AN: Kunzite/Pluto


He is transported, unsure how he arrived or where he is.

In his world, upon death, deserving warriors go the hall of their ancestors. This place, if that is where he is, looks nothing like final destination he expected - nothing the bards sung about or poets dreamed of. And then - like a punch to his gut - he recalls the great shame he has brought upon his father's fathers. He has no right approaching their sacred space. He turned his back on the divine duty bestowed upon him.

Endymion, dead.

Venus, destroyed by his own hand.

"All your fault? I think not, mortal." The voice is human, female – deeply pitched.

He looks up and recognizes another senshi – one he had not met when he drew breath. She is tall, nearly his height, and in her hand she wields a great weapon.

"Who are you?"

"I am the Keeper of Time."

"Why am I here? Where am I?"

"This is a waystation – a place between realms."

"Where will I go next? Do you decide?"

Gloved hands that lightly held a scepter now clench tight and garnet eyes flashed as she said, "Silly mortals and your blasphemous mouths! You have no respect for my father Chronos. He determines, not I."

Kunzite was unsure was to do next. He was without weapons, his Prince or his fellow Shitennou. He had no purpose.

He asked, "Does hell await?"

"I do not know."

"Then why do you make me stay?!" his voice uncharacteristically raised.

"The cauldron has not called for you yet."

Concerned for the fates of his brothers, he asked, "Have there been others before me?"

"I decline your request."

Kunzite thinks for a moment and remembers a bit of gossip - a offhand remark made by Venus, insinuating a one sided romance or affair of some sort among a distant senshi and Endymion. "You blame me for his death."

There is not a response.

"If you are going to place blame, you must know it was the dark magic of that red haired she-devil."

"You could've fought harder!"

"Don't you think I know that?"

She was silent, before she answered, "And your...relationship with the Venusian senshi did not distract you?"

"They are two separate topics."

"Are they?"

"I am not defending myself to some distant guardian who wasn't there!" He braced himself for an attack, prepared himself for a punishment deserving of his crimes.

"Then you will wait." She walked away, stacked boots echoing in the space, leaving him alone with all that he had done.

AN: For a hot second I considered a crack!fic with K having to do some dirty, naughty things to get through the crossroads...