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"Yes ma'am. I understand clearly. Yes. Yes. Thank you ma'am."

Brushing her lustrous black hair over her shoulder, she put the receiver down and took a deep breath.

Clear your mind. It's just another case.

The digital ring of the clock resounded, "2:00 AM" she read. Slumping back to her bed as she reset the alarm, she screamed into her pillow. Mom, I had no idea you had it this hard.

With that said, it seemed that her mind had been cleared up; she immediately drifted back to sleep.

Soon, she found herself in a dark room. The deafening silence sent an unwanted chill through her spine, shutting her eyes in reflex. Clear your mind. You can do this.

Opening her eyes, she saw an enormous door. In its luxury, it felt all too familiar. Nausea crept in. She led her shaking hand towards the knob, contemplating a while.


The door had opened on its own. There was a room. At a total loss for words, she wandered around at the center of the room. It wasn't the way she remembered...the way they had left it.

"You...what is your business here?" a coarse voice told her threatingly.

Without bothering to turn to its owner she replies, "And you?"

"Heh," the coarse voice had chuckled, "Always the smart alec eh, attorney?" His voice trailed off and was followed by cold laughter.

"This..." the voice had changed, it had become mellower and gentler. Her eyes grew hot.

She turned searching for the source, but in vain were her actions. There was no one.

"This." the voice had repeated, it had become more stern.

"Please...please..." she pleaded to the voice, "...see you." Bowing her head and mumbling words, she heard soft footsteps approaching her.

"This place is not fit for a princess." It was just as she remembered, only with a mature edge to its tone.

Looking up almost instantaneously, a tear fell to the ground. The look on his face...that grim expression. Why does this have to happen?

Her knees were already buckling and just as suddenly hands clasps her shoulders.


With that, it had irked her to look back to his electric blue-violet eyes. His expression didn't change; somehow, she felt it grew worse the longer she stared.

"Senpai?" becoming wide-eyed didn't stop her tears from falling down even faster.

"Promise me, Haruhi."

"I promise..." she broke down to sobs; she let her weight on him.

"That you will always be at my promise?" He had a sad feel to it. It felt more depressing.



Sitting up involuntarily, she had gasped loudly. "Dream," she put a hand over her forehead "...nightmare?"

There was cold sweat accumulating. Nightmare. I can't think about this now. I've got an appointment.

"10:02 AM" It took me two minutes to wake up this time...brush it off, come on now, Encouraging herself had been such a challenge. In some point, she had thought that if she always did this, she'd lose sanity one day.

This whole place was solely for resting purposes. It was small, about nine square meters, but contained her necessities: a bathroom, a kitchen and a bed.

The room was a mess: Clothes, books and rags lay on the floor, some on tables. She didn't care if it was arranged or not, as long as she was comfortable. It looked as if a mini-typhoon had found its way here. Now, even the bed's in disarray.

Dad would freak if he saw this, she gave herself a smirk, trying to shake off the chills.

"Ah Miss Fujoka, right on time." a gorgeous woman had greeted Haruhi.

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Arcs," they shook hands.

"Is that your mother's old suit? It suits you very well." she smiled ever so sweetly. How on earth does she know about mom?

"Why yes," she kept her thoughts to herself, "it was her favorite suit actually." returning a somewhat nervous grin.

Suddenly, her serene face had become a serious one, "Let's talk business. We have a rule, Miss Fujoka, a rule that we follow no matter what the circumstances are. Understand?"

Haruhi could only nod. Knowing it would be both impolite and dangerous for her. Five, possibly more, could gun her down on the spot if she made a wrong move. Somehow...that's how she felt. Clear your mind, focus, you'll be fine.

"Good. Now, meet me at this place tomorrow, exact time." she had switched back to her gentle and calming face Haruhi had seen a while ago. This doesn't feel like any ordinary case.

They both stood and they shook hands again. The next location was now in her hand.

Reading it, she smirked a bit. What a client... I'm gonna need help on this one.


"Ms. Arcs, that was rather fast, don't you think?" he had a half-worried, half-smug tone.

"She's the one we need, Belze. I've never been wrong, have I?" staring at the window, still with a slightly smiling face.

"You miscalculated once."

"Yes...and she is going to be the key to correct that mistake." It brought her a pang of pain. She remembered it well. She remembered, because she could never forget.

"Black Cat."




"Coming!" she was about to turn the knob, when the door had swung open.


Two pairs of arms were around her, enclosing her in a tight hug.

"I missed you guys too!" she put her arms around them as much as they can.

After a while, the visitors notice where they were and stepped back from Haruhi a bit.

"You could stay with us, y'know!" one pointed at his companion and himself, wearing completely synch expressions- the 'isn't-it-obvious' look.

"You don't have to stay in this shoebox." He looked at her with feigned sympathy.

They had continued each other's sentences. And they both knew why they were here.

"I'd be a bother." she giggled and rolled her eyes. "Actually, I have a favor to ask the two of you."


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