Thanks for the memories

"I don't understand anything" Jackie sobbed, as she hugged her daughter.

"It's okay mum, you don't have to" Rose said with a smile. "I'm okay…"

"What happened" Jackie asked, still refusing to let go of Rose.

Rose gave the Doctor a look and he awkwardly cleared his throat. "It's um… The TARDIS, yeah…. The TARDIS does that, sometimes" he lied, and not even very convincing. Luckily Jackie had never been a stickler for details and now that Rose seemed safe and unharmed again, that was really all that mattered.

"Can I talk to you" Jack asked in a hushed voice.

"Jack you're lucky I didn't drag you back to the fifteenth century and left you there. Shut up" the Doctor growled.

Pete gave the Doctor a suspicious glare, but didn't say anything. He knew it was a complete lie, something else had happened, something to do with Rose, who wasn't really Rose anymore, but Pete also knew it would probably be impossible to get a straight answer out of anyone, so he let it go. For now, at least. "What about Harry Saxon?"

"That's not actually his name" the Doctor pointed out, as all three men moved a little away from Rose and Jackie to talk in private.

"If you think I'm gonna call the man who shot my daughter for 'Master', you're very wrong" Pete pointed out. "What do we do with him?"

"He's human now, so you take care of him" the Doctor said.

Jack and Pete gave each other a look. "I don't want him" Jack said with a grimace.

"And I do? He tried to kill my entire family" Pete said.

"He did actually kill my friend! And he plotted to destroy my team" Jack argued.

"But she came back, didn't she? And he's human now, so you'll be able to control him" the Doctor said.

"So will you! Besides, I don't have room for anyone as stupid as him, and Gwen would probably try to sleep with him!"

"I already have Mickey, you think I need anymore idiots?"

"Oh would you look at the two of you, bickering like an old married couple" the Doctor said with an eye roll.

"Why don't you take him, then?"

"I don't want him! Hand him over to UNIT or something, they'll know what to do."

"Technically, he's your responsibility" Jack pointed out.

"What? That doesn't make any sense, how the hell is he my responsibility?"

"He's Time Lord" Pete said.

"Not anymore! He's human, so he's your responsibility. Plus, he'll just make fun of my TARDIS and I don't want that" the Doctor said with a frown. "He's all yours, my parting gift to you."

"Parting" Jack asked. "You're leaving?"

"Yes. No reason to stay here anymore."

"What about Rose" Pete asked, suddenly.

"Rose is coming."

"Don't you think it's gonna be a bit crowded in the TARDIS? You, Rose, Donna, Martha and Jenny" Jack asked.

"Which is why the Master stays on earth. Besides, he might just prove valuable, he's not exactly stupid."

"But he is a complete mental case and evil! I have enough with Owen, I don't need another head case!"

"Jackie's gonna murder him! And then me, if she ever finds out he's here. I can't take him" Pete said.

The Doctor looked at Jack. "You take him! Who knows, maybe two wrongs do make a right" the Doctor said and suddenly smiled. "Hello there."

Jack and Pete hadn't even noticed Rose sneaking up on them. "Mum went to call the sitter. You ready to go say goodbye to everyone?" She gave the Doctor a look that made Jack feel a little envious.

"How did your mum take it?"

"Bit sad, but I promised we would stop by a lot."

"Rose" the Doctor whined, "I hate when you say "we", you know that. You use that word much to often! And I always have to do things when you do."

"You'll manage, I'm sure" Rose said with a smile. "You okay, Jack?"

"Yeah, it's just been a very trying day" he said, forcing a smile. It was hard not to cry right now, because Rose was leaving him, probably for good, and the Doctor too. And he knew the Doctor was much to angry with him to ever consider bringing him along, and he still had a responsibility to his team.

"I can't believe your leaving" Gwen whispered, hugging Rose. Tears made their way down her cheeks. "I'm gonna miss you so much."

"I'll come visit, I promise" Rose said.

"You better, you're gonna be an auntie!"

"Have you told him yet?"

Gwen shook her head. "I'm … I'm not sure I'm gonna. Rhys, he asked me to marry him. It might be my last chance at a normal life, or as normal as it gets when you work for Torchwood."

Rose gave her a little smile. "Normal is boring anyways. But no matter what, you're gonna be a great mum. And he's a good guy, Gwen, deep down. Just don't tell him around anything sharp."

Gwen smiled through the tears. "I'll be sure to remove all things dangerous, should I tell him, I promise. Now… Be safe out there, ok? I don't care if you're like a superhuman now, you still need to be careful. No pissing off any mean aliens!"

"I'll do my very best" Rose said, starting to cry as well. She would really miss Gwen, they had become such good friends and she knew, no matter how much she loved travelling with the Doctor, she sometimes would need a good friend to talk to.

Next on in line to hug was Ianto. "I'll miss you."

"Liar" she whispered, as he hugged her. "You take care now, okay? Watch out for them all, they need someone to make sure they're alright."

"I will" Ianto said with a sad smile. He and Rose hadn't gotten of on the best foot, but he had liked her, genuinely liked her. She had been a wonderful addition to the team, making them all smile and laugh when they needed it.

"This is so sad" Tosh whispered and wiped away a tear.

Rose smiled and gave her a hug. "Be good, yeah? I'll miss you!"

This only made Tosh cry more, just like Gwen. Although Owen had fancied Rose, Tosh had still liked her. She was nice, and she made both Owen and Jack nice too. Tosh would probably miss that the most. "Here, it's my number. If anything weird happens…"

"Thanks" Rose said, feeling her own tears starting to push. Goodbyes were hard and somehow this felt so permanent, not like when she said goodbye to her mother back when she travelled with the Doctor. This was a proper goodbye, not "see you later".

"I hate goodbyes" Owen said. "And hugs, I don't like hugs either."

Rose smiled as a tear trickled down her cheek. "So, how about 'until next time?' That better?"

"It's a lie" Owen said.

"It doesn't have to be" Rose said in a small tone. "And I love hugs, so you have to give me one anyways."

Owen grumpily complied. "You call me, if you ever want a real doctor, yeah?"

"I will!"

Last in line from Torchwood three was Jack. He engulfed Rose in a warm hug. "I love you!"

She swallowed and let the tears flow freely. "Thank you, for everything! I love you too" she said in a shaky voice. "I'll miss you so much."

"Promise to come back and see your old friend?"

She nodded into his shoulder. "Be good, Jack. We'll see each other again!"

Rose was openly crying, as Jack let go. She looked at the five team members. "I just want you to know, that my time here…. It was amazing! Thank you for everything" she sobbed and the Doctor gently took her hand to offer her some support. She looked at Jackie and Pete. "I'll come home soon, see you all, I promise." They hugged and it was hard to determine who was crying the most now; Gwen, Rose, Jackie or Donna.

"I suppose we should get going" the Doctor said.

"Actually" Martha suddenly said and all turned to look at her. "I think I'll stay here. Pete told me I could finish my education at Torchwood one and I recon they could use a good Doctor."

"You're staying" Donna asked in a shocked voice.

"Yeah… The TARDIS will be crowded with all of us anyway. I think this is better" she said with a sad smile. "Rose, it was lovely to meet you. I'm so happy you found each other."

"You sure" the Doctor asked.

"It's time" Martha said and took a deep breath. "Thank you for the most wonderful experiences, I'll never forget them. Or you" she said and hugged the Doctor. "And you, Donna, it has been so much fun."

Donna, who was now in leading position as the one who was crying the most, hugged Martha. "It has. You take care now!"

Martha nodded, now also crying, and looked at Jenny. "You be good, yeah? Look after your father, he'll need that."

Jenny smiled at her. "Take care Martha."

Jack looked at the scene, people crying and hugging. It was a bit more than he could take. "Doctor, what about the cracks?"

"You monitor them! I'll do the same. And for god's sake Jack, try not to destroy the universe or something like that! And you, Ogden" the Doctor pointed a finger at Owen. "No more playing with the rift or you'll make the whole universe collapse on our heads."

"I'll try to contain myself" Owen replied sarcastically.

"So this is it, then" Jack asked. "The final goodbye?"

"Nothing is final, Jack, you of all people should know that" the Doctor said with a raised eyebrow.

The last hugs were dealt out, and especially Jackie had a hard time letting go, but after a few reassurings from her daughter, she said goodbye too and the Doctor, Rose, Donna and Jenny entered the TARDIS.

"I hate goodbyes" Rose sighed, as she sat down.

"You think they'll be alright" Donna asked.

"Probably not, that useless Captain Jack will get them in more trouble than good is" the Doctor said, tinkering a little with the controls.

"What about that Master" Jenny asked. "What will happen to him now?"

"Yeah, what happened to him" Rose asked. The Doctor had tried to explain what had happened after she was shot, but it was still fuzzy.

"I think he'll either be forced to work for Jack or be handed over to UNIT, who no doubt have a very nice cell waiting for him" the Doctor said. "I don't know which is worse." The Doctor felt a little guilty for leaving him behind, but on the other hand there was little he could do for him now and in his given state, maybe travelling around with two Time Lords and a human-hybrid might not be the best idea. Jack would take him in, he would have to. They could use the Master's knowledge in regards to the cracks. They needed as much help as possible with those, even the Doctor had no idea what exactly they meant and what would happen in the future.

"Jack wasn't that bad" Jenny said with a dreamily smile, that made the Doctor nervous.

"I'll stop you right there, before your father has a stroke" Rose said. "We'll check in on them, make sure they're all fine."

"What's an auntie" Jenny asked. "I heard Gwen talking."Donna and Rose gave each other a look. "It's family" Rose said.

"Are you and Gwen family?" Jenny tried to wrap her head around the idea of aunties.

"Not by blood, but we're friends."

"Do I have aunties" Jenny asked.

"No" the Doctor said. "And you just consider yourself lucky for that, aunties are awful!"

Jenny looked a little put out at this, but Donna quickly made it better. "They're not always bad. I'll be your auntie, Jenny!" That made them all smile. "Who's the father, anyways?"

Rose just shrugged. She knew, obviously, but it was Gwen's decision in the end and she wouldn't interfere.

"Guess we'll have to wait eighteen years and see" Donna said. "Could we go now?"

"No!" The Doctor shook his head. "I'm gonna have my hands full with you three, aren't I?" The three women just smiled at him. "So, where to?"

The end! Oh my god this was hard to write. And yes, I know I left some things undecided and without a proper closure. I kinda meant to do that, in case I decide to do a sequel. I'm still not sure about that, I've had some ideas about it, but nothing defined. I think, if I do it, it would be a little different and pick up a couple of years after 'Reunions'. But I would really love to know if any of you are even interested (and please, save me from my own lameness and help me with a title, otherwise the story is gonna be called something like 'Reunions, revisited' which might just be the lamest title of all time!), so review and let me know! I hope a lot of the readers will review the last chapter and give some feedback, that would really mean so much and be such a nice ending to this story for me.

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