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The house came into view and I walked as silently as I could up the porch, wincing as the floor creaked. I slowly turned the knob and thanked god the door wasn't locked, it was around midnight now, and I was only just returning. I snuck up the stairs, willing the floor to be silent. I finally made it to Layla and mine's room. I opened the door to see her sleeping peacefully. Smiling, I quietly got changed and slipped under the covers of my bed.

That morning

I woke up in a daze; it was about 6:30. I sat up and yawned, stretching out my tired muscles. I looked across the room to see that Layla wasn't there. I stood up and walked down stairs, I found her in the dining room, happily munching on scrambled egg and bacon. She noticed my entrance and smiled "Esme made heaps, there's some still in the kitchen" she said, and went back to eating. I went into the kitchen and sure enough, two more plates of Bacon and eggs sat on the Kitchen Island. A groan alerted me to Mat's presence.
"Morning sunshine!" I chirped happily,
"Oh shut up" He mumbled, sniffingly.
"Well aren't you a grumpy Gus?" I teased sarcastically, but my smile dropped when I saw his eyes his pupils were dilated and they were blood shot. "What did you do?" I screamed at him
"Calm the fuck down, Bella!" he screamed back at me, rubbing his temples.
"No! You deserve that bloody headache you have!" I continued to scream, I walked over to him and pushed him against the kitchen Island, "I thought we talked about this" I mumbled to him, finally feeling sorry for him,
He made a gagging sound and I got out of his way as he ran to the sink, vomiting, that's when Carlisle and Esme came in, "What's going on in here?" Carlisle asked,
"Mat's sick" I muttered, covering for him.
"Sick?" Carlisle asked,
"Yes" Mat groaned, "Sick. I feel like I've been run over by a train" He groaned before throwing up into the sink again.
"Well you can stay home today, I'm late for work, but if you're feeling the same tomorrow I'll take a look at you" Carlisle said, kissing Esme on the head and leaving.
"Poor dear, come on" Esme said, helping him up the stairs, I rolled my eyes and put his plate of breakfast in the fridge, along with mine. I was no longer hungry.

After School

Everyone except Edward was out. Either shopping on a 'date' or something of the sort, I walked to Mat's room and knocked on the door, all I heard was a groan so I went in. Mat was lying on his bed, the curtains were drawn and he had a washer over his eyes. "If you've come to lecture me-"
"That's exactly what I've come to do" I cut him off.
"Bells" He groaned taking off the washer to look at me,
"No, Mat. I thought we talked about this. I thought you'd given up" I muttered.
"I was really stressed out okay? So I had a hit, that's it" He sighing,
"Just one hit? That's how it starts, and then you crash like this and keep taking it to avoid crashing!" I sighed frustrated with my brother. "Where'd you get it anyway? I thought we got rid of it all"
"I kept a bit" He muttered.
"Where is it?" I demanded.
"I don't have anymore" He said,
"Dammit Mat where!" I raised my voice slightly,
"Fuck." He groaned, "Top draw" He muttered. I walked to his dresser and searched the draw; I soon pulled out the small bag of white powder.
"Is this all of it?" I asked
"Yes, that's everything" He muttered.
"Good" I sighed and went over and kissed him on the forehead, "Feel better soon" I said, and left, planning to get rid of the illicit bag as soon as possible. I didn't notice Edward in front of me, and knocked into him, dropping the bag. I scrambled to pick it up, he beat me to it.

"What's this?" He asked
"I think you know what it is" I muttered.
"Cocaine" He stated
"Yeah" I said, I remained calm my face impassive,
"Where'd you get it?" He asked,
"Non of your business." I replied, snatching it out of his hand.
"What are you going to do with it?" He asked.
"Bury it. I'm giving up" I blurted, covering for my brother, again.
"You do cocaine?" He asked,
"Yeah, occasionally, but I'm giving up, I want to start fresh here" I lied perfectly.
"How about I bury it, so you're not tempted? Hm?" He asked. I gave him the bag,
"Fine" I muttered and walked to my room.

"What's wrong?" Layla asked, looking up from her sketch book,
"Edward thinks I do cocaine" I said, as if it were nothing,
"You took the blame for Mat's stupid addiction?" she asked,
"Yeah." I sighed.
"You're a great sister" she said, coming over and hugging me.

That night

"I'd like to call a family meeting" Edward announced, coming into the room.
"Of course," Carlisle said, and everyone got up, I looked at Layla, and Mat, who was looking a little better, and followed the rest of the family into the dining room, we all took a seat. "The floor is yours, Edward" Carlisle said.
"I'd like to address a pressing matter that concerns one of our newest members to the family" he said, looking pointedly at me. I glared at him, begging him with my mind not to do this. He stared back, giving me a chance to say anything. I looked back down to the table. "I found Bella with Cocaine" He said, and I closed my eyes as everyone gasped. I took a deep breath and looked at my 'family'. "She told me she was going to try and quit." He continued .
"Bella, why didn't you tell us about your addiction?" Carlisle asked,
"I didn't think it was that much of a big deal, I've only had one hit since I've been here, and I decided it'd be best if I stop" I lied perfectly, my face a faultless mask of self pity and remorse.

"That's very brave of you Bella." Esme smiled "Where are the drugs now?" She asked
"Edward buried them for me, so I wouldn't be tempted" I said scratching the back of my neck.
"When did you use it last?" Carlisle asked me,
"Two days ago," I answered,
"Withdrawal symptoms will start soon" Carlisle sighed.
"Yeah, could I go for a walk? Get some fresh air?" I asked,
"Yes, Edward could you please go with her?" Carlisle asked, as everyone started to stand.
"Of course" Edward responded, I sighed at the trust I lost and walked to the front door, Edward right behind.

I walked along the drive and we were almost completely to the highway when Edward spoke "I know you didn't do Cocaine,"
"And how would you know that?" I grumbled, turning on my heels to stare at him.
"Because I know Mat's the one with the addiction." He stated, "I know your covering for him"
I sighed, "Have you told anyone else?" I asked
"Alice knows" Edward said,
"Right, that's it?" I asked,
"Yes, That's it, You better start faking withdrawal symptoms" he said,
"Yeah, yeah" I muttered
"What about your brother? He took a hit last night didn't he?" he asked and I sighed looking at the moon,
"Yes, he did" I looked back to Edward, "But he can suck it up and act like normal" I said "It's his own damn fault"
"He's addicted" Edward said
"He was, Layla and I got him off Cocaine when we got put in the orphanage," I explained, "He hadn't had any until last night, he wasn't addicted anymore" I continued.
"Well, you better start acting like your addicted" He said
"You're not gonna rat me out?" I asked
"You're trying to protect your brother, I respect that, so no, I'm not going to rat you out" Edward said,
"Thank you, come on lets go" I started my way back to the house. Sometimes my brother really pissed me off.