The scene is Zoey and Lola are sitting in the living room of their room along with an older man looking at a ring he hands the ring to Zoey "Now this is one of our smaller diamonds"

Lola looks over at it surprised "that's little what do your big ones look like"

Chase and Michael walk in as Zoey and Lola continue to look at the ring Michael walks over to them followed by Chase "What's going on ladies ?"

Zoey smiles as her and Chase come out of a kiss "Mr. Peters this is my fiancé"

Mr. Peters looks at them "So I'm guessing he's the one that's paying for this they usually are"

Chase looks at her "Pay…pay for what ?"

Zoey looks at him "engagement ring"

Chase looks at her "wow you sure jumped on that fast I just proposed a couple days ago and we're not getting married for nine months"

As Chase finish's talking Mr. Peters hands Zoey another ring "This is one of our bigger ones"

Lola looks at it "Whoa"

Michael looks at it "That's huge"

Zoey smiles at it "I love it"

Mr. Peters hands a slip of paper to Chase as Michael gets up of the couch and walks over to Chase

Chase's eyes widen as he sees the price "That better be a phone number"

Mr. Peters looks down at the table where he has some papers laid "Oh that was the wrong one here's the one for that ring"

Chase looks at it and puts his hand over his heart Michael grabs his arm trying to steady him "Oh my"

Michael looks at him "Easy buddy"

Zoey looks at Mr. Peters "Do you have anything smaller ?"

The scene changes to a couple days later Chase is sitting at a table in the falcons nest he had been working overtime to help raise money to pay for Zoey's engagement ring and is trying to catch up on some class work a guy he works with walks over "Chase can you clean some of the tables that is what we pay you for

Chase looks at him "Yea Doug I'm sorry I just have a lot on my mind between our family's coming up this mine and Zoey's parents are coming up and my sister and Zoey's little brother and us having a really tiny apartment and giving up our rooms for our parents and mine and Zoey's engagement"

Doug pulls up a chair as Chase starts putting his books back in his bag " Listen I sort of know how you feel well about the engagement part anyway"

Chase looks at him "Really"

Doug looks at him "Yea you know my wife Allisa right"

Chase looks at him "Yea she's came in here a few times"

Doug looks at him "Yea well anyway Allisa and I were actually about yours and Zoey's age when we got engaged"

Chase looks at him "how did you get through it ?"

Doug looks at him "Well I just kept reminding myself how much I cared about Allisa and how I would do anything for her"

Chase looks at him "That's good advise"

Doug starts to get up "oh and one more thing keep your wallet handy" Chase smiles at him as he continues "Now get back to work your going to need it to pay for that six hundred dollar engagement ring"

Chase looks at him " eight hundred dollar engagement ring"

Doug looks at him "then you really need it now come on"

Chase starts to go back over to the table