A/N: This takes place after my story Three Years Is All It Takes. In this version, the events of District 9 happened in 2009, and so Wikus became human in 2012, also setting the events in Prototype in 2012. For those who like Prototype but haven't played it to the end yet, there are some spoilers here!

"…neither the United States nor Russia claims responsibility for the nuclear detonation in the Atlantic Ocean just a few days earlier, although the USS Ronald Reagan has been seen within the vicinity of the blast. The American Navy denies that the Reagan, an aircraft carrier, was carrying nuclear weapons…


"…citizens of the Azores, which was the nearest landmass to the blast, are being assured that they are in no danger of fallout…"

"What is the world getting into?" asked Wikus van de Merwe. His transition from human to alien three years ago, and from alien to human just three weeks earlier, has left him woefully uninformed to the news going around the world today. Most of the time, he had to rely on his wife, Tania, to explain the hottest topics on the news.

"That's nothing, Wikus," replied his wife. "You should have been here a month ago. Some sort of virus popped out in New York, and there was this man named Mercer whom their government claims to have released the virus. I mean, they were actually talking about using a nuclear bomb on the city!"

Wikus turned back to the television just as he saw the words GENTEK Buys MNU appear on the screen. "Tania!" he shouted. "Come look at this."

"…president of the Multi-National Union Dirk Michaels has just announced the completion of negotiations with Genetics Technologies, America, or GENTEK for short. Michaels has stated that the terms included GENTEK purchasing MNU for 1.2 billion US dollars or 8.89 billion rands…"

"You didn't tell me MNU was selling," Wikus told Tania.

"Neither did I. My father never said anything."

"Well, there goes my job." Wikus had only recently gotten back his job, after an extensive debriefing on Poleepkwa customs. But personally, he thought that humans should just leave them be.

"Come on, Wikus, are we going out or not?" Tania's question brought him back to Earth. "We haven't gone out since Chris Rock's comedy tour back in 2008. Kill the Messenger, do you remember it?"

Very much, Wikus said to himself. He hadn't laughed that much since he married Tania, especially on the joke about the tracker.

"I know a good place, just new."

Unknown to mankind, Alex Mercer, the man who was said to have spread a virus in New York City, was the one who detonated the nuclear weapon in the Atlantic, killing himself in the process. Because he was infected with a unique type of virus, his remains kept on living while his entirety was obliterated. Fragments of biomass littered the Atlantic before sinking into the depths.

Except for one small chunk.

Caught in the current, it quickly traveled to the western coast of Africa, before winding up in a beach near Cape Town. A crow ate the infected chunk, which subsequently led to its infection. Unaware of what had happened to it, the crow flew on the Johannesburg, where it landed on a tree in the infamous District 10. A starving Poleepkwa shoots the crow and eats it, starting a sequence of events that would lead Johannesburg to its most destructive riots since apartheid.