Hi guys!!, First of all I would like to say thank you to everybody who has been reviewing my fan fictions and believe me when I say I wish I could have gotten back to you all unfortunately though or more likely my email has been having some serious problems and I have not been getting any emails telling me when somebody has reviewed a fic, It really sucks and it pissed me off a lot when I found out but since there have been numerous reviews on different fanfics I have decided not to reply to them all, I am extremely sorry but I hope you guys know that the problem has now been fixed and I am receiving notifications and also that I am very grateful for all the reviews being posted :)

Onto other things though I have a new favourite superstar a.k.a. Drew McIntyre, unfortunately though I have done several searches for anything related to him and nothing worth looking at comes up it makes me sad to think that somebody with such enormous potential like Drew has hardly any material out there btw when I say material I mean slash ;P, there is one slash video out there...that's right only one and I was truly shocked that on the whole internet he had one slash video and on top of that he has less than 10 slash fanfics out there and that's including ALL the ratings cause personally I'm a pervert and I mostly only read the NC-17 and M rated fanfics. So I have decided to issue an open challenge to any and everybody on here to try and fix this great injustice.

Challenge Rules:

One of the main character's has to be Drew McIntyre

It can be Het or Slash but I would prefer slash :)

Has to be M rated

It can be any genre as long as it isn't angsty, I would prefer romance or comedy fics but ultimately it's up to you

Believe me when I say NO WARNINGS NEEDED, nothing bothers me kink, BDSM, PWP, sex on top of a refrigerator o.0...etc. I really don't care I have seen it all before and I love it hahah

It can be any pairing as long as it isn't something crazy like Drew x Hornswaggle....I mean come on guys...something believable pleeeaaaseee.

It can be any length, One shots would be great but I love the longer stories too so no worries there

Other than that there are no rules just have fun with it and make it work anyway you want to. ENJOY!!!!

Once you have finished a story or posted a chapter just go onto my profile and send me a message with the address (URL) and the name of the story or if you want you can just tell me the name and I will find it on your profile, once I have read the stories I will make sure to review and tell you what a great job you have done!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!