Days Like This

Author: Sylenttails

Rating: FRT

Fandom: Transformers/Harry Potter crossover

Warnings: Crack, Language. Mech/Mech loving.

Pairings: None at this time.

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers or Harry Potter. They belong to their respective creators Hasbro and JK Rowling.

Summer: IT's one thing to be tossed thru the Veil for something he didn't do. It was quite another to wake in his animigus form in a world not his own. Harry just knew someone was laughing at him somewhere.

AN: This idea/challenge is credited to Age of the Geek Baby.

Idea from Age of the Geek Baby: After being sent through the Veil: Harry wakes up in his animigus form, which is a sparkling, in a world different from his, still on Earth, but not his Earth. Beyond disoriented, he unknowingly releases a distress signal from where he is stranded. He is found by Ironhide, Barricade, or an evil organization bent on world domination; he's found by someone. Isn't capable of actual speech, but rather clicks, chirps, and whirs; the Cybertronian equivalent of baby talk.

Chapter 1: When in doubt scream for help!

Harry really wished that his mother was alive to tell him that there would be days like this one. Here he was minding his own business flinging jinxs at random Death Eaters, until his godfather, Bellatrix, and Voldemort himself descended on his hiding spot. The cousins flung curses at the other in hopes of stopping the other from reach the Boy-who-lived. While old Voldy himself managed to overcome Harry's meagre resistance to be within grabbing distance of the boy who lived. Voldemort cackled evilly as he disarmed Harry and grabbed an arm tight enough to leave bruises. Meanwhile Belletrix had diswanded her cousin and used spell rope to tie Sirius up tight.

For his part Harry tried to struggle out of the Dark Lords grasp, to no avail. Keeping a tight grip on the boy's arm, Voldemort dragged Harry to the Death Room only to stop in front of The Veil. Jerking the boy close Voldemort gave a hissing laugh as he pointed at the object.

"Look closely at the instrument of you death boy and fear. The Veil of Death has sat here for untold centuries killing guilty and innocents alike in their quests for power and dominance. With the right incantations and rituals, one can gain the powers of the one slain by the Veil."

Harry struggled even harder at that pronouncement, "Oh hell no! Let me go you bastard!"

"Now why would I do that? Bella! Be a dear and hold onto this foolish whelp."

"With pleasure my Lord!" The Dark Lord's right hand woman spelled more rope into being and tied Harry up. Laughingly avoiding getting bitten by Harry's snapping teeth.

Voldemort stepped back, raised his wand and began to rapidly cast a series of spells needed in the ritual. Glyphs and runes began to glow as a low moaning sound began to come from the Veil. The moaning grew in pitch and sound the longer Voldemort cast. Behind him, a line of Death Eaters kept the Order member away from him. They also kept the Aurors away as he made his wand dance in place casting the spells needed. Behind him Bella and a few other Death Eaters toyed with the boy wizard using muggle means to inflict some pain and anguish. They had been warned beforehand not to use magic by their master while he was incanting the ritual. Ten minutes later Voldemort motioned for a bloody and battered Harry to be tossed in.

"Goodbye pot head!" Bella cackled as she kicked him across the divide. Order member screams reverberated off the walls of the Hall of Death. The sounds of mad laughter and terrified screaming echoed down the halls of the Department of Mysteries. Voldemort sighed in pleasured pain as the Potter boy's power rushed through him and burnt him to a crisp. Blue green power whipped out in a wave of destruction killing those nearest the Veil who echoed Voldemort's signature. Across the country, random objects exploded as their connections to their creator was used as a piggy back to burn the Dark Lord's taint away.

When the lights and the screaming had faded, those left over from the destruction saw a burnt out husk where the Dark Lord once stood. It was summarized later after thorough investigations by Unspeakables; they concluded that Harry Potter's magical strength was so great that no one person could hold it and their own power at the same time. Especially not one who had split their soul six times already. Little did they know that their theory was way off the mark.

A year of mourning took place after the special ceremony held in Harry's honour. His sacrifice at the tender age of fifteen would never to be forgotten.


Fear, that emotion was all Harry knew as he was kicked through the Veil. Fear and pain had been his entire world since the day Voldemort had blasted his way past his parents in a bid to take Harry's life. Sure there had been varying degrees of fear and pain depending on the situation but in reality it was all he knew. Which is why Harry had begun the beginning parts of animigus training at the end of his third year. Being an animal, no matter what sort, would be heaven for the escape it offered from his life. Hell he would gladly give up being human entirely if it get him away from the pain and suffering that his life had been up until now.

But during the middle stage of the training he had hit a snag. He couldn't figure out what kind of creature he was. He knew that he had to figure that out before he could even begin to transform. All he could get from the first potion induced transformation was that he was strong, with silvery metallic hide, was about taller than his current human height, and just a baby. Further research only gave him a few pieces of information but none that identified what species he could become.

In order to transform at all he had to know what he is, then learn to think like the creature. He also had to keep control of his emotions unless he wanted to inadvertently transform and never turn back into a human.

Not that Harry could remember that tidbit of information right now. He was overwhelmed by his own fear and pain.

Wishing hard for the pain to stop, for rescue... anything.

Suddenly a bright light burst forth, his own magic answering his wish and instigated his animigus form. Wailing cries and fearful chirps began to emit from the human adult sized being that Harry had become, waking the Cybertronian minibot seeker that the Veil was.


Trailwind woke from stasis sluggish and unresponsive at first. The Decepticon's audio sensors picked up alarms, crackles from newly awaken energy sources and fearful cries of a sparkling in distress. Ancient hard core programming sprang to life, forcing the old Seeker the rest of the way to wakefulness in alarm.

"What the frag is a sparkling doing HERE?" He squawked in utter surprise. He didn't think he'd see another Cybertronian ever again. Not after the Fallen and Megatron had taken his wings for the failure of retrieving the Allspark before it was destroyed by a sun. But that was fifteen vorns ago and didn't help now.

He was in no condition to take care of a sparkling that looked barely a quarter vorn old. Add to the fact that his scans showed that the sparkling was damaged and being drained of his spark energy angered the Decepticon like nothing had in a very long time. Long forgotten programming sprang to life as the old seeker hacked into the connection and traced it back to some upstart and really ugly fleshling.

'Interesting, the fleshling seems to have tied itself to other insects of its kind.' Trailwind thought disgusted. "Doesn't matter. It'll pay for harming the sparkling." Hissing in anger, the Seeker broke the fleshling's connection to the sparkling and used it to send searing energy down the link to kill as many of the insects as he could. The mech's sensors monitored the situation as the ones connect to the main insect died, watched as whatever power stores the fleshy had were melted into scrap as it tried uselessly to fight back.

A joor later, Trailwind was satisfied that revenge on behalf of the sparkling was complete. The seeker turned his attention back to chirping sparkling with a sigh.

"He needs a medic." Trailwind thought for a klik, saddened by the thought that he couldn't care for the little one. Sending the sparkling to Cybertron seemed like the best hope. Trailwind powered up his spacebridge technology. The Decepticon cooed at the little one and concentrated damaged circuits in locating suitable coordinates for drop off.

Had the old seeker been any less damaged, he might have noticed the other energy source interfering with his search. He might have noticed that magic power coming off of the sparkling as the energy helped him fulfill Harry's wish for someone to save him. Giving the Decepticon Seeker coordinates meant for an alternate earth and not a long dead planet like Cybertron. Coordinates found, he gave one last toothy smile to the sparkling and spacebridged the little one away to safety. Damaged circuits and lines arced and blew as the Decepticon's last bit of energy stores were used. Trailwind deactivated with the knowledge that the sparkling will be safe.


[Earth: Nevada – Alternate Dimension]

With a bang the small sparkling appeared on a grassy plain, still wailing in fear and pain. Now that he was no longer in the Veil, Harry hoped he would be found. Yet as a sparkling, being all alone in a strange place was really frightening and so he began to wail and chirp in distress. A small program woke in his processor and turned on a homing beacon built into every sparkling protoform.

[Some miles away]

Ironhide was one really bored mech. Here he was, a fine example of a frontline combat Mech created for battle, doing patrol. A mech would think that a Decepticon would at least show up to make the joors less boring but no.

The frontliner sighed in aggravation. A really boring patrol. It was enough to make him growl and shoot anything. Until his sensors where pinged by an unknown Cybertronian signal. Ironhide nearly whooped for joy as he went to go and investigate the signal. He would be careful of course. Could be a Decepticon trap after all. Still boredom made him curious. And if there was any danger well he was the type of mech to shoot first and let the others question the slagged pieces later.

Ironhide came around a bend in the road and quickly transformed into biped form. Cannons whirled online as he pointed them at the unseen source of the beacon. Not seeing anything in the tall grass but still picking up the signal as well as wailing cries. The Weapons Specialist inched forward until he was on top of the signal.

Staring into his blue optics was the deep green fear filled optics of a damaged sparkling.