Got no reason, Got no shame,

Got no family I can blame

just don't let me dissapear

I'll tell you

e v e r y t h i n g

"See that girl? The girl behind the counter. Her name is Namine Saito, and she's really poor, I hear. Why else would she be working here?"

Namine Saito was indeed a poor girl. Her mother killed in a car accident, and her father stricken with grief, it was Namine who kept a roof over her head, and she was only the young age of seventeen. She worked here, at a froyo store, wasting her teenage social experience away standing absently behind a cashier, serving business men on lunch break, families craving some sweet treat, and other various people who entered her shop. Her dull blonde hair was always tucked in a nice braid at the back of her head, her ice blue eyes glazed over, lost in her own thoughts. Her school uniform wrinkled, hiding behind an apron reading 'Welcome to Sakuranbo Froyo' that was covered in various colorful stains. Her name tag was perfectly straight, brandishing her name in boring Times New Roman font, and a pointed paper sailor hat sat atop her head, making her look even more ridiculous. She placed an elbow on the counter, leaned into her palm, and drifted when no one was around.

The store was clean, all the tables wiped, all the chairs pushed in. the black and white checkered tile floor was mopped, the white walls with red borders wiped clean, the windows scrubbed free of handprints. Napkin dispensers were full, the spoons organized by color, and the machines were free of crusting cold tart. It was a slow day, and the store was empty. Namine checked her watch. Two hours before her shift was over, before she would bring her father's favorite mourning food home, strawberry banana with mochi bits. She wandered away from the counter, filled her own medium sized cup with savory cheesecake tart topped with gummy bears, and began nibbling on a blue spoon.

The bell in the door rang; customers were filing in. A group of teenagers, probably her age, all wearing the Twilight Town Academy emblem on the breast pockets of their fancy uniforms. School had finally finished in the academy, (two hours after her own school had ended) the private school where only the elite could attend. Resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the high society snobs, she stowed her unfinished cheesecake batter under the counter and put on a dry smile.

"Welcome to Sakuranbo Froyo." she recited, her tone plain and bored. "Please, help yourselves."

She watched them saunter over to the machines, each grabbing a large cup and filling it to the brim. She chuckled in her head. For high society rich folk, they ate like homeless men. She took the time to examine each of them.

The closest to her, a girl with rose red hair that glimmered in the poor lighting and bright violet eyes. She was the only one who took a small sized cup, filling it with original tart and waiting for her friends. The one next to her, a boy with milk chocolate brown hair that pointed everywhere paired with bright sky blue eyes, had taken two large, and was filling both with as much as he could, including toppings. The girl looked on with disgust.

The next girl was also a brunette, but her braids were much darker than the pig's. her green eyes flickered with horror as she watched the other boy, a messy haired honey blonde with hazel eyes, mix every type of frozen yogurt into one cup. She picked up a large cup as well, but filled it only with cookies and cream.

The last boy, giving off the impression of a lone wolf with the way he distanced himself, was smirking deviously and cracking jokes about the chocolate brown haired boy's weight. He was dirty blonde, his hair a bit messy and pointing mostly to the left and up, and he had deep ocean blue eyes. He grabbed a medium sized cup, immediately filled it with cheesecake, and topped it with a sprinkle of gummy bears, not too much, not too little. Namine smiled; they had the same taste.

"I am not Fat, Roxas! I am a healthy, growing boy, and I need to indulge every once in a while!" the brunette shouted to the dirty blonde, Roxas. The latter laughed.

"Sora, Shut up! Just buy the damn ice cream!" the red head screamed, angered. The brunette, Sora, squeaked in fear, and wordlessly handed her a twenty before she could total it. Namine handed him thirteen dollars in return, keeping silent about the twenty-two cents that she kept as a tip. The red head stepped up, rubbing her temples as she handed Namine her cup.

"I'm sorry about him…" she bent forward to read her nametag. "Namine. Sora's a really big pig."

Namine smiled, handing her the ice cream back along with the correct amount of change. "No problem."

The brunette was silent as Namine totaled her cookies and cream, and the honey blonde was looking her up and down in a way that made her feel uncomfortable, so she didn't say anything to him. The boy known as Roxas had given him a look, but said nothing as she totaled their frozen yogurt. They all wandered off to a table in the corner, far, far away from the counter. Namine pulled her frozen yogurt back up to surface and chewed on a gummy bear.

In a total of twenty minutes, the group was gone, the table was wiped clean, and Namine was lounging on the counter, staring off into space.

"Nami? You can go home, if you want." Demyx, her manager, said, peeking his head out of the 'employees only' door with a look of sympathy. Namine nodded, removed her hat and apron, and grabbed her school bag, stalking off.

Namine lived on the ugly side of town, where prostitutes sat on curbs, and strip clubs barfed up drunken men in dazed stupors. She would walk this road silently, smiling and waving to the hookers, who all knew her as the 'hard-working-girl-who-has-a-bright-future'. in Namine's world, these people were her friends-- old Mr. Saunders, who drank his life away, lost his wife, and smoked on the curb, watching the cars drive by in hopes that his wife would return. Selphie, the high energy Chinese girl across the street, who ran an old electronics store and wore tight fitted clothing. Tifa, the woman who lost her true love to another woman and ran the bar inside the strip club next door. All these people would smile and wave to her. The innocent little Namine, who couldn't hurt a fly and belonged with angels.

Namine entered her apartment, a one room, run down shack with holes in the ceiling, carrying her father's frozen yogurt. She found the tall man sleeping on the couch, a ripped and holey ragged blanket wrapped securely around him. Namine sighed; she wished she could provide more money to support her father, but the froyo store was the only job that would take her-- except for a job as a waitress in the strip club next door, which seriously wasn't going to happen.

"Dad, wake up." she said softly, shaking her father's shoulder. He stirred, opening his blue eyes slowly.

"Namine honey? That you?" he mumbled groggily, running a hand through his bushy blonde beard. She giggled, setting his yogurt down and wrapping him in a hug.

"Who else?" she whispered. Her father squeezed her tightly, and she smiled. "I got your favorite."

Her father's eyes lit up with excitement, and she handed him the tasty treat. He devoured it like a ravished wolf--which, considering his case, he was.

Namine smiled sadly and exited her home, desperate for a change of scenery. She totaled her week's paycheck, which amounted to forty dollars and twenty-two cents--just enough to pay rent and buy a small amount of groceries.

Smiling, Namine skipped across the street, frolicking cheerfully into the overcrowded, under priced supermarket. She grabbed a basket, grinned, and began scanning the shelves. A bag of bread, a bag of rice, and some eggs. sighing contently, she came up to the cash register.

"Oh, Namine honey, how are you?" the middle aged woman asked. Namine shrugged, smiling.

"I'm doing ok." she allowed. The lady smiled, swiped her items and asked for the money.

"The bread's on me, ok dear?" the lady winked, and Namine grinned.

"Thank you so much!" she cheered, taking the plastic bags from the cashier. She smiled.

"Anything, honey. Now run along, and feel your father!"

She certainly had to feed her father.


When she returned home, she found Mr. Saito standing on tip-toe on the couch, his massive stomach hanging out, holding a hammer in one hand and keeping a piece of wood attached to the ceiling with the other. Namine grinned.

"Your finally fixing the ceiling!" she cried, dropping her supplies on the broken coffee table. Her father smiled warmly, hammering in the last nail. "The neighbor's TV said it was gonna rain tonight." he said smugly.

The neighbors, were actually an old couple who lived one floor down. They had a hearing disability or something, because their TV was always cracked full blast volume so the floor would shake. Not that Namine minded-- listening to the news was one of her favorite past times.

Namine pulled an old rice cooker out from under the table and plugged it in, feeding it rice.

"Honey, can you hand me that nail?" her father asked. She nodded, bending down to pick up the rusty metal object and handing it to her father. She watched him work until the little 'ding' resonated around the room, signaling the beginning of dinner.

Song used: Secrets, OneRepublic