Chase and Michael are walking down a hall way lodging bags behind them Michael looks over at Chase who is messing with his phone while rolling his suitcase "Man can you believe were in college"

Chase looks at him "Yea I know this going to be awesome"

Michael looks at him "And were all here together"

Chase looks at him "Yea well except one"

Michael looks at him "Yea I'm going to miss Quine"

Chase looks at him "I know but I mean this is an amazing opportunity for her she gets to study with some of the top scientist in the world"

Michael looks at him "I know she's going to feel like she's died and gone to heaven"

Chase looks down at his phone "I wish Zoey would pick up her phone"

Michael looks at him "Well what exactly did she say last night ?"

Chase looks at him "All she told me was that her and Lola's room was somewhere in this building"

Michael looks at him "Well here's our room" Chase rush's in as Michael looks back at the slip of paper with their room on it "I wonder what 130B means"

Before Michael can stop him after seeing a girl wearing a sundress with wavy light brown hair pulled back in a pony tail unpacking in the room Chase runs over and falls one of the single beds "I call this bed"

Michael looks at him "Uhhh…Chase"

The girl walks over beside Michael "Hello"

Chase looks over at the other bed where bags are laying and a light blue bed spread is on it and then back at the girl and Michael he jumps up "Ummm…I'm sorry isn't this 130 ?"

The girl looks at him "130A"

Chase looks at Michael confused as Michael holds up the slip of paper "Were in 130B"

The girl looks at them "Oh ya'll most be some of my suit mates"

Chase looks at her "Suit mates ?"

The girl smiles at them "yea this is a suit ya'lls room is out that door and across the kitchen and living room"

Michael and Chase look at each other "Kitchen and Living room"

The girl looks at them "well its nothing huge by the way I'm Alex and you are ?"

Chase looks at her "Oh I'm sorry I'm Chase and this is my friend Michael"

Alex smiles at them "Well it's very nice to meet you both"

Michael looks at her "Well were going to go get moved into our room"

They exit the room and walk across the living room area where there's an entertainment system and flat screen TV and into their room Michael looks back out into the living room from their door "Well Logan's been here" He looks back at Chase who is laying on an empty single bed "What are you doing ?"

Chase closes his eyes "I didn't sleep very good last night might take a nap before I get started unpacking"

Michael can tell he's tired "We'll I might go walk around the campus some later man"

Chase lets out a yawn "Okay later"

Michael closes the door as Chase falls asleep