Where Duty Begins

"Daughter, come to me."

Venus, having recently returned to Magellan Castle for a break from her studies and duties as guard to Princess Serenity, heard a tone in her mother's voice never uttered before. Kneeling gracefully by the great Venusian beauty, she held her breath.

"The time comes." With the announcement, the elder woman pulled out a once magnificent case, now worn, but still of a recognizable quality. With a look of encouragement from her mother, a transfixed Venus opened the box. Inside was a magnificent chain that sparkled radiantly with a life of its own. Multiple hues fractured the light, creating prisms on the walls of the intimate boudoir. The younger senshi was surprised to recognize the energy emanating from the precious artifact. The chain gave off the same incandescence as the Imperium Silver Crystal, wielded by her Highness, Queen Selenity.

"I will tell you the story, my daughter, passed down to me by mother, and her mother before – extending back to the time of the goddess Venus herself."

Always curious about her namesake, Venus settled in to listen.

"In the days when immortals lived among the people, the goddess of love, daughter of the sea, was forced into marriage, commanded to wed Vulcan, the lame god. Knowing of her great desire and lust, the master blacksmith grew wary of his bride. On suspicions from the Sun, Vulcan heard of a liaison between his wife and the powerful god of War. Vowing to catch her in the act, he created a great and powerful net to capture her."

"What happened?"

"Vulcan was successful and trapped Venus and her lover." The older blonde held the glittering chain aloft and said, "This relic is all that remains of that net – a warning of that day."

"I don't understand."

"This chain, now a weapon, stands as a constant and steadfast reminder to our loyalty – may we never misplace it again. Venus made vows to Vulcan, and this chain is a memento that duty should always come before love. Obligation reigns supreme over infatuation. Although we may bestow gifts of passion and affection among others, this is not always a path we may walk. Do you understand, daughter?"

"I do." Venus stood up and firmly clasped the chain around her trim waist, fascinated with how perfect the weight felt, as if it was always meant to be there.

"May you wear and use the chain in honor of our namesake. May you never forget what the weapon truly stands for."