Summary; What if one can't get what he wants? What is one's pillow smells like the one he wants? Shall he make love to your pillow? I know, it sounds ridiculous, but please read. Will get better along the way :-).

Warning; This is slash. M-rated for the future Chapter! If you don't like it, don't read it!

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There was much to be said about him. He was not bad looking, clever, quiet, shy, sweet, a loyal friend. But also scared, scarred and last but not least, a werewolf.

Besides that, he was about to be seventeen soon and as if that didn't bring enough hormones along, being a werewolf brought even more.

He dated girls, yes. Frequently. But never more than that. 'Cause he didn't feel like exposing his scarred body to the soft beauty of the girl's. Nor did he feel like explaining where the scars came from. He wasn't like James, goofing around and getting hurt in every possible (and sometimes even impossible ways).

Those were his three main problems. Werewolf, scars, girls. In that very order.

Well. It used to be.

Since a few weeks he got himself into even bigger trouble. Bigger than being a werewolf? Oh yes. Bigger than being a werewolf.

For this trouble had sparkling grey eyes, silky black curls. A mischievous smile and an unscarred, desired body. Damn. A problem called Sirius Black.

A few weeks earlier

Remus found himself lying on the blankets of his bed, wrapping his arms around his favourite pillow. He was trying to get rid of the urge to jerk off, as the boys would probably return in a while.

Besides that, he already wanked thrice today and he was starting to get a bit sore.

No hormones. No urge. No. No. No. Naked MCGonagal Naked Dumbledore. Naked Snivellus. Oh god NO! Disgusting. He didn't want to actually loose his penis.

He shivered at the thought when a subtle scent sneaked into his nose. A very familiar scent. With a frown he pushed his pillow in the air, discovering a few curly black hairs on the pattern. Bloody Sirius!

He told him a thousand times he didn't want him to borrow his pillow if he felt the urge to give his to his 'special guest' hiding behind the curtains.

It wasn't that Remus was that attached to his pillow. Okay, maybe a little. It was just that, every time his pillow smelled like Sirius again, and believe me, it did quite often, it meant he had had sex once more while Remus didn't.

Not that he didn't want to. Nor that he couldn't. He just didn't. And bloody Sirius. He got them all. He got to touch al the girls. Al the girls got to touch him. Hmmm..

Like a little animal (not a wolf, more like, a shy bunny that didn't want to get caught) he sniffed the pillow once more, tightening his hold on it. It was firm. Flat and broad. Was this what the girls felt when they held Sirius? Is this what they smelled? He rubbed his nose against the soft fabric. It wasn't that bad..

His trousers got a little to tight. Slowly he let his hand slide down the back of the cloth.

With a sudden realisation he threw the pillow through the curtains on the ground.

What was he doing? He flushed in shame. Thank god no one was around to see that.

What did he need an extra pillow for anyway? Stupid bloody fucking like Sirius smelling piece of stuffing.

Snivellus Snivellus Snivellus Snivellus.

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