Assassin!verse (Agent K alone)




The City of Seven Hills.

East meets West meets…running a hand through his hair, Agent K shakes off his tiredness. The mark today had been part of a month long project – a corrupt businessman who forgot to pay the right people. Usual story. Different setting. He's had his fill of Turkish coffee and is more than ready to move on.

"Where to?" the driver asks as Agent K slides into the back of a darkened sedan.

"Ataturk." His voice does not invite further conversation.

Agent K settles back into his seat. He hates flying, but at least this trip he's returning to a city he can enjoy. Tapping a few buttons on his heavily secured smart phone, he begins scrolling through the digital files of his next assignment. It's a woman – and it's been a long time since he's killed one. He doesn't have a code against killing the fairer sex, per se, but there is an unspoken agreement with his broker to avoid women and children if possible. As the driver attempts to move through traffic, Agent K soaks up the material, absorbing a variety of facts and figures of his next target. Any trained mental health professional would probably question why he continues to throw himself headlong from one appointment to the next. Why he feels no remorse, no guilt. Why there is never any hesitation when he needs to kill. In his world, questions usually lead to a place better left alone.



Nearing arrivals, the car pulls up to the curb and Agent K unlocks his seat belt, tosses a few bills in the front seat and moves to leave the vehicle.

"Sir, eldiven?" The driver asks in a heavily accented voice, gesturing to the seat.

He looks at the discarded leather gloves and remembers not even an hour ago when they were clenched tightly around a gentleman's neck, squeezing the breath from his body and crushing his windpipe. Agent K watched bright blue eyes go dark…then sits up, thinks of how he's planning to kill his next target, straightens his tie and answers, "I won't need them where I'm going."