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As much as he wanted to run, to hide, his feet didn't move an inch.
His eyes were just staring into the grey ones. Even though they were

hide, confused and scared, they were still perfect.

It seemed like hours before they broke their stare.
In fact, it was Sirius who made the move to break it.
He wrapped the blanket around his naked body.
The pillow slipped out of sight.

'Hey, what's up.' His voice tried to imply nothing had just happened.
Like it was the most normal thing in the world that he just got caught
wanking while whispering the other boys name.
He didn't fail that hard.

Remus opened his mouth but nothing much came out.
'Right.' Sirius cleared his throat.
Remus pointed at the place where the pillow was hidden.

'I think we should talk about that.'
Sirius' hand vanished under the blankets and something striped appeared.
'Yes.. That thing.'
Remus stretched out his arm and let his fingers slide down the striped
fabric, careful not to touch anything that wasn't fabric on there.

'Why?' It was the only word he could make up.
Sirius blushed. 'I guess.. I like the way you smell.'
Remus stared at his shuffling feet.
'You do?'

Sirius turned even redder.
'I'm not sure I want to talk about this to much.
I've done lots of embarrassing stuff I guess..'
Remus didn't feel like objecting. If Sirius wouldn't admit what he did,
neither would he.

'I pretended it was you.'
Remus widened his eyes and looked at the almost purple face.
'I can't lie. I'd wank and pretend the pillow was you. That you were
doing it to me or something..'

'I did too.' Remus flushed. He did not want to admit that.
Sirius looked in the brown eyes.
'You did?' Remus nodded. 'Oh my god. Poor pillow!'
Two red cheeked boys looked at each other until one of them found his words and questions that had to be asked.

'So. The girls.' 'None.' 'Never?' 'Nope.'
Sirius sighed. 'Kissed, a few times. But no sex. Never.'
'I've been a big fat liar.'

Remus couldn't help but scowl. 'But why? Why did you lie? I mean..'
'I just should've said I liked wanking at the touch of the pillow for it
smelled like you?' Sirius snorted.

'Right. That really wouldn't sound weird. Sorry Remus, I'm too shy to
admit I fucking love you, or would probably love fucking you, so can I
please borrow your pillow and pretend it's you while I rape it?
I would've if I had known you did the same thing.
But it's not exactly something to admit on a sunny day!'

Remus looked at the pillow. Green, with stripes in all colours.
Minty green, not that lime. Soft an gentle colours.
All that time he had weird thought.
Weird obsessions.
Sirius had had them too. He had been rubbing his body
against a piece of cloth that carried more than
just Sirius' smell. It was weird.

'Yes. Well. Good to know I'm not the only one with this weird thing.'
Sirius put aside the pillow. That was done.

While wandering around for a new subject to talk about, his eyes got
caught by the still impressive bulge in the werewolf's underwear.
'Oh wow.'

The words escaped his mouth and his perfect cheekbones flushed an
intense red as he realised that the statement was as much as admitting
that what had happened really happened.

He blushed but from the corner of his eye he could see the other boy was
still there. He didn't ran off.
And somehow, that felt good. A little too good perhaps..

Sirius' hand slowly rose and carefully moved towards the swelling.
The hand was shaking. The boys were shaking. The boys were blushing.

Remus couldn't see clear. As if clouds were obscuring his sight.
Was that hand really there? Where did the pillow go? Had he just
imagined that part?
He carefully reached for the fingers and trembled as he touched the
lightly rough skin. It was really there.

He couldn't help wondering how it would feel…
Almost automatically, as if he had wanted this forever (which he probably
had) and as this was suppose to happened (please let it be..) he pulled
he hand closer until the fingertips softly stroked the fabric behind which
the hard flesh was hidden.

'Oh god.' Sirius sighed and blushed even more. Somehow it was the most
beautiful shade of red Remus had ever seen.
'Isn't this what you wanted?' He pulled it even closer so it covered his
entire flaming crotch.

His voice was hoarse and he had no idea where this courage came from.
'Isn't this what you want?
What you were fantasising about with that pillow?'
He rubbed the hand even harder against the throbbing flesh.

It was better than any masturbating he had ever done.
Besides that, having control over gorgeous, hot, big mouth Sirius Black,
was at least as hot.

The wolf inside growled of approval.
This was exactly what it had wanted all along.
And now, when it was about to happen, he was not to let go.
The fact that Sirius didn't object made it even better.

In fact, he slowly moved his hand down towards the werewolf's balls,
circling around them in a slow movement.
The grey eyes staring up at him.
'Why don't you come in here. It's cold out there…'


It was merely the werewolf that dragged the frozen yet burning body in the bad. Trembling hands closed the curtain.
It was like being a young boy again, under the blankets, sharing secrets.

Sirius smiled. 'Is this real?'
Remus shrugged his shoulders, but it was more like a spasm. 'I hope so..'
Sirius moved a little closer. 'Can I kiss you?'
Remus nodded. Their faces were just inches apart from each other.
They both tilted their heads to the same side.
Sirius grinned. 'That won't work.'

He carefully took a hold of Remus' jaw and tilted his own head the other way. This couldn't be for real.
But when their lips touched, it was more real than it could possibly be.
It was soft, it was love. It was good..

They kissed for a little while when Sirius withdrew just an inch.
'Open your mouth a little.'
Remus did. He jolted a little when the warm tongue entered his mouth.
But when he got used to the sensation, it was the best thing he ever felt.
He followed the movements the dark haired boy made.
Their tongues played hide and seek, tag, anything.
It was amazing..

The animagus' hand carefully touched the waist of the other boy.
The werewolf's arm wrapped itself around the other boy's neck.
It was so perfect. So unbelievably hot.

Their hands were explorers on unknown but gorgeous grounds.
Remus touched muscles, hidden by a blanket.
Sirius stroked a t-shirt, holding a delicate thorax.

Hand moved, hands touched.

Remus recoiled as Sirius tried to shove his hand under the plain white tee

'What's wrong?' The worried look in the grey eyes was soothing.
How caring and comforting the boy wanted to be.
'Nothing.' But his trembling voice betrayed he was lying.
Sirius tilted his head. 'Come one, don't lie to me.'

Remus swallowed. 'My skin. My s-scars.' He blushed.
Why did he stutter, he sounded like fucking moron.
But Sirius smiled and stroked his cheek.

'I know your scars. I love your scars. Don't worry.'
Remus couldn't believe the words. How could some one love the body he so much despised himself? This was mistake.
He had to go.

But Sirius took his hand, as if he could read the boys mind.
'It's you. It's who you are. Everything we backed you up fore.
It's not like I don't know where they come from.
And you know I don't hate you for it.'

Sirius took of the t-shirt and his fingers caressed the scars on the tattered
yet soft skin. He leaned forward and kissed a scar close to Remus'
collarbone. The werewolf shivered.

'I love your body. Every single inch from it. Every scar that makes you
ho you are.' He kissed his way up to the brown haired boy's neck.
The werewolf placed his hands in the dark curls and slightly pulled them
as the mouth pecked little kisses. 'Really?'

Sirius looked up and there was a shy look in his eyes Remus had never
seen before. It was perfect.

'Really. How could I ever not love a boy who accepts I raped his pillow for
years?' Remus' eyes widened. 'Years? But you've only asked to borrow it
since a few months.'

'Yeah well.. Suppose it was getting a little too odd that your pillow got
lost" that often.' Remus smiled and all of a sudden the fire in his heart
'You little pervert. You keep surprising me.'


'I'll make it up to you.'

Sirius carefully moved aside the blanket and Remus got sight of the beautiful naked body.
His heart made impossible moves.
The perfect, unharmed skin he saw before. The flesh that had hardened
again over the past few minutes.

'Like what you see?'
Remus nodded. Sirius took his hand and placed in on his chest.
'Feel it? That's the heart that took care of you all those moons.
The heart that ran with you on the grounds.'
Remus sighed. It was unbelievable.
Was this boy really here, did he really love him?

Sirius took hold on Remus´ arms.
He leaned backwards, pulling the werewolf with him until they were

flat on the bed, Remus on top of Sirius.
´This feels good.´ Remus whispered. He could feel Sirius smile.
´It does. We should do this more often.´

Remus crawled a little higher on Sirius' chest until they were facing each
other. He pressed a kiss on the dark-haired boys lips.
It was amazing. They kissed and cuddled and changed places for what seemed hours.
They touched almost every possible part of each other.
They rolled up and down, stroked and kissed.
It went on until Sirius stopped and looked in Remus' eyes with a very serious look.

'Can I ask you something?'
Remus shrugged. 'I guess..'
Sirius took a deep breath. 'All this time, with your pillow. I've done all
kinds of stuff. Imagined all kinds of stuff.'
He brushed a curl away from his eyes.
'There's just one think I never did. Never could.'
With a tilted head he cast a inquiring look at the werewolf.

'Would you.. do me?'
Remus' heart stopped beating. 'Do you?'
'Yes, you know. Fuck me.'

Sirius blushed again. It was beautiful. He was beautiful.
'I-I' Remus stuttered. 'I do.'
A smile rose on Sirius' face and he wrapped his arms around Remus.
'You do? Really?'

Remus nodded and smiled.
He had only fantasised about this thousands of times.
Which surprised him in the beginning.
Sirius was the dominant one in their friendship.
But on the other hand, the Animagus could never beat the wolf.
So perhaps it was no more than logic.

Sirius kissed him and they Frenched more intense then they had done
before this night until Remus recoiled.
It was like all his fear and insecurity slipped out of the open window.

'How?' Sirius frowned. 'Don't tell me you don't know how to…'
'No no.' Remus interrupted him.
' I know. What I meant was.. What position..'
Sirius smiled widely.

'Well, somehow I always imagined us doing it doggy-style.'
Remus giggled and blushed.
'I guess that suits the situation.'

There was a short uncomfortable silence. It was about to happen.
But what was the next step? Who was supposed to take it?
Sirius' arm reached for something outside of the curtains and returned
with a little package and a tube.
No words were needed. They knew what it was.

In a little clumsy, trembling way, Sirius unwrapped the condom and
put it around the werewolf's member.
'It that okay?' He asked shy. 'Clearly never done that before.'
Remus nodded.
'It's fine.'

Remus watched how Sirius turned himself around and took another good look at the body he was about to take over.
His skin was pale, in another way than his. Pink. Little hairs on his legs.
God. The sight of hard, well shaped buttocks as they turned to him.
Sirius was on all four and Remus moved towards him.

He folded his hands around the skinny hips and caressed
the little hairs his fingers found.
His heart was beating mad.
His blood seemed to obey one body part only.
He kissed the lower back, as his penis rested against the flesh.

'Come on.' The dark haired boy's voice was shaking from arousal.
Remus placed the tip of his burning flesh against the tightness he found.
This was it. This was really it. His head was close to exploding.
'Take it slow.' The boy gasped.
Sirius took a deep breath, for Remus the invitation to go further.
He could feel muscles widen, letting him enter.
Heat surrounding his cock.
It was better than everything he had ever imagined.
He was lost in space for a second, when he heard the other boy moan.

'Are you okay?" Remus spoke in a worried voice.
'I won't if you wait any longer, fucking fuck me already!'
His voice was a low growling which turned Remus, if that was even
possible, more on than he already was.

He let go one of the tender hips and moved his hand to the boy's
shoulder. His nails dug into the burning skin.
It felt as if he knew precisely what he was doing.
He carefully thrust his hips forward, withdrawing a long groan
from the boy in front of him.

'Wait a second, just a second.' The boy gasped.
'Am I hurting you?'
'No no, it's okay.' Sirius was panting.
'I'm just not used to this much stuffing.'
Remus couldn't help but grin.

Sirius kept his silence for a few more seconds, giving Remus
awareness of the incredible sensation he felt.
He was surrounded by Sirius in a way he had never dared to dream of.
'Go on.' The voice was unrecognizable, filled with desire.

Remus started moving. Inconsistent at first, but falling into a slow, pumping rhythm in no time.
He moved and moved, harder and harder.
He could feel Sirius moving in the opposite direction, approaching to make the entering even deeper.

'Oh god. Yes. Fuck me Remus. Fuck me harder.'
The words made him crazy.
Made him want to pound that ass into exaltation.

They moved, they fucked.

'Oh God!' Remus speeded up his tempo as he came closer to come.

Sirius had found his own dick, jerking off in the same rhythm.
It differed mere seconds as they both came.

Remus freed himself from the burning body, falling on the cool sheets.
Sirius turned on his side, resting his head on the brown-haired boys chest.
'That was unbelievable. Fuck that pillow. No. Don't. Fuck me.'
Remus smiled in ecstasy. 'I will.'

Their hands fused as they lay there, panting.

'I might feel this for a while.'

Sirius grinned.
Then they turned quiet for a few minutes.

'Does this make you my boyfriend?' Sirius looked up in the gorgeous
brown eyes. Remus grinned. 'If you want me too.

There's just one problem.'
Remus scowled and pecked his own lip.
Sirius raised his eyebrows and his eyes almost popped out of his head.
'What? What's wrong? Do you regret it?'
He spoke in a very unlike-Sirius squeak.

'You're not striped..'

They both laughed. Sirius pinched the werewolf's cheek.

´You almost had me there little bastard.´

It took them just a few seconds to fall asleep.
A sleep with dreams about open windows, making love.
And of course, about stripes.

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