fast). Even though she'd rather chew glass than admit it, she really is a romantic at heart, and each time a loved one leaves her, they take away a piece of her that she'll never get back. All she's left with now are splinters of her former self, and even though she loves him, she doesn't know if she can part with another piece. Because if he leaves (they all seem to leave) she might not have enough left to survive.


Even after all these years, he's still a terrible liar (but she's good enough for the both of them), though he has gotten better at telling people what they want to hear. So when Carly questions him as to why Sam's always around the loft, even when she's not there, Spencer says Sam's having boyfriend issues (which is true; he wants her to move in and she won't) and when Freddie corners him and demands to know if he's sleeping with Sam, Spencer tells him he's not (because when she does stay the night, not much sleeping gets done and she's always gone in the morning). So maybe he's telling half-truths, but Sam is quite impressed.

Good Riddance

He turned her down because he couldn't seem to picture anyone being okay with him dating a girl eleven years his junior (would the look on Grandad's face haunt him more than the look on her face already did?). For months afterward, he was forced to watch her get over him—she was still Carly's best friend and still over at the loft 24/7—and it hurt, made his chest ache with too many emotions when she finally allowed his sister to set her up on some blind date. But it didn't even matter that the date was a bust (even though that felt kind of good) because things were so different between them that when she returned, she didn't even spare him a glance before she bolted up to Carly's room (and just as she pretended he wasn't there, he pretended he couldn't hear her sobs).


He presses his lips to her throat and her mind turns to fog. Her vision is shaded by shimmering waves of heat (it's all in her head and it feels so good). The air is too thick, too heavy to breathe and her head feels so light but she wouldn't trade the sensation for the world. And oh, when his fingers skate across her ribs (surely there is no sweeter death than this) the mist grows stifling and if she could drown in him, she would.


He was afraid to touch her, because reaching out (to curl his fingers around one of those golden ringlets or to run a hand over that peachy skin) meant admitting that he wanted to in the first place, that he wanted to know these things about her (his little sister's best friend, for God's sake). So he always drew back his traitorous hand, recoiled as if burned or bitten, and avoided the questioning look in her gaze.


They're far from perfect. She's a tornado with a sailor's colorful vernacular and he's a distracted artist with a penchant for incinerating things, but they love each other. Everything else (the fights, the faults, and the failures) falls to the wayside—because as good as she was at tearing things apart, he was just as good at putting things back together (and they fit).

the end

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