Hi! Penelope Garcia and Abby Scuito here. You are one of the people given the honor to read the conversations that we have on our NCIS-BAU chatroom! Beware- if any of the conversations get to Strauss or Director Vance I will wipe your name from existence.

These are the sacred usernames on this site so memorize them:

Aaron Hotchner: SuperHotch

Dr. Spencer Reid: DrGenius30

Jennifer Jareau: Will_Henry08

Emily Prentiss: Prentiss_star

David Rossi:SSA_BAU2

Derek Morgan: NoBodysHero10

Penelope Garcia: OracleofQuantico

Leroy Jethro Gibbs:DealWithIt55

Abby Scuito: chains+smileys1

Timothy McGee: Gemcity6

Tony DiNozzo :MovieMan21

Ziva David: M_Agent21

Ducky : DuckyM100