Okay so I don't own Supernatural or any of the characters. It of course belongs to Eric Kripke and The CW. I do own Melody. This is not great writing. I'm not a writer. Trust me I know. But I just thought it was weird how much Lisa wanted Dean to come inside. So this is just drabble on what I think would have been cool if this happened. Just sharing.

She watched as Dean drove off. She tried everything she could to stop him. What would happen now? What Melody said just 20 minutes ago. Is this really the end?

Ding, dong

Lisa opened the door. It was Melody, Ben's babysitter.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to you." Melody put her head down.

"What is it?" Lisa said putting her hand on melody's shoulder.

"It's about Dean. You have to stop him." Melody said looking into Lisa's eyes.

"How do you know Dean? And what do you mean by stop him?"

"I'll tell you everything. Just make sure you try to stop him from doing what he's about to do."

She turned around to find Melody was standing beside the window. She walked inside her home.

"He still left. I tried to get him inside just so you could talk to him, but he still left." Lisa stood there and looked at this young girl. Melody turned her head towards Lisa and smiled.

"You tried and that is all that matters. I've seen it. Dean will make the right decision." Melody turned her head back to the window. She knew there would be sacrifices and death. Literally Death. She just hopes Sam and Dean will be able to stop this. Lisa walked over to the wall to look at a picture of Ben.

"Since you're a half angel why can't you just help?" Lisa turned her head back to the place where Melody was only to find that she was gone.

The End